Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 2 January 2019]



Thanks my friend… :smile:
If you want a more authentic name, you can call it “Cell Adjustment” , which basically regrowth the cells to make it sustainable :wink:

If Lucifer is such a nice guy, just make a deal with him doesn’t seem bad, he did gave me his autograph…


Maybe make it so that Eva turns into a human with a regular lifespan? After all, the prospect of watching your friends in the investigating agency die off before you do is not an appealing prospect for everyone wanting a longer, if not immortal, lifespan.

Heck, you could even make it so that you could do it with your own character’s magic, if you so wanted. There doesn’t seem to be any function to that option in game as it stands, anyway.

Would that also apply to anyone that romances Evelyn as well? since, you know, elven lifespans and all that.

Well, relatively speaking, yeah.

It would probably help smooth out that perception if we get a scene where we can eavesdrop on Grey being a big softie to Dom or Meg when he thinks he’s having private time. The dude’s gotta keep up appearances out in public, savvy?

If you might change it, then I don’t really see a reason for the MC to be hostile towards Lenny at all. It doesn’t really make much sense for us to have a sudden 180 in our high school relationship with Lenny in the span of a couple years. I know that people can and do drift apart over time, but for that to happen in the span of a couple of years where we can still be in contact with each other is pretty extreme, especially in this day and age.

And besides, he hasn’t really done anything to warrant any sort of hostility anyway. The only way for his relation with us to tank has to be from our end, either A) we let our prejudices, if any, get the better of us, and Lenny’s no different; or B) we have feelings for Lenny that we don’t know are actually feelings, and we deny them in a pretty poor fashion. Neither is an appealing prospect for me, since I’m the sort of player who likes to make friends with everyone possible, but if we’re deciding to keep a “hostile” option (more passive-aggressive it looks like?) then I’d go with A since you already have that coded into the game.


The problem with Lucifer making Eva human is that the deal would be with her and not the mc. However he could always make the mc into a supernatural.


I would actually prefer to become immortal with Eva. She may not want to even become human anyway.

@Rebelgirl That’s great I like that it’s not the cliche evil deal.


Haha thank you, that means alot to me! :relaxed:
I’ll be looking out for more updates and help out where I can like everyone else when it comes to feedback, suggestions, and any bugs.
Good luck~ :four_leaf_clover:


@Eric_knight Cell Adjustment sounds nice. Lucifer can be a nice guy when he wants to.

@RagEgnite Eva turning into a human will be an option, too.

It applies to all supernatural ROs!

I like the idea.

I’ll probably take out the hostile option and just leave the best friends.

@Kane_Smith_B_In_K_Pa He can make a deal with either.

@No_This_Is_Patrick Eva would be willing to become human if that’s what the MC wanted. Maybe not at first, and she’d be reluctant about it, not knowing what it would entail for her, but she’d accept.
I’m glad you like it! I don’t want the player to feel as if choosing to make a deal with Lucifer is a bad choice.

@RK800 Thank you! :blush:


A really fun story in one of my favourite genres, waiting eagerly for more \o/

Also, my 2c on the whole romance with supernaturals thing: Maybe it’s the transhumanist in me, but making or asking anyone to significantly reduce their lifespan for you seems more like a horrible curse you do to your worst enemy rather than your romantic partner…

“You know how I got this terminal disease and will grow frail and die in a few years, right? So I know you’re perfectly healthy and can go on for decades more, but I was thinking that you should get it too.” Sounds like a really hard sell, tbh ;>


Hey I don’t know if this is still only effecting me but I still have a never ending loading glitch right before the second chapter right after the party scene


@Unseelie_Courtier Thank you!

Putting it that way it makes sense…It might be better to keep the choice of remaining human or becoming a supernatural to the MC, and not ask the ROs to become human.

@Exeldgamer I don’t know what’s happening…What are you playing on?

Is anyone having this problem?


I’m playing on a android phone. The game was working perfectly the first time I played through, it was only after the update I started to have the problem.


Hello! First I’d like to offer my compliments for the story. It made for an enjoyable read and I can honestly say the characters are extremely likeable.

I didn’t encounter the mentioned error, but I found a few other things :slight_smile:


Got this one, when talking to Megan (when choosing the first option).

And this choice never disappears (the one with the dragon) while talking to Lenny at the party.


“Any more questions?” Lucifer asks, leaning back in his seat casually.
“That was all.” You say , , satisfied to have talked to him

When talking to Lucifer for the first time, there’s an unneeded space and an extra comma

You take it in turns to shower and you change into street clothes.

Probably should be: “You take turns to shower …”

General piece of advice:

  • I think I noticed a bit of jumping between tenses (from present to past). Consider sticking to one :slight_smile: (eg. while talking to Megan for the first time

  • When punctuating dialogue, if the spoken sentence ends with a period and you continue with verbs like say, answer, probe, question etc., that period should be a comma instead.

Example: “First.” You answer and show her your flyer. “I want to apply for a job here.”
Should be: “First,” you answer and show her your flyer. “I want to apply for a job here.”

This might help.


I just tried it and it seems ok… i can play till the nightmare at chapter 5 :slight_smile:


@Exeldgamer I don’t know what’s the problem. Sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

@kirakana Thanks! :blush: I fixed some grammar, and I think the Meg error is fixed? But I haven’t updated the demo yet

@Eric_knight Thanks for letting me know!


I think I know what glitch @Exeldgamer is talking about, during the party if you flirt with Cameron and her alone that’s when you get the glitch also if you don’t flirt with anyone, cause the same thing happens to me.


That is the one thing I did at the party scene. I’ll try and do what I did on the first run and see if it works then.


@Sovereign @Exeldgamer I finally ran into the error. I’ll check the code and see what’s wrong.


Hey … i just ran into something that might interest you , how about an Antagonist that can “kill” Lucifer ?

In this case, it would seems fun for Lucifer to hire us to track down this Assassin before he gun him down , and increase our relationship with him… Lol :slight_smile:

I am thinking of the “Saint of Killers” with his colt revolver that can kill anyone from Angels to Demons , perhaps there is going to be a copyright with that character ? so, maybe change it to “a nameless gunslinger” with a “God killer” revolver ? :slight_smile:

Just a thought since i ran into the Saint of Killers story :-):stuck_out_tongue:


Preacher is quite cool, the comic series, the show not so…^^
Think it would be a cool idea


Haha yeah… i just watch from youtube, the saint kill lucifer and hitler is in charge now??

Then i search for this guy
… but that colt revolver was used in supernatural too right? So this is a cool idea :slight_smile:


So question, dose the game end a lot sooner if your romanceing Cameron?