I have to ask, is this going to be all right field Peter Parker ‘I have responsibility now to fight battles’ or are we talkin like that movie that was out recently with those superhero/villain kids and being average joes with powers. I prefer the second one because of you do it well enough, you can make a sequel that can like the second one if you based your character to be good bad or just normal.

@Hermit Battles will be inevitable. The thing is, it’s more than just you. The story is large-scale. There will be fighng styles to not hurt anybody(IE, mental powers that bind foes w/o pain.)

I see. That’s a good way to go about it. I am curious to how you go about this and look forward to the eventual release.

Just been reading over this thread and I’m interested in the premise of this game I understand, like you said, that you’ve got a lot of other stuff that is keeping you occupied at the moment but I would definitely like to see more of his game in he near future and if this game has been “put on hold permanently”,as no one has commented on it in a while, then I look forward to other game ideas from you. Finally if this game is still an ongoing project(or for any future projects) I think you would benefit from categorising it under “Works in Progress” as threads there seem to get a fair bit of attention compared to other sections of the site. Hope to see a beta from you in he near future as you clearly have really good ideas :-bd

I really wanna play this game now it sounds very good


Sounds awesome, looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, my last laptop has had some issues. I still have it, it’s just difficult to turn on. The only reason I still have it is because of what I have on it. Unless there’s a way to extract data without turning the laptop on, I’m stuck. I’ll keep trying.

What this means is that my past progress on Super is on that laptop.

Pretty sure there is a way, actually, but I think it requires another computer. I’ve seen it before.

Yea, you can, but I’d recommend taking it to a professional to do so.

Would you know how much the cost would be for that, @Reaperoa ?

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I like the premise, it kinda relate to the idea since my mind would just create a world randomly in class for me to escape in, then the next thing I knew I failed my math exam because I wasn’t listening. Hope you don’t procrastinate like me, this definitely has potential.


Bro this game idea is dead since 2012