Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 2 January 2019]



Omg this is a jewel! I’ve caught some typos and I print-screen_ed_ it. IDK how I should send it to you, but I think other people sent it already. I think paragraphs between the dialogues would make it clear who’s speaking, it gets a little confusing two or more people speaking in the same paragraph.
Anyway, about the game. It’s simply fantastic! Gosh it’s really immersive, and I loved the characters. I’m so in love with Grey, the interaction with him is funny and hot (at least for me who chose to play as a shameless flirty), and the cases are really interesting ! I loved how you gave the option to choose with who we want to work with, to bond with Hu, get a dragon egg and a pet. I can’t wait for more ! You’re doing a great job !


One way to do the typos is to make a post with the screen shot of the typo and the proper way to write it.


@Drakeye @Kane_Smith_B_In_K_Pa I’ll probably use the Japanese mythology and make the objects’ morality differ.

@VioletHikari I’ll keep the choice for when the MC feels more comfortable with Grey then. The other characters will talk about the MC’s shyness too, I’m not sure when though.

Thanks for the suggestions! The MC’s parents aren’t overprotective, if they were they probably wouldn’t have wanted their child to work with the supernatural. Of course, they respect whatever choice the MC makes, but they think the sixth-sense should be used.

Thanks for catching that discontinuity, I didn’t realize it either. I’ll have Grey call them out on it.

A drunk MC sounds like fun, and choices you can only make drunk- cause we loose our filter when drunk.

@Lunna Thank you! :blush: It means a lot to me to know you like the game so much.
You can send the typos here as @Kane_Smith_B_In_K_Pa said or pm them.

Different MCs bring different sides of Grey out. So a flirty MC will get an equally flirty Grey, and a bashful one a softer Grey. Of course, he gets tender with both types of MC in a relationship.


And the non existent filter/drunk MC is the only way I can see my shy MC asking Grey about his “kink” :rofl:


That’s what I was thinking too when saying choices you can only make drunk :joy:


how supernatural in new york


Sorry, what? I’m confused.


sorry tried say how story going with you


I haven’t done a lot of writing as I was on vacation, but now I’m home and will start working on the game.


Glad you are back, and about a drunk mc you can give the player the choice of how they act when drunk


What I mean is they have a dominant emotion ranging from romantic to angry to bold or sad.
Then any scene when they get drunk they automatically act like that. Now some people may not like not making choices but they are the ones that will chose to get drunk


I can picture it now; my shy/timid MC gets drunk (off of just one glass since she doesn’t really drink) and suddenly becomes bold!


I’m working on the drunk choices now, and I was thinking of just adding in some places the choice to say things you wouldn’t say sober (especially if shy) and slur words, maybe feel a bit dizzy. Would it be ok?


This game is really shaping up since I last saw it (cough3 months ago cough) and it looks really awesome


Thank you! :blush: And thanks for hanging around to see the game’s progress


heh, no problem, I’ve been lurking here there and everywhere for awhile.

Anyway, drunk choices seem like a good and inventive idea to have in this story/ game and could work really well. God job.


I have @VioletHikari to thank for the idea :grin:

Yeah, I’m more of a lurker myself (except for my own thread, of course). I’m just a little bit shy over the internet as I’m in real life.


I am just a general lurker everywhere :joy:

Well it is a good idea I general, props to the person whom came up with it as well as you for putting it in this game


Lol, I’m actually kind of shy in real life (until I get used to someone) and outgoing online :sweat_smile:.

Anyways @moonwalkerdragon, I like your Zim avatar! :smile:


Same here I would never said anything about the game if we had all met in real life