Super System: Monster Evolution (Wip) [60k words]

my thoughts exactly why can’t we be sophisticated


What the heck? Were are these rats from, MTG? They are adorable!!!

Absolutely, maybe not right away but I have the feeling it will be a game changer later in the game. It will probably mean struggling a bit in the beginning since you lose half your biomass though.


Idk I just see it as that, then evolving into a psionic ratman, and then eventually the rat king :crown:


Fair I’m just a d&d nerd and read the monster books for fun

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since this :point_up_2:is a 3.6-3.7 meter long crocodile, that indeed is a big lizard.


average florida crocodile


Lol, there’s a statue of an 8.6 [or so] metres of Australian Crocodilian named Krys [named after the lady that shit it] in QLD, if I remember correctly it was killed with a single shot, there should be old articles 'bout it.

We have [had] some nice and cuddly creatures ever roamed on this blue rock.


I can imagine if my MC becomes a dragon and decides to turn in that letter I believe to the guild that was mentioned, it would cause chaos in said guild because imagine your a normal guild receptionist ding your job and giving out quest and stuff and a fucking dragon knocks down your door and have you a letter from a 100 years ago (also I forgot what we should turn in so if anyone can remind me so I could fix the mistakes I might of made)


Or giant spider

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really enjoyed the playthrough. I am curious if there is gonna be any future evolution path other than skink and greater salamander for the dragon path for the first evolution

Where exactly do you lose half the biomass? I played twice and it never happened.

if you travel into the caves i think y will met a preator if u can defeat it u make get a chance to take a spear take it will half ur biomass

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It was be hilarious but it might actually happen if we get wings.

@Beastup When the new update drops, will we have to start over or will our current saves be fine? And is there any benefits to starting over other than the new southern area to explore? Like if we start over and explore the new area in the cave, will we still be able to encounter and kill the Crawler and meet Flick?


If we pick greater salamander are we able to evolve into something more humanoid later? Honestly I just want the funny factor of being a old extinct species.

I don’t know if this has been asked yet but if we go down the human side of the evolution tree will we still be able to naturally produce venom and poison or will we have to get a skill like alchemy to be able to use poisons.

Well, some dragons have transformation magic.