Super System: Monster Evolution (Wip) [60k words]

Been awhile since i play the demo, how far is the demo now/where the demo end? Because these past year i see it only 60k word and never updated again.


December 24 it has 42K
And on December 27 60k.

So about half a year the same number of words in the titel.

But let him cook. If you want to see if an author is still active. Look at his tumbler or in this case the discord.

And quality takes time.


The easiest way to tell when something updated or if you forget how far along it was according to title numbers when you last checked is to click on the “edited” icon next to the post date in the OP.


It’ll show you the changes of the post and when. Beyond that, the author has updated the title for every update so far. Patience will be a virtue here.


Didn’t expect this to be so polarizing, but you’ve all given me a lot to think about. Thank you for your input. To conclude this in a more organized way, I’ll cast a poll (which, in hindsight, I should have included in the original post).

  • Yes (Should be included for the skink players)
  • No (Should not be included this early in the game)
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Wow very split crowd 38 votes in
20 to 18


it’s something you have to earn with the cost of at least 1000 exp, there is no shortcut to godhood after all.


I can agree with that! The whole point of the system is we can evolve beyond normal means for our species. Adding breasts to a skink just for the comfort of MC by utilizing that system makes plenty of sense.


So if understand it right. You would be ok with that, if it is not on the base evolution but something you woud need to add yourself?

(Could be also good for Trans people or generally people that want to add breast to their MC. But then it should be noticed by the other Characters right? Not just some minor flavor text. If you know what I mean)


Sure, I’ve said something similar a comment a good while ago as well. But I also agree with you that it should be a case of “does that skink… have tits…?”


This whole convo reminds me of the comic that came out for one of the XCOM games with the guy bugging the Viper about her boobs. I always get a chuckle whenever I see that.


Has anyone watched this short?

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That’s basically how evolution goes in the game

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If you look closely at the top right of the video, you can see his view count skyrocket when the reveal happens.

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Are we still discussing wether the lizard have booba or not maybe also adding another asset😂.

This getting M rate fast🤣.


It’s an interesting WIP, though I did find the switch in perspective away from the protagonist to be disorienting. Particularly since we have little context for anything that happens in that scene.

On a personal level, I’d dismiss the branching evolutionary paths entirely and focus on one pathway, at least for the time being, both to streamline the writing process and avoid questions about “lizard boobs” entirely.