Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 2 January 2019]



If we met in real life i’d just be reading a book in the corner being Antisocial :laughing:

@VioletHikari thank you!


I see there are a lot of shy people here.

I’d be very nervous to talk about the game in real life, too.

To not go too much off topic, from the characters, who would you easily talk to/wouldn’t approach in real life?


Dom is easily the approachable guy.

He’s made the leader of the team for a reason, and that’s because he’s such a gregarious teddy bear that you can’t help but warm up to him, even if you don’t have anything in common with him.

I’d also be able to warm up to Lenny as well since I’m also a bit of an otaku in real life as well.

On the flip side, Grey is kind of a bit dodgy to judge since A) you wrote him so that he’s the “aloof and mysterious” guy who does warm up to you if you’re persistent, and B) he insists on calling you kid, but depending on where you go with it he either does it as a tease or as a flirty nickname.

I can’t really think of anyone so far who I wouldn’t approach if they were real, tbh.


In real life? Um… that’s kind of hard to say… I mean, my shyness kind of comes off as cold indifference… sometimes even a little murderous… depending on my mood. Usually it’s cold indifference. Basically chances are high that I would have to initiate conversation, which probably wouldn’t happen unless I’m utterly bored! Or, more likely, I either see them doing something I find interesting (it will take me about ten to fifteen minutes to build my confidence to approach them), or I can clearly see that we share the same interests (would still take me ten to fifteen minutes to build up my courage). The time it takes to build up my courage would greatly decrease if a friend of mine personally introduced me to them… it would still be a couple of awkward minutes of silence before one of us were to “break the ice”.

Anyways, back to your question, in order of easiest to hardest person for me to talk to in real life;

Lenny would most likely be one of my close friends in real life (and possibly my secret crush?). I can actually see us really getting along with each other, especially if we were friends from high school. Heck, he might actually be my best friend if we knew each other that long and got along with each other! That is, if he had the time and patience to break through my “ice wall” back in high school…

Megan would probably be the next person on this list. Buuuut, I think it would be more forced upon me at first. Her energetic personality would be a shock to me at first, and I would most likely just talk to her out of respect and try to not be rude, but after a couple of hours I can see myself actually opening up to her too. Eventually, after I found out she likes video games. That’s when I would really start opening up!

Dominic would probably be close behind Megan. But with him it would be more natural. Our shared interests in books would be what would make it so natural. We would probably be talking for hours about our favorite books (eventually we would talk about comic books too). And his kind personality would also make things easier for me.

Cam would be one of the harder people for me to… open up to. She and I would probably be polite friends, in real life. Basically, I would be her friend mostly because she’s friends with my friends, and so far hasn’t done or said anything to make me dislike her. Would I hang out with her in a group? Yes. Would I hang out with her alone? Not likely, but only because there would most likely be nothing we could talk about. I would also be afraid to hang out with her alone, because I know I would most likely fall back on my “cold indifference” shyness, which I know most people don’t like too much…

As for Grey… … …honestly, I wouldn’t even acknowledge him in real life. I would be shy at first, and his personality would probably make me not only put up my “ice wall”, but would probably make me add a moat filled with ice water. In that moat would probably be electric eels (don’t ask how they would be alive in ice water). And behind my usual “ice wall” would be a new addition; a fire breathing dragon (don’t ask how the ice wall hasn’t melted yet)! If he somehow got passed all of that, then there would be a closed door. A simple looking, wooden closed door. Would he open it? I doubt it. Because at this point I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to be my friend if he got this far… heck, I really doubt he’d even have an interest to get through the moat! The fact that Lenny went through all of my defenses and still stuck by me would be why he is not only my closest friend, but my best friend! I would probably kill for him. I would probably die for him! And if Grey somehow proved to me that, not only is he actually a good person, but also went through all of my defenses to get to me, he would also earn that level of loyalty from me that, up until that point, I only give to family members I view as close to me, and Lenny! But, like I said, I doubt he would actually go through all that trouble.


It would probably be easiest to talk to Eva for me, because I would be to interested by her to think about me actually talking to someone. I probably would have a heart attack the second I did notice though.


Hey is anyone else having a infinite loading glitch while starting the 3rd chapter or is it just me?


It’s not just you same thing happened to me.


@RagEgnite Dom likes making people feel good and comfortable with him.

Yeah, I was very much into anime when I wrote Lenny (I still like anime, just haven’t watched lately) and I liked the idea of someone into so many fandoms that you’d find something in common with him.

I take it you mind him calling you kid? :grin:

I know what it’s like. I also rehearse conversations. I’m trying to think less now.

Your answer is very interesting!

Lenny wouldn’t give up. He’s loyal, and though he’s outgoing, he likes to keep a small circle of good friends, and even a closer one of best friends. If he likes someone, gets on well with them and thinks they are worth it, they’ll work hard to become close to them. At first in the game, he’s shown as lazy, but once he cares, he’ll make an effort.

Meg is more insistent…she’s kinda like a labrador.

You made me wonder how Grey would react to someone who puts up walls like him. Deep down, Grey wishes someone would tear through them, but at the same time, he discourages them because he realizes he may not be worth the effort, that he’d rather save them the trouble. He’s let Dom and Meg in with difficulty, and well, they were very persistent. Grey also warmed up to Morgan. He’s drawn to kind, caring people. But he doesn’t want to let people in now. He doesn’t want to have to explain himself. He doesn’t want to disappoint someone, again. He’s walked out on Dom and Meg once, and he’s surprised they welcomed him back.
Grey has his once defrosting to do, and his own issues to solve. So if he met someone with defences, he’d probably let someone else, like Lenny, Dom, Meg or Morgan get close to them. He may try to work through someone’s defences once he’s dealt with his own.

Your answer inspired me for writing a potential backstory for Lenny’s friendship with the MC, and for focusing more on the MC’s possible struggles and shyness. I hope you don’t mind if I use the idea of a very shy MC, and Lenny breaking through their defences in high school?

@Kane_Smith_B_In_K_Pa She’d be nice with a flustered MC so she’d help calm your nerves if you panicked!

@Exeldgamer @Sovereign Should be fixed! Please let me know if it still happens!

Small update: Added the choice to get drunk, tipsy or stay sober at the team party but haven’t finished writing the drunk/tipsy choices and scenes. They are a few with Dom, Meg and Grey.


I think i would easily talk to Eva, because she got such calm and elegent charisma , i can sense that she would willingly hear out to anyone before making judgement of her own… and as you said Eva is always willing to adapt to new environment, hence making her an open minded person…

In addition, i would certainly talk to Lucifer :slight_smile: , well everyone said a devil’s offer is irresistable … i am really curious to hear what type of deal a devil could offer…Lol


I’m still infinitely loading at the start of chapter three, also when at the party after you finish your conversation with grey it sends you back to the start of chapter 2.


@Eric_knight Indeed, Eva is not quick to judge, and very open minded. I’m glad you think she’s charismatic!

You’ll find Lucifer’s offer very irresistible…because he can give you a solution to the immortality issue in Eva’s romance.

@Exeldgamer I played through the game and it seems fine! After posting the update I remembered I had to edit something, so maybe you were playing while I was uploading the files to dashingdon and that’s way it looped?


Will there be other solutions instead of making a deal with him?


Yes! You can turn into a vampire or use magic.


That’s great probably the option I’ll go with as a vampire. What does the magic turn us into though?

Also how bad will his deal be and what would it turn us into?


I don’t mind, have fun writing it :smile:


It’s not that. Though I do kinda mind him insisting on calling me kid, I get over it pretty quickly.

No, my thing with Grey is that I understand what you’re going for when writing him: A tall, dark, and handsome type of loner who has that sort of rough but roguish charm that makes people want to work at breaking down the walls he put up around himself in order to bring out his inner fluffball self. :hugs:

It’s just that to me it seems that he can warm up to you a little too quickly, especially if your MC is similar to Dom and Megan in that they’re the gregarious happy-go-lucky type of people. It would make a little bit of sense since that ties in with your backstory on Grey, but this happens within the span of a couple of months, while Grey knew Dom and Megan for at least a couple of years and he still acts pretty aloof towards Megan and Dom to a lesser extent. It breaks my sense of disbelief at how easily we can get through his aloofness, you know?

Know this isn’t my idea, but I think it would be a good thing in order to expand a bit more on Lenny’s backstory. It helps to show that we’re his best friend since high school instead of telling we’re his best friend since high school.

Though I’m curious how you would adapt this to the other potential options with Lenny? You don’t really have to do much with the “pays the rent” option, but what about the threatening option?


@Rebelgirl So I’ve got a suggestion for the drinking options; how about you have another 3 or 6 options? Making a total of 12, but have that each option basically determines how well the MC can hold their liquor. Basically, for a lightweight (like how I imagine my MC), one glass would get her wasted, but for a heavyweight (like… I don’t know, if there’s an MC that drinks like Grey) then it would take two or three glasses instead. Or something along those lines… sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, I’ll try to explain it better when I get home (I’m at work now).


Hi :smiley: I just want to say I absolutely adore your story and I honestly can’t wait for more!, your WIP is the one of the ones I’m most excited for so keep up the amazing work!!! :grin:

Also with the whole shy MC thing, I know being shy can be for a multitude of reasons, so I hope it helps a little if I give my take on why I personally think my MC is shy and what I like to imagine their backstory is.

I myself have social anxiety and though that doesn’t necessarily pertain to being shy itself, they most often go hand and hand. I am really shy in person and online, so it can be really challenging at times to want to join in on discussions and the likes without feeling like I’m imposing, going to say the wrong thing or end up bothering someone, but none the less, I love your story and I really wanted to try to step out of my comfort zone, show my support, and hop in on the conversation!

Any who~ what I wrote ended up being really long, I’m truly sorry about that!
I’m really not that great at putting my thoughts down so I’m sorry if there is any sort of inconsistency, things that might not correlate with each other, or typos.


I like to think my MC is shy because of his childhood circumstances.

Since his parent’s jobs play a prominent role in the supernatural community, I like to think he was often left alone on many occasions due to his parents work schedule, he mastered being self sufficient at a tender age and had no issue solving the problems he needed his parents most for. Though absent majority of the time, when his parents did make an appearance they showered him with as much love as they could resulting in him never holding any malice toward them for not being a more stable figure in his life.

Having no siblings and spending his childhood alone in a big house may have shaped my MC into being more independent and mature by nature, but it also bared negative effects. He grew shy and would often close off when forced to interact with other kids his age once it came the time to formally start school. He never had to engage in social affairs with others his age beside his parents and their friends to whom he trusted, otherwise he was alone and knew only of his own company. This lead to him having no friends, causing conflicting feelings within him. Deep down he was lonely, he truly just wanted to feel what having friends or at least one friend would be like, but that was too scary for him, the thought of wanting to be alone was much more welcoming, it gave him the comfort he grew attuned too.

Eventually his shyness and now self image problems (which I’ll explain more later) grew to heights that were to much to handle. Even though it was a lot for him, he didn’t want to seek help. He was use to solving things on his own and didn’t want to shoulder what he felt like were burdens onto others. The only thought that kept him going was maybe someone will make the effort to know him, he was more then open to someone extending the invitation of friendship to him. For him that invitation never came so he kept to himself, surprisingly still holding on to the little hope he had which will carry over with him to high school. Still it was disheartening that people were only really willing to acknowledge him but never made any effort to be his friend. He definitely had his moments of breaking down from it, but he constantly reminded himself that it could of been worst. He still often ponders as to why he seemed so unapproachable to them.

Fast-forward to high school where a lot of things took a turning point for him, for better and for worst. Now my MC is rather thin and has a graceful, slender build so to speak (great for being agile and nimble), his facial features are also more soft and delicate, and he’s always had long hair (he’s tried cutting it short before but he feels long hair frames his face better plus it grows out fast). Inevitably the bullying he didn’t receive in MS, he definitely got in HS. He was bullied hard for his looks, he was often tease and made fun of for his more “feminine” mannerisms and attributes and it hurt him dearly, not because he had any problems with girls or femininity, but he wanted to be seen as masculine, and just because he was more on the feminine spectrum when it came to his looks or he acted in ways that would be considered more “feminine” it didn’t mean he was any less of a man. He noticed with this type of bullying, it was resulting in him losing the little hope he gained in MS slowing causing him to retort back into his really shy shell he had in elementary. This sort of caused him to have a realization/breaking point that he didn’t want this for himself that he didn’t want his shyness or his looks to hold him back any longer. He declared to himself he was going to be more outgoing even if he had to fake it, which is exactly what he did.

With faking it caused him to gained the friends he ultimately wanted and the bullying ceased, but in turn those friends where fake too. He started acting far from himself just to maintain those “friendships” and it took a toll on him mentally and physically though he acted oblivious to it, he truly thought and believed he was becoming a better version of himself when in actuality he was becoming worst in a different way. This is where Lenny comes into play. I like the think of Lenny as my MC’s savior, he was the one that saw through that façade my MC was up keeping and constantly but subtly probed at it until it broke. My MC finally gave in and acknowledged the way he was acting only aided in him losing himself then bettering himself. Lenny taught him that it’s okay to be shy and not act the way people expected of him, that real friends will flock over to him for just being genuinely himself and if they didn’t then they weren’t worth his time. He will naturally gain his confidence at his own pace and it was nothing to worry about. This led to their unbreakable bond of friendship and my MC finally feeling at peace with himself and overly happy that he finally has someone he can be himself with and call a true friend.

Finally (thank god lool), this all chops up to my present MC still remaining shy in many ways, but having his moments of confidence and being more open and honest with his feeling and others. (thanks to Lenny!)


My MC is shy because of never really having interactions with other children his age when he was younger, he was use to being in his own company and attempting to make and maintain friends was a scary thing for him. Eventually his insecurity of his more feminine looks added onto that shyness.

My backstory is nothing original, but nothing is truly original, its how you execute it that’s important. :wink:
I cant wait to see your story progress and flourish!! :heart:
Thank you for baring w/me and have an amazing day everyone! :smile:


Awesome, i want to hear what sort of deal Lucifer can offer … no harm chatting with the prince of darkness :wink:

@No_This_Is_Patrick in dungeons and dragons there is a spell call Regeneration , which i supposed we could cast it to regenerate our own cells, although elsewhere there is also a spell call rejuvenation … but i think regenerate already cover rejuvenate??


@No_This_Is_Patrick I’m actually still thinking about what the magic option would do.

The deal with Lucifer wouldn’t be bad at all! He may be a demon, but he’s a romantic! He’d make it so the MC and Eva live as long as the other does.


That’s one of my worries, too, and I’m glad you pointed it out. It’s just that the story spans a year…
Does Grey come off as aloof to Meg and Dom? That wasn’t my intent! Meg and Dom are the people he is supposed to be most close to.

I did a lot of telling rather than showing when I started the game, but I think I have learnt and I’m still learning about writing, so that’s why I’m revamping the game! Feedback really helped me see what I can improve. So whenever you feel something doesn’t work, please let me know.

That’s actually something I may change. The idea was that no matter your current relationship with Lenny, you two used to be best friends in high school and stayed close or grew apart. Would it make sense to keep the hostile option as a, we were best friends, now not so much, but we live together because the rent is good and we can afford it by splitting it?

@VioletHikari I think I understand what you’re getting at. But maybe we’re not thinking the same thing, so would you mind elaborating when you can? Would these choices be before the conversations or would the MC drink between conversations?

Thank you so much! :heart_eyes:

I know what it’s like being shy, and I’m glad you managed to step out of your comfort zone to offer feedback and support! :blush:

Don’t be sorry, I always want to know what the players think!

I really enjoyed reading your character’s backstory. I will use some elements of it as choices in the game!

@Eric_knight Regeneration sounds interesting for the magic choice