So, I’ve been “working” on my own game that I’ve named ‘Super’.
I say “working” because I haven’t touched the word document in two months.
Not to say I’m not interested in it, it’s a mixture of not knowing how to transition to the part where I’m really excited to do, and the fact that I’ve had a new steady stream of videogames to keep me busy.
That’s not why I’m writing this discussion.

Super is the story about the protagonist falling asleep during class, and has dreams. He/She has the dream of being a being with incredible powers that they decide to use on their own will, which is why I refer to the protagonist as a ‘Super’, because they choose how to use them in the world they create. The actions of the real world will inter-wine with those in the dream world, and the preferences they have will also effect what kind of a person they are [with the addition of being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ after added into their personality].
That’s still not why I’m writing this discussion.

I’m writing it because I’d like ideas for characters!
I find that I’m great at weaving a tale, but I don’t have the ability to make a character. If you were to give me a character, I MIGHT be able to create a great backstory, but that’s only a theory.
Give me any range of characters, be they from human to alien species, you never know! I’m trying to make this game with some sort of seriousness, but it has room for absurdity here and there [it’s a dream!] so anything goes at moments in the game.

If you have any questions about my game, feel free to comment on this or PM me. I’ll answer either way.
[Also, I’m wondering about whether to write the full game, then code, or make it long enough for a beta, code, beta it on the forums, then full game?]


I suggest you write a beta and then code it first, so that you can familiraise yourself with ChoiceScript. Yeah, it’s easy to code, but I took one month of trial and error just to get stuff right and know my boundaries. Then again, it might not work for everyone.

Also, might I suggest writing and coding at the same time? You can use the mindmaps in for that. Not only are you able to visualise the flow, but since it’s on the computer, you can simply copy and paste it in a word document.

Okay, I have a bunch of backup characters I can provide you with. Maybe I’ll post it here later or send a PM.


Hmm. Interesting…

Mind explaining what a mindmap & is?


I like the idea may a game with elfs,orges and ghosts


Loving the concept of the game and it is good that you have differentiated from what is real and what is imaginary!

Personally i think that stuff is a bit over done


Sounds like a very awesome game. I’ll need to think about a character suggestion. Just to be clear, what’s the general mood in this game? Is the “super world” laid back and silly, slightly serious, maybe even dark and edgy? How about the real world? Also, do you plan on putting into the super world parallel versions of “real life” characters? Maybe the shallow popular person who doesn’t even acknowledge the player’s existence in real life is their lover in the super world? Maybe being betrayed by a friend in real life causes their super world version to betray you too? Perhaps there’s an evil organization headed by that mean math teacher who kidnaps your parents and replaces them with evil robotic replacements that keep you in perpetual time-out and keep trying to force you to eat vegetables and to do your math homework. And that brings up another question - how old is the player’s character?


@MrYoungzman A mindmap is a diagram for organising thoughts. This is one way how it may look: is a website which lets you make mindmaps. You can use a free account but I think you need Flash to run it.

Peglegpenguin has a point about mood.


Mindmap looks more difficult than it sounded.
Ah! Fair enough about the mood.

As far as I have the story planned out, it’s of a serious mood. I’ll probably end up making a fictional country, and the government will be decided on decisions of your conscious self.

IE: “What kind of teacher is your homeroom teacher?”
-Strict, and everything must be shared between the class [Communism-esque]
-Work gets treated with reward [Democracy/Capitalism]

This is obviously very vague and general, and I’d rather not talk about politics on the forum as fierce debate can be caused by accident. I’d rather not cause it.

EDIT: StPeter, though it technically is fantasy, I won’t be leaning towards traditional fantasy and including multiple species. [Trolls are not the same race as humans, that is a pet peeve of mine…]


Alright concepts for human characters that may have a double in the “superworld” let me see what I can think of.
*A pacifist police psychiatrist who believes in nonviolent methods and everyone having a chance at redemption.
*you real life best friend.The kind of relationship you have may affect how he/she is portrayed in the superworld.
*Two siblings trying to break their family’s bad luck/(possible curse) on never succeeding at high ambitions or having successful lives in general.
*A military deserter who quit after accidentally injuring an innocent during a mission.
*The town drunk being a philosopher.
*The town nerd portrayed as a gadget using supervillain in the dreamworld.
*Your parents.Your relationship with them may be a plot point.

Hope this gave you some ideas.


Here’s a character I came up with:

So, we all know about the Flash, correct? Now, this character has all the powers of the Flash. You know, super speed! He can utilize these in an interesting way. Basically, what his body does, is speed up. So he can hit harder, faster, sharper, basically an adrenaline rush, but the side effect is that just being himself in general ages his body by like, weeks in an hour. So he’s in a cryo chamber until his father/scientist decides to release him, be it against you or with you.


So does that include like super healing?


Sound like the first human touch he was in a cryo chamber before his father open it


I don’t know much about comics, to be honest, @Stpeter182 .

@JossieE Why yes it does.


I has character idea! Cranky old neighbor with an evil dog to guard the lawn from stupid brats! In “super world”, the dog could be the neighbor’s giant, vicious “superpower” (who needs a power when you have a giant hound of death working for you?). Probably wouldn’t make a good major character since most old cranky neighbors do not go to school. Could still make a nice minor villain, and shouldn’t need much character development beyond being a cranky old guy with a giant dog. Could also get a bit silly with the bossy senior citizen - maybe the player easily dispatches of the dog by tunneling deep into the earth, digging up a complete t-rex skeleton, and then throwing one of its bones way into the ocean, causing the giant beast to start a long doggy-paddle across the Pacific. If it was a cartoon, I’d show the character tunneling downward and put random junk like buried treasure, a drilling vehicle, and a room full of mole people next to the tunnel. Might even make that some crown-wearing mole person royalty in the room, fast asleep until the digging wakes it up.

If you don’t end up using my villain, I hope I at least amused you with the idea.


I’ve always wanted to see a wandering one-armed martial artist who is also a geisha, with deadly swordfighting skills and incredible discipline. Everywhere she goes, she leaves a trail of villainous blood. Also, her outfit is blood red and covers sensibly, her hair is done up because hair gets in the way of fighting. She also has full body tattoos depicting demons and ghouls. Lastly, she’s not white. Not even a little bit. All East Asia.

And yes, that’s where my username comes from.


Ahh coolness
Hey you could do some story line about your mum and dad. Say like mum dying and then your dad blames you (acting like a twat) cause that would add some serious family drama :smiley:


Or you could reverse the gender tropes and have dad dying and mum blame you instead.


Thats a good point! Sorry i was thinking sterio-types from our English lesson and just got too into it…that happens to me :smiley:


Well, if you know it’s a stereotype your first instinct as a prospective writer should be to mercilessly reshuffle it into something that isn’t a stereotype.


I totally agree, just me I HATE steriotypes but my English teacher kinda was hammering it into our brains soooo