Super character creation!


Just found this article about this game, it looks soooo good, I want it so bad, take look at what this guy did to gandalf!

Yeh, when black desert comes out I will buy this, i may even stop playing fallout 4!


South-east Asia is way ahead of the West when it comes to character creation and clothing design in video games. It’s a shame that the western companies they team up with to bring their games to an English speaking market drag them through the mud.


Black Desert actually been hyped since last year.


Longer than that :wink: I’m looking forward to its western release :slightly_smiling:


Lmao, the author makes the character creation sound like a whole game on its own.

Btw @LordOfLA, I believe this is East Asian, not South-East Asian…


It’s been hyped all year?

First I’ve heard of this game other than the article, and I always try to find games like this.


Same I never heard of it till this very topic. Character creation looks pretty good though.


Yaay I’m gonna make the best character ever uses canon character then puts on a beard nailed it


It’s Korean = South-east Asia


I’m South-East Asian and I can tell you that Korea is not…


I wanna make gandalf and dumbledores young Child… :wink:


China and Japan are considered East Asia. Korea, Malaysia and nearby small island nations are considered South-East Asia. India/Pakistan are considered Central Asia.

This is how I was taught things here in the UK. I don’t profess to be an expert in geography however. I don’t really pay that much attention to things.


Actually, they are all correct, except for Korea.


It’ll probably take a while for the correction to sink in. It’s rare I call on my very basic knowledge of Asian geography :slightly_smiling:


Well, it’s easier when you live here, lol.


I couldn’t navigate you that far around the city I currently live in either so, probably wouldn’t apply to me even then :stuck_out_tongue:


Korea is East. Or Northeast if you like. There’s a whole lot of China between it and the Southeast. :slight_smile:

And India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal etc are usually called South Asia; Central is reserved for Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and that neighbourhood (with Afghanistan sort of in both categories).


Some of those -stan’s are former USSR, I’ve never been sure how to place them.


“Central Asia” is the usual category for the post-Soviet 'stans.