Super Normal Inc (WIP)

Hey everyone, I’ve been really inspired with everyone’s WIPs out here and so a little while ago I started writing a game of my own. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

In a world where more than 60% of the population possesses enhanced abilities, it is up to you to defend the odd ones out: The ordinary people without abilities, or Ords for short. As an Ord private investigator, you aid those who don’t have anyone to turn to, and for your latest case, the stakes couldn’t be higher: You are tasked with the investigation of the death of Alana Carr, an enhanced scientist found in the middle of Ord territory.

With tensions between the two communities at an all-time high, time is of the essence as questions abound: Who had a hand in bringing about Ms. Carr’s end, and what did they have to gain from it? Was this an isolated incident or the start of something bigger? And not least of them all, how are you going to fit into the middle of it all?

In this murder mystery, navigate the thin line between protecting your community and finding answers while proving to the world that being ordinary has no bearing on whether you can be special.

  • Play as female, male or non-binary
  • Play as gay, straight, bisexual or asexual
  • Improve different stats to become the investigator your community needs
  • Uncover the truth behind Ms. Carr’s death and bring justice to those responsible
  • Level the playing field r let the abilities of others work for you
  • Bring romance into your work life or stick to the task at hand
  • Prioritise protecting your community or put the law above all else
Romance Options

Sylvia / Sylvan, she/her or he/him: A new face in this part of town, your trench coat-clad fellow investigator brings all of the business and none of the casual. Focused as they are, you get the feeling there might be something they’re not telling you. What does your new colleague have to hide, and can you connect with them enough for them to tell you?

Georgia, she/her: Your oldest friend and confidant, Georgia has become something of an Ord community organiser and was the one who put you on this case. Despite all that you’ve been through together as friends, recently you’ve been wondering whether there might be more to this than either of you have let on.

John, he/him: Your connection to the police and closest collaborator in bringing you onto cases. Though he’s been subtle about it up until now, his giant crush on you is becoming more apparent by the minute. From his clumsy but supportive demeanour to the power he wields, will he tempt you enough for you to risk your best connection to law enforcement?

Devon, they/them: As an unparalleled technical analyst and close colleague of Sylvia/Sylvan’s, Devon proves to be a real life-saver on your case. Aside from their undeniable genius and masterful technical prowess, they are a delight to be around, not least on account of the shameless flirting they lay on you.

So far I’ve drafted my first two chapters, sitting at roughly 23k words total. I’m planning another 4 to 5 chapters, though they may well vary in length.

You can find the link to my Demo here:

Any and all feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Nice wip, while the setting is not absolutely my Cup of Tea( being ord when Most people are Extras), the writing is good and the Story is interesting. I like being a investigator, who really investigates.

The choices are nice, but I was a bit surprised how fast the characters customization was done. I am not really Sure, which choice built my Status.

When the second officer appeared the pronouns switched a lot between male/female better take a Look at the Code in that part.

Overall a nice Story and good wip.

I definetley Like it and will be watching for updates


Do you have physical descriptions of the ROs?

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Hey there, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: I totally get that preference, that struggle is something I was really interested in for the MC, though I do want to bring in Extra characters who can sort of complement that aspect.

Great nod on the customisation part, I originally wanted to have the first chapter feel more fast-paced so I skipped some of that, but perhaps separating that part from the investigation itself might make for a clearer choice for readers.

Will be sure to look at the code in that passage, thanks for reading :slight_smile:


I’m still working on Devon’s design overall, but once I’m done with all of them I can reply to this message so you’ll know :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ll wait until then. Currently struggling with the very first potential flirt scene because I actually have no idea what John looks like besides having brown eyes… really not enough for me to decide if I’m attracted to him or not.


I’m enjoying this. I like the detective aspect, especially choosing between hypotheses. Personally I find the unusual setup interesting, but I do wonder if it’ll struggle commercially because people like to be the superhero.

A couple of pages (eg the hypotheses) were huge walls of text, you might want to break them up into paragraphs to make reading easier.


Was it possible to catch the suspect during the chase? Or any combination of options I choose would fail?

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Yes, it is possible.

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Hey there, thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile: you’re making a great point about the commercial viability there, and though that’s not my focus it’s definitely worth pointing out and keeping in mind. The chapters I have coming up will have the MC interact much more with the powers they’re lacking, I’m curious to see how that will make them feel!

Also, thanks for pointing out the walls of text, I’ll be sure to split those up. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Was it possible to catch the suspect during the chase? Or any combination of options I choose would fail?

geldar is right, it’s possible! In general it gets more difficult the more time you lose during the chase, with the added difficulty of steering clear of any life-threatening distractions :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll wait until then.

That’s only fair, I’ll be sure to let you know once I’ve fleshed out John (and the others) more :slight_smile:

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