Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 2 January 2019]



“You’re very cute.” You tell her, flushing slightly

Megan’s cheeks go pink and she smiles sunnily. “You think so?” She props an elbow on the desk and leans her chin in her palm. You nod, feeling your face redden to scarlet. Meg suddenly stands up and walks over to you and leans on your armrest. She’s wearing a funny t-shirt and loose skirt, and her red hair is free. “You’re cute, too.”

You timidly draw your hand closer to hers and Megan takes your hand.

You’re too shy to meet her gaze so close, but Megan lightly grasps your chin and holds your gaze.

Your face is hot as you stare into Meg’s sea blue eyes. She smiles gently, stroking the side of your face with her thumb. You gaze in each other’s eyes for a long moment. Then, she leans in and gives you a peck on the cheek, then hops off your chair and back to her desk, chuckling and winking at you

It’s no making you lick her boots or wear a collar but it’s a subtle display of dominance.

( Also the games Evelyn to Eve update forgot the options on whether you want to get to know her better.)


Still that is amazing :flushed:! Sometimes the subtle things are what makes the difference between good and great!


Funny you should mention this. Someone I am close too actually got me a choker once upon a time, and I refuse to take it off. So I am all for this in any kind of context.


I am too. If Megan gets my MC a collar or Choker she’ll wear it all the time while blushing happily.


Honestly, I’m kind of surprised that Megan is the “dom” type and not Grey


Grey could be but it wouldn’t be fair to the submissive lesbians or submissive straight men if there was only one real Dominant and it was a guy.


I could make the same argument for the reverse. Honestly, I have romanced Grey before, and he didn’t seem like the Dominant type… he just seemed tough on the outside and sweet on the inside… I think those are called yandere? :thinking:


Yandere will sniff your underwear, collect your used tissues, etc. Also they might try to kill anyone who gives you attention besides them. Yandere’s are also prone to panic attacks if the object of affection addresses them directly.


Yandere is the best Dere. Hands down.

EDIT : I will not watch that video. Just the thumbnail alone is revolting.


Ok, so then maybe tsundere? I always get those words mixed up :sweat_smile: :sweat:




That’s the one you’re looking for :smile:


Hi, guys! Sorry for taking so long to reply! I’ve started university this week and it’s been very busy.

@GenecoInheritor Didn’t listen to it before, but it’s great! And certainly something Meg would listen to while thinking of the MC.

@Le_Uyen Thanks! I have no idea why it keeps doing this…

I probably forgot to add it.

@Kanaya @GenecoInheritor I was thinking of adding Megan giving a submissive MC a chocker collar as a gift…I’m adding it.

@VioletHikari Grey is probably a tsundere. I think Bill is the dom of the boys.

@GenecoInheritor I know that song. I didn’t play yandere simulator but I watched youtubers do

I have songs that make me think of the story and characters and songs I listen to while writing to get me into the mood. If you have any songs that make you think of the game and your MC, please share them with me! I’m very curious and always looking for new music.


I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

I love this. You just made me super happy to read this. I look forward to how you write this scene. And I’m not even a sub. But I am willing to play a sub just for this.


I second this emotion except for the “not a sub” part.




This song makes me think of Cam

And besides the “guy” part this is my MC with Megan




All good things to those who wait sweetie. She’s probably introducing a new character or Bill is a character’s real name


Bill is Beelzebub. He is a ro that will be introduced in chapter 5.