Supernatural in New York (WIP) [revamped 2 January 2019]



But whatever is done I know will be great with such a great writer like Rebelgirl.


Remember when the bartender and the table both laugh at your joke something isn’t right…


Hi guys! Sorry for making you wait.

@No_This_Is_Patrick Thanks for the suggestion!

@MindightWatcher I sand creature would be interesting to mention at least if nothing else…since they have beaches in New York too.
I’ll be looking for creatures from different cultures and religions.

@Jeremiah_Sanchez I like this kind of characters too.

@Eric_knight This conversation will come up with the immortal/slow aging ROs, and the MC will have the option at the end of the game to turn into a supernatural creature…vampire or werewolf or something else. But not earlier since the point of the game is being a human among the supernatural.

@Ardit_Maloku There was an ifrit in the book American gods, how could I forget.

@Kane_Smith_B_In_K_Pa I love this idea of the chest! I can work it into a case. Is the chest called a mimic or something else?

Thank you! :blush:


in D&D its called a mimic and it can transform into virtually any inanimate object.

Hear is a website you can look at for more mimic information.


Would it be a problem if I used it or is there something like that in folklore? I know in Japanese myths objects turn to life after 100 years.

@Kane_Smith_B_In_K_Pa Thanks!


It should not be a problem seeing as dungeons and dragons is a game that has been around for years and was created to be a shared idea and favorite for all gamers.


But just in case hear is thair support page


Well mimics are classified as a shapeshifter, and there are many variations of shapeshifters in cultures.
i was rather fond of the old myth of the old japanese folklore of beloved objects coming to life.

just found something tying to that folklore “Yōkai” have spiritual/supernatural powers with shape-shifting being a frequent one

hope this helps.
Its interesting to see that mimics could be from japan.


@Rebelgirl … if you are interested in it, i had found the 7 Princes of Hell, who of course lead by Lucifer

  1. Lucifer - Pride
  2. Mammon - Greed
  3. Asdmodeus - Lust
  4. Amon - Wrath
  5. Beezelbub - Gluttony
  6. Leviathan - Envy
  7. Belphegor - Sloth


@Kane_Smith_B_In_K_Pa Thanks!

@Drakeye Thanks! I like this idea too. But would the objects be evil?

@Eric_knight Yes, I know them, Lucifer mentions them at the Halloween party. The only difference is Satan is Wraith and there is no Amon.


I would think that it would depend on you.
It doesn’t specifically say they are good or evil so in the end just ask your self the same question
If you can’t anwser it then ask
Would all objects be evil?
Would all objects be good?
Edit: a thing to also think about is the intelligence of them. To be evil you would have to be able to understand the concept so a simple mimicking object would just be trying to survive any way it can not understanding the effect it has.


Mimics in general and very intelligent. That is why they hide as chest or doors. They know humans will come in contact with these object more.


So if a mimic where to be good it would try to get to hide as something humans don’t normally come into contact with.


this could be a simple intelligence with a learning curve or we only see the ones with malicious intent.
if they are actually just animal intelligence:
try this…nothing happens
try this…i got food. repeat…nothing happens multiple times…try something else

wich means we likly only notice them when were adventurers or when they are needing food.
wich brings us back to the questions

mimics from D&D are played off as Auto evil(for story purposes only, i have seen otherwise in games ive played in). many stories however talk about things brough to life with time and human contact as being shaped by the mindset of those they come in contact with most predominately, others are literal spirits fused into a object purposely or accidentally, and some are just born that way.
it all depends on circumstance, or whether they are inherently 100% evil every time.
a good example is the Teifling they appear evil and due to prejudice often follow that path, but in the end most that are evil are evil because of the prejudice against them.
in the end are they always evil are they always good revolves around the creator of the story
you can only confirm something is always one thing or another if you observe every single instance (of the species/items) for their entire creation being able to read its thoughts and intent.


Mimics are actually as smart as the lower end of human intelligence. However I do agree with you. Anything can be “Good” or “Bad” both are just a matter of perspective.
Something I have no problem with might lead you to believe that I am bad.


Everyone is the hero of their story


that puts them at the upper end of some animals and raises the question of sapience and sentience.
Yea perspective is one important aspect, especially since many things that are human instinct and nature can be perceived in modern society as downright evil…anyway we kinda drifting off course a bit with debate and philosophy.

Mc:I like luc-
Lucifer walks in observing what i say
Mc:-ifer …hehehe hi…i have somethign i need to do.
Lamia: Snickers oh Lucy darling.


I agree we are off topic


No, I actually like the way the scene is now, but I would like (if it’s possible) later on down the road for us to be able to reveal why they are so insecure, after they’ve gotten comfortable enough with Grey (or whoever is asking) to open up about something like that.

I’m the same way, believe it or not, and frankly I can see my character being that way. Which is why I think, realistically, if someone like Grey were to analyze me like he did to my MC, I would either lie and say he’s way off, or be partially honest and say he’s “mostly right” (like the option listed in the WiP), but not elaborate on it until I got more comfortable with him as a person/friend. And I think that’s how you should have it in the WiP too, if you can.

Well, since both of the MCs parents are super successful and super famous, one reason for the MCs anxiety and insecurities could be that they are afraid of not being able to live up to their names. Or that they are afraid of (like you suggested) failing or making a mistake, and people judging them (the MC) harshly about it. Another reason could be that as a child (or while they were in high school), the MC was bullied. A lot. That could explain why they are insecure. You could also have that they just over think things and are always second guessing themselves. Or that their parents were over protective of them, having the MC get home schooled until high school (which is where they meet Lenny). There are lots of reasons why someone would suffer from social anxiety and insecurities, at this point I’d say choose your “favorites” and add them as possible choices for the player to pick from (while rehén the time is right)… if you wanted to.

On another note (from the same scene with Grey); when Grey offered Skyler some beer, I chose the option that she doesn’t drink, and Grey just kind of accepts that. My issue is (and I didn’t notice it until recently) that, during the scene where everyone is celebrating after Skyler first joined, I had her drink alcohol… shouldn’t Grey call her out on that? Or something? :confused:

And on a similar note, would it be possible for you to make it that the MC gets drunk during the celebration scene? These are just some random questions that pop into my head while I play the WiP :sweat_smile: