Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 2 January 2019]



@VioletHikari Sorry for not replying! It was late and I was sleepy and I saw I was ignoring the two comments above and I guess I just thought I’ll answer in the morning. Now I’m answering this morning because yesterday I said I’ll add something to this post but got busy with other stuff. Thanks @Le_Uyen for replying.

I talk about him on tumblr in asks about the ros.

@GenecoInheritor I know the songs! Gorillaz is a band Cam listens to. A slave 4 u is so sexy.

Introducing in chapter 5.

@Kanaya @GenecoInheritor and others excited for the scene, here’s a teaser (if you choose the collar with a hoop)

Megan loops her index in the hoop of your collar and tugs forward, pulling you into her. You follow her lead, leaning in until your lips brush against hers. Her mouth teases yours with a soft push, a small nibble, a flick of the tongue.


Has the bug i reported fixed yet ?


No, sorry, I’ll try to fix it today. I didn’t have time this week to work on the game.


Can my mc call him Bel or just Beelzebub? Those sound better to me than just plain Bill.




Oh, that’s cute… I would ask if we can still get collar scenes if we’re not a sub. But hey. No complaints regardless. The reasons my lady gave me one aren’t cuz shes a dom or anything. It was both a way for her to express her love and give her a sense of ownership over me at the same time. And I found that adorable as hell.


I…uh… She owns you, you wear a collar? That kinda sounds like “I’m a vegan… God this 100% beef hamburger is delicious but the tomatos and lettuce really make it vegan”


Honestly Zel or Bel would be worlds better than everyday Bill.


@Morphine @Vox Those are all cool nicknames! I will include a choice to call him how you want.

The collar scene will be included in a gift giving scene, and MC can choose what Megan gets them- a collar, a necklace, a bracelet, others.


So let me get this straight; I can’t romance Lucifer, but I can romance one of his brothers? Right now I feel conflicted :thinking:


So what can the MC get Megan?


Power-hungry, are we? XD


Lucifer is loyal to Lamia :slight_smile:


Umm… I guess it’s… flattering? :thinking:


Lol… I forget that there are more than one Lamia … are both of you the same person or the other is your sister ? :-):thinking:


Well Lucy doesn’t know what he’s missing! :stuck_out_tongue: Goodbye Gray, I’m going to rule hell with Bel


Lol, not really, I just made this weird promise as a kid, and now because of it I have this weird obsession with Lucifer and everything else that is basically dark and twisted :sweat_smile:

Frankly, his loyalty towards her (in this world) is something that I admire and respect. I am sad that I can’t romance him specifically, but on the other hand I wouldn’t even bother trying because of the fact that he’s with Lamia. Not sure if this makes sense to anyone, and sorry to those whom I have made confused with this explanation :sweat_smile:


Ahhhh… i think i understand your statement, if Lucifer and Lamia 's relationship is such pure and truthful… how could you ever think of separating them right ? :-):joy:


EXACTLY! :smile:


Does that mean Flirting with both of them is out of the question?