Superhero sidekicks or world ending apocalypses: which would you like to see?

So I’ve decided that I want to at least attempt to make a game and see how far I get. Maybe I’ll finish it maybe not but j at least WANNA give it a shot. The problem here is I have two ideas for a game and frankly I’m in love with both options. The people I usu crawl to for advice on stuff like this can’t reach a consensus either so I figured I’d ask you guys! My literary future is in your hands! Which would you prefer to see a game on? Let me give you a rundown on both ideas.

So my 1st idea I actua made a thread about earlier but in the likely chance that you missed it I’ll talk about it again. This game would take place after a series of 6 apocalypses ravaged the world thanks to 6 great godlike evil. You would be a monk within the Order of The Awoken dedicated to fighting the cause of the 6th Ending the Dark Mistress. You would venture into a dream realm wielding great power to combat a godlike threat. Experience forbidden romance, face corruption in your Order, engage in political intrigue and espionage, uncover dark secrets about the many ends of the world and try your hardest to stop a 7th and final ending.

Or would you prefer a lighter superhero game? In a world where thousands of years ago when magic still roamed the land thousands of mages caused an event called the Great Conscription resulting in hundreds of thousands of people gaining super powers. In this game you would be the adopted younger sibling and sidekick to world famous plant manipulating hero Briar! Operating in the city of Orchard Grove a once rural community turned bustling center of super heroics thanks to it being the birthplace of the mysterious “First Hero” resulting in the trend of powered individuals donning masks and fighting crime. All except your brother as HES one of the first heroes to go public with his identity. Cybernetic assassins psychotic barbershop quartets and a pyromaniac stalker are just some of the threats you will fight as you attempt to surrvive your time as a sidekick all the while uncovering secrets of the superhero community and fighting a threat that even Briar cannot stand up to alone.

I really can’t decide so feel free to tell me which idea seems most interesting and don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding the settings and ideas. Any of your thoughts would be highly appreciated! If I finish one I might move on to the other idea but for now I’m really plagued with indecisiveness as to which to tackle first.


Both are good story-lines for the genre; the second, because it is lighter, might be a better beginning work - you can also write one theme, then when you need a break, you can switch to the other for a time. Some authors I know have 3 or 4 works in various stages that they go back and forth on.


Second one. I wanna be Robin for the win.

I’m liking the first

I’d be more interested in the second one.

I like funny!

I also really like plant based superheroes. :slight_smile:

And being a sidekick.

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Theres been multiple games about superheroes and the apocalypse tbhpwylag.

I think we have plenty of superheroes. And it would be nice to play an post-apocalypse game that didn’t involve zombies

I’d rather eat my own hands then have another zombie game get released.

I honestly like plant based superhero’s and villains as well. It’s one of the reasons I liked the grandma in hero’s rise.


I like superheroes too much to say anything else :slight_smile:

change it up a bit add some kind of split between where you are a super hero but at half way through you can choose to stay a superhero or become a super villain.

their already are a few super hero games but only one super villain one called Diabolical

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Both games sounds great I’m voting for the hero one.

I guess the lighter game would be a better jumping off point, and while I’d love to work on both games at once I’m not even convinced I’ll be able to complete just one. rather not bite off more than I can chew but thank you for the reply!

people seem to be enjoying the superhero one and the MC will probably be pretty Robin-esque so you might just get your wish!

That’s 1 for post-apocalyptic!

Thats two for superheroes thanks!

If I go with the 2nd one it will be funny, but I’ll be sure to sneak something sad in there because I survive off of tears. I also love plant based super heroes! Briar’s like my brain baby for that very reason!

Well yes but i think I can put a bit of a spin on both ideas and differetniate them from the crowd

I too have grown tired of zombies i never saw the appeal so I will be sure to keep them far away!

Well than take your hands off the menu friend because I shan’t be putting zombies anywhere either of these!

I love villains too much not too include a villain path in both games. In fact a big reason I even want to write a superhero game is too include some of Briar’s odd, and quirky, but wholly dangerous Rogues gallery!

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I like the sidekick idea

It looks like I’m out numbered here :wink: but I love the sound of the first choice. It’s a very unique spin on the post-apocalyptic genre. I would love to play this game.

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Either idea sounds like fun! Though, if I have to choose, I agree with the majority here. I have a soft spot for heros. Really depends on what your favorite type of writing is, though.

First off the World ending Apocalypses is out of the question

Look for Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven that’s our Apocalypse story so you need to go with superhero sidekicks because Jim Dattilo is working on a Zombie game/interactive novel read up on the first Zombie Exodus and when Zombie Exodus Safe Haven comes out you will know the people from Zombie Exodus being mentioned in Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven. this is the link to Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven


While I’m aware there are other apocalypse stories and I’m very much aware and a fan of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven and while both concepts feature an apocalypse and the end of the world as we know it that’s basically where the similarities end.

The nature of both these apocalypses are very different and his game is more about the apocalypse itself and surviving the aftermath of said even. The world in question already went through that. Six times. its been at least 1000 years between the beginning of the would be game and the last Ending. The world though a very different place has survived and rebuilt.

Sidekicks. It’s a no brainier!