Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 2 January 2019]



I ran into the same error like the last person. But since I played this before, I played it again because it didn’t have save option last time. Aftef the choice “See how Dominic is doing” whichever question you have for him is supposed to turn over that same page to let mc ask other questions, instead the page jumps straight up to choices of talking to other characters. It’s fine if you choose “join Cameron” but for Megan, whichever choices will make the game stop with table “line 1682: no selectable options”.

Also, when I saved game in 2 different slots, I wanted to overwrite a certain slot, but it wouldn’t let me, instead it saved automatically to the latest slot.

Anyways, I wanted to come here since last revamp but things happened and I forgot. I just want to say I love this story A LOT, like A LOT. The theme is not really new, but each chapter featuring different type of creatures set a really nice pace to the story. And I love the characterization and choices too.


Thank you for hunting bugs and enjoying the game! There are some typos I haven’t corrected yet but I will.

You should be able to ask all questions to Dom now. I have no idea why the choice with the music isn’t working; I have taken it out of the game but will try to add it back.

@Bloodraven Yes the game ends there, only Grey’s sleepovers as friend and boyfriend and Cam’s as girlfriend are available. I went and added “to be done” for Meg and Dom’s routes, and I’ll also add the choice to call Eva.

@Karmesinrot I’ll check and see what’s wrong with the saving slots, I’ll probably end up asking on the forum though, I’m clueless about how that works. Also thank you!


In every time I try to save Silk browser crashes on my kindle


Hey I read through the WIP for the first time yesterday and I have to say I love your wip so much!!

Urban fantasy is my fav genre so this stuff is A++ for me haha

I did have some problems trying to talk to Dom at the party during my playthrough. It only let me choose one question before taking me back to the hub section and not letting me pick him again. In addition to that, I know you said you took the music portion with Megan out, but when you try to click on it as it is now, it crashes the game :confounded:

Otherwise no problems!
I’m looking forward to updates^^


@hapamama93 I have no idea why that happens. Did it happen to you with other wips too or just mine?

@peaches Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I thought I had those bugd fixed, I don’t know what happened, I’ll try to fix them again!
PS I’ve only just read your wip too and love it so I’ll go gush about it on your thread.


:0 Looks like the Dom and Megan bug got fixed while I was reading, guess it’s time to reset to see their sections again… at least I’ll get to flirt with Grey again XD


Please tell me they’re fixed, I haven’t playtested yet, just went by what quicktest showed :grin:


Hmm, I went through it about three times and it doesn’t seem to be fixed currently, however, I do remember that I could access Megan’s scene if my MC was tipsy, if sober, Dom’s scene still cuts to the menu after one question and the error appears for Megan’s scene


Whoop, also found another one (during Dom’s scene where you talk about sports):



I think I finally found it! While rewriting I wasn’t paying attention to where my *label are placed, I think I’ll really fix it this time!
@Foxboi Thank you for hunting these bugs :grin:
Edit: I reuploaded the files.
@Foxboi Off topic, but I was reading your game and noticed some typos in the first chapter, wondered if anyone mentioned them or would you like me to send them to you, on your thread or pm? (Btw I love it)


chapt2 line 1628: Illegal mixing of spaces and tabs; this line has a tab, but there were spaces on line 1627

More bugs.


Yay. Give me them bugs.


silently fanboys

Hehe, it’s great to know you like it! :grin: The thread would be the best place to put it so that others know which typos have been found. Thanks!


Ok, I’ll post when I finish reading! :grin:


Sweet merciful lord.
line 1655: No selectable options

Jokes on you @Rebelgirl , I still found a bug.
chapt2 line 1663: Tabs and spaces appear on the same line


Edit: Fixed that too.


@Rebelgirl This “line 1655: No selectable options” error still appears, so I’m guessing you haven’t uploaded the fixed version to dashingdon yet? :thinking:


Finally got through the whole WiP again and once again, it’s great as usual! Still loving the interactions between the MC and Grey (because Grey best husband of course), and especially love the new events put in the update, nice to see Lenny get some more interaction in the first chapter. Can’t wait for the next update!

Typos and Other Stuff
  • 47%20pm
    Something punk and edgy

  • 38%20pm
    This is more of a personal thing, as I do know persons is grammatically correct, but I do feel ‘people’ or ‘person’ would flow better

  • 45%20pm
    A comma or a period should be placed ‘between creatures’ and ‘no’

  • 08%20pm
    Based on the context, I think you mean ingenuous

  • 01%20pm
    Sudden shift to 1st person pronouns.

  • 25%20pm
    Either A smirk appeared or A smirk appears, considering most of the WiP is in present tense, the latter seems the best.

  • 56%20pm

  • 09%20pm

  • 41%20pm

  • 40%20pm
    This is more of a consistency nitpick, but the previous sentence had a * ï * for naïve.

  • 00%20pm

  • 38%20pm
    Gonna be honest, this one made me chuckle, chokes

  • 06%20pm

  • 02%20pm
    Still fine, I drank just a little

  • 44%20pm

  • 45%20pm

  • 16%20am

  • 26%20am
    Not sure what’s wrong with the sentence exactly but it’s confusing


I LOVE the way you write your characters :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: cannot wait to read more, great job!


Him it’s all of them maybe it’s me?


@Bathala Probably, I haven’t had time to check since exams started, but I’ll try to soon.

@Foxboi I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Thanks for the catches, I’ll fix them soon!

Grey would be touched but still deny it :grin:

@Jender Thank you! :heart_eyes:

@hapamama93 Maybe? Have you tried playing on a different browser?