Superhero Secret Agent - WIP Ch. 1-5

Wow, new chapter is just wow.

Thought tough siding choice will be made much later in the game. I tried to save the sibling, but choose to stay hidden in then end, option to be on your own doesn’t seem too exciting so far, it distances MC from every character. BUT if sibling is dead, Family is SO doomed.

Though I failed every check when tried to choose to get mad at Mae, it was really worth to give him piece of my mind, quite satisfying scene. Really, stop brining up MC dead parents, dude, if you not going to help find their murderer.

If you spotted Taylor near warehouse, and managed to know that he is with the Family, I think it is essential to notify Mae about it, because it could mean bunch of things: from Family is suspicious of MC to they know something and we need to get away from here.

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Found a little typo here. I think it should be ‘wheezes’.

The Y in you should be capitalized.

The Y in you shouldn’t be capitalized.

Same as above.

A few more capitalization errors. Also it should be ‘embrace’ and not embraces.

Edit: There are a few more of these capitalization errors after exclamation/interrogation marks.

(I recently learned that after a question mark or exclamation point within dialogue words shouldn’t be capitalized.)

This very good, just wish there’s a
save option…

@Empress_Nightmare The author has already covered this topic and here’s what they had to say about it.

Ooh thanks for letting me know that @The_Black_Reaper

Oi @JaneBoe

I don’t know if it’s intentional or an error but lol it broke the barrier :joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat:

And there are some minor mistakes like
For example (lol just an example of these type): instead of They’re coming tonight. it says There coming tonight.