Suggestion: History (read what happened so far)


I’d like choicescript to support history by default.

I am used to regular IF, and one great thing about them is that text is displayed in a stacked fashion, so you can always go back and read what you’ve done before. In some cases/experimental stuff, it’s actually part of the experience to go back and read everything top-down as you would read a regular book.

However, I am not asking for this merely for nostalgic reasons: I have very very little free time. I play COG games in between two things, while waiting for a taxi, while waiting for a client, or when stuck in traffic, or a few paragraphs before falling asleep. As a result, between two paragraphs, sometimes, a few weeks pass. When I get back to my story, I get:
“Who do you want to promote as first mate? X, Y, or Z?”
Who the hell are they? Where am I in the story? I have no way to know. So I have two choices: either I start over again, or I pick something random, and continue making random choices until I get to a point of the story I can relate to. This throws me out of the story, and makes my experience of the game less enjoyable.
If I could just scroll up and scan quickly what happened so far, I would not have this problem.

I understand that simply scrolling up may be an annoying UI, but it could be a button, just like the “stats” one.

If the feature is interesting to you but you have no time to implement it, I would be willing to fork and submit a pull request in a little while.


It’s a good idea but has both pros and cons, IMO. As you say, it would be an advantage to the player to be able to occasionally skim back through previous events for a memory refresh for a real-world reason (your example being a case in point) but it also has a negative side.

There are situations in some stories where clues have been dropped earlier on (whether you knew it at the time or not) and where your precise recall can aid you in some way. These subtle hints are an integral and intended part of the player experience, but would be completely negated by such a system as you propose.

For this reason, if such a system were to be implemented, I feel that its availability should be at the author’s discretion, not the player’s. It should not be a ‘cheat’ tool in those games where this action would actually constitute ‘cheating’ for the above reason (in the same way as the ‘back’ button would permit ‘cheating’).

Aside from that one reservation, I do think it’s a great idea and would be a useful addition to ChoiceScript.


Yes, I fully agree with your suggestions. Is there a way set-up to request/propose features? Or is this forum the way?