Super Average Man (WIP)

Hey guys!

So, I’ve been thinking of my first ever game, called “Super Average Man!”.

It’s about a man who gains superhuman powers, but in exchange, you have to be the company’s puppet soldier for the rest of your life.

It’s up to you to find out what the heck is happening, discover the mysteries hidden deep within Jasper Technologies, and be the greatest, damn, superhero you could ever imagine.

Ya could play the game on:

I’ll probably make a few chapters every time I’m bored. I’m still at school, so probably a few times every 2-3 weeks.


Update 1(September 23, 2017)- Chapter 1 and bug fixes!
Update 2(October 3, 2017)- Chapter 2!

Super sorry for the long wait!

Projects and exams are piling up so much… And I have to postpone the next chapter, hopefully you will all understand.

Your suggestions will much be appreciated!

xoxo M.J.


B-but… I thought we’re going to play as an actual-normal-man :frowning_face:
Unless… I’m missing something…


Spoilers: You’re actually not an average man…

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  • Wait… it’s YOU!

    • Usually three periods.
  • You were simply ignorant in your legendary future.

    • to your legendary future.
  • Ofcourse!

    • Of course!
  • Hello, Mr.Hamburger man!

    • Needs a space.
  • "Ofcourse sir,

    • Of course
  • “Don’t worry, we…erm… “disposed” him”

    • disposed of, I think you need single quote or quotes in quotes.
  • "What for,though?

    • Space
  • “Just as we feared, Hive Tech is planning to abolish any of our plans to you…”

    • To you sounds weird, I expected for you, three periods.
  • "I’m glad to finally meet you Mr.Hamburger man.

    • space
  • “You have the superb balance of mental and physical capacity in your body. I’m assuming that your rigorous training in the war was near impossible. 2-3 hours of holding your breath underwater, 20 restless days of subjecting your body on extreme heat or cold. 50,000 watts of electricity, and you still survive.” she said.

    • survived
  • Just think of the power, crime rates dropping significantly, wars stopped… may finally be peace.

  • there may


Thanks a lot Dark_Stalker!

BTW, is the story line alright?

I like parody stories like this so :blush: If it was serious I’d probably judge it a lot differently. Though I think we don’t get to decide our Mc much.

Yeah, actually I was thinking of that lately.

The choices are not really dealing any change on story line, YET!

Maybe in the future chapters I could change that (I really should change that).

Thanks for the spell checks!

And feel free to add anything that you think it will help the game!

Much love, M.J!

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Do you want to be a Superhero?


One page later…

You’re ready to be the superhero you always wanted to be?

Oh, hahahahaha.

I suppose I should fix that.(Actually, I SHOULD fix that.)


Nah, it was actually kinda funny. I’d love to see the MC answer him on that, though.

I think the choices need to affect more, though. I’d understand if you’re forced into the company by destiny (a.k.a plot power) or something, but it would be cool to actually say or do something that affects the story or how the charaters react.

Also, i actually thought we’d be an average person trying to be a superhero, like Mumen Rider from OPM.

That is one great line just chillin like a villain.

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My proudest moment, my friend.

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Alrighty then!

I’m still new around the ropes of ChoiceScript, just know the basic stuff about it. I’ll try learning new stuff to make the game more fun, and as for the changes in story line on stories, I’ll find a way! (I really SHOULD find a way)

Let me know if ya have awesome suggestions about the game!


A truly legendary moment.

“All good Choicescript games always start with some stupid friend.”

You know us too well, good sir.


We have lots of them, that’s what fuels our stories!

is this genderlocked male?

“I…uh… was once a tree in drama club.” you jokingly said.
how could you know :joy:

got this error choosing any of the option

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oh shoot, gonna fix that up

I patched that up lickety-split, my friend!

So ya can play the game, to its full glory.

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instead *choice #Next! why don’t you use *page_break Next!

hope your exam turned out alright @MightyJudge08

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