Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 2 January 2019]



Evelyn is my go to yep :slight_smile:as for complicating things .

Evelyn…err… MC: Ahh I’ll go after the quirky messy inventor girl.
Megan: Grabs chin in hand looking into her eyes I’m going to put a collar on you and make you my cute pet.
MC: :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Summary: similar to The Magicians burden, if you play your character as submissive/timid in the desk job scene she shows a more dominant side. And that is hot.


Don’t worry about it >< just the name is enough for me <3


@GenecoInheritor Megan is versatile but leans towards the dominant side :smirk: You will see this in her sleepover scene as girlfriend, too, when she climbs on top the MC

I haven’t played the Magician’s Burden but I heard good things about it!

I enjoy writing dom/sub dynamics.

@Hamps You’re too sweet :blush:


So… Where do I pre-order?

Typo: I’m shittingly scared of him, so my choice in this story is like the logic in Twilight: innexistent. Or absent.

Did you mean Nonexistent?


That was great ! I really liked the character creation. It felt fluid. A job interview is such a simple, yet effective idea !

I was quickly swept away in the story, but I didn’t feel lost. I like the fact that I wasn’t immediately drowned in a thousand words of explanation on how your universe works.

I’ve decided that it was my snarky MC’s duty to forcefully befriend grumpy old man Grey.

Also, my character’s name is Alice Warren … So in the end, when they talked about the MC’s nightmares, it felt like they were really oblivious, ha ha !

— “But, why Alice in Wonderland, Alice ?”

— “I don’t know, maybe because I liked that book. Of course, it had NOTHING to do with my name !”


(Spoiler:) (/Spoiler). Except instead of () use []

How do we get drunk on alcohol free cocktails?
Edit: there’s no option for rap at Megan’s CD choosing specifically if you choose it the game crashes. Actually all of them crash except no preference. Actually all of them crash including no preference if you’re sober.

Edit 2:

A red velvet cake with blood crimson dripping over the edges and a knife in the middle.

(crimson blood might work better)

A chotolate pumpink flavored cake with pumpinks on top.

(Chocolate? Pumpkin?)

A chocolate cake full of witches on brooms, black cats, meringue ghosts, pumpinks, spiders, bats, blood drops.

(Pumpkin? And you could end with “and blood drops” instead of just “blood drops”)

A black velvet cake with spiders and webs all over it.

It’s a cauldran cake bubbling green with a witch’s brew.

Edit 3 just because it’s even more hilarious until the name check update:

Your cheeks are flaring, you heart is fluttering and the sensation of her lips is still on your mouth, intoxicating.

“Evelyn and I are dating!” Meg announces with a dazzling smile.

“Since when?” Evelyn asks.

“Since tonight.”

Edit 4

You find an old pillow, a warm blanket and make a makeshift bed for the kitten/puppy in your bedroom. You fill a bowl with water and think that in lack of anything more suitable, the cooked chicken in your fridge is good for now. By now you’re sure Lenny isn’t home; he would have smelled the kitten/puppy

My hybrid catdog :slight_smile:edit 5:

Megan Dom level 10:

Lucifer: So do you want to sell your soul to me?
MC: Not my call.
Lucifer: What do you mean?
MC: I can’t sell Megan’s property.


A quick random scene (before I unleash my hidden power) sorry if I’m flooding the thread >< Also I still learn and hope you don’t mind the lazy background and …lazy in overall T*T…the chair is pAIn


Eager for more Meg? :wink:
Yes, nonexistent, though with the new update that part will go. Lenny is not that intimidating.

You mean that’s not possible? :open_mouth: Joking aside, I obviously coded things wrong.

I have no idea why the music preference choice keeps crashing. I’ll keep trying to fix it.

I edited the cake choices.

Regarding edit 3, that sounds like Meg showing her dominance again :joy:

Foxes are catdog hybrids :fox_face:

This is both funny and sweet :joy:

@Azimovir Thank you! Good luck befriending Grey! He may act brash, but he’s a really loyal friend.

Thanks for pointing that out, I’m so oblivious sometimes :joy:

Love the llama in your profile pic.

@Hamps I love it! :heart_eyes: Yes, you’re flooding the thread with beautiful art, please flood it as much as you want! Can’t wait to see you unleash your hidden power :wink:

That’s Grey and your MC, right? I wonder, would you mind telling me more about the MC you play? I’m very curious!

Sometimes I eat pineapples pizza…So do I? Does that make me evil? :grin:

Can I post this one on my tumblr too? :blush:


I’m bad at making jokes xD Yes its the scene where the Mc tells Grey her “abilities” so I just wanted to make a comic scene out of it and…failed.

My Mc’s name is Near and she originally has long hair but for the sake of my laziness I cut it short >< She’s the kind of mc you see in mahou shoujo’s xDD /also always falling for the mysterious black haired guy route :>


I actually think it’s funny. Like she’s trying to intimidate him but he’s not impressed. They’re very cute :blush: And I don’t think it’s failed at all.

So the MC in the dragon scene is Near…I like how her hair moves in the wind!

Strange question, maybe it’s just a coincidence, but your MC’s name reminded me of Death note.


I didn’t watch death note till the end because It was too good and I didn’t have enough chips xD Thank you for your kind words <3 glad you like it ><


Another reason to replace it we’re not a monster slayer.
"I considered trying to slay him after a Buffy marathon once but then I realized that’s basically a supernatural hate crime. Killing someone for being different than you. Maybe if he ever attacks me I’d do it but until that day he’s just a roommate with weird eating habits. "


Uh I TOTALLY DIDN’T FORGET TO ANSWER YOU or anything…you can post it where you want to >< I made it especially for the wip so ur in the right to do it and as always it will be a huge honor for my lazy animation to be in there >< Sorry I took so long to answer that :cold_sweat:


@Hamps Yes, chips, you have to take them and eat them. (I assume you reached that epic scene?)

It’s no problem, I’m asking because it’s your work and you have every right over it.

That too.


I’m excited for this game. I imagine this will be the song that makes Megan think of my MC


I found a bug


Or… has the bug found YOU…


Wh-what? Is this a new thing or something? Because I’ve always played the submissive/timid MC when playing this, and Meg never seemed dominant…?


Did she grip your chin, force you to look in her eyes, then give you a peck and it was back to other options?


No, none of that happened! Granted, it’s been a little over a week since I last played, but nothing along those lines ever happened!