Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 2 January 2019]



@Unseelie_Courtier One question, did you chose Samhain for your MC’s birthday?

@VioletHikari I’m glad! It’s not finished yet though. Btw, is that Reverse Falls Mabel in your profile pic?


Yes it is. You’re the first person to notice!


Don’t think I got to the part where you choose your birthday, but I’m at a proper computer now, let me take a screen:




@VioletHikari Yay! When I saw that blue and hair I knew it had to be her!

@Unseelie_Courtier I think I know what’s the problem. Are you playing from the link on the first post or from Dashingdon? On Dashingdon there are the old version uploaded by Roxanne and the new version uploaded by me, bianca. The birthday scene is during the job interview with Meg and the game has a save system now.

@Blmc000 Thanks for catching that!


Oh, didn’t notice that. Yeah, it was the old version.


@Blmc000 I think I fixed the error

@Unseelie_Courtier Hope you like the new version!


I’ve been thinking about the scene where the Mc tames the dragon and this came out >< Sorry if it looks a bit messy, first time doing pixel art :>…the dragon looks so damn silly xDD /also first time drawing dragons gomenasai…/finding parts you forgot to erase is always exiting (个_个)/


This is so awesome! I love it! I like all the details. It makes me so happy people are so invested in the game as to make fanart! :heart_eyes:


How can I not love something I keep coming back to on my most sad days to find comfort in?? I not just love it, I live for it >< Also I was super happy it lives again, ALSO I’m super glad you like it, and if you don’t mind me posting more soon ><!!


@Hamps Wow, I’m in awe. This is your first time doing this? Seriously, this is amazing beautiful! The dragon does not look silly either.


I managed to with the right tool, a lot of inspiration and good amount of tutorials, still I didn’t do half of what I wanted to, part of me being lazy and part of being afraid of adding too much t-t … ><! Glad you like it><


@Hamps It means a lot to me to know the story brings you so much happiness! Please post some more! I don’t mind at all, I love it! Would you mind if I posted it on the game tumblr blog? Your account is hampsdesu? Only if it’s ok with you.


It would be such an honor!! I’m also very thankful to you for the story ╥﹏╥❤ Really makes my mc feel real with the choices I make.


:sob: It looks so cool @Hamps
Could I like even though I’m sick and slowly dying make my own version of it?
Its just so cool and due to the fact I’m sick it’s not like I have anything better to do
And I’ll credit you of course


Don’t die please (个_个) Also of course you can make a version out of it >< Get better soon, Its not everyday that I make people inspired


Fucking awesome


That awkward moment but when your Supernatural detective Evelyn meets the Elf Evelyn and your brain goes “Blurp?” Reading

What did you think of her?

Evelyn seems like a nice person and you’d like to get to know better. She’s obviously not as stuck-up and arrogant as most elves are, and she knows the team well.

Evelyn’s pretty and you’d like to spend more time her. She’s certainly a change from the usual arrogant elves, but has the usual confidence and elegance of one.

Edit: huh so Megan, the little sister of Dom is a bit of a Dom herself… This complicates things.


I’ll try my best for the other one to be even more good ><


@Hamps I posted it on tumblr but for a strange reason it won’t tag your name?

Thanks! That’s great! I’m trying to give the player as much liberty to create their own MC, hope it’s working.

I’m sure it’ll be great!

@Delphi I’d love to see your take on it. Get better soon!

@GenecoInheritor Oops, forgot to add Evelyn to the name check…(and probably forgot other names too)
I’ve seen you on the Wayhaven threads, your detective was Evelyn, right? Evelyn is your go to name? It’s a pretty name, hence i called the elf Evelyn. And another character Eva.

How so?