Substituting one variable with another if variable does not exist

Apologies for the vague/incorrect title, not sure how to explain it aside from in a post!

I’m trying to make it so that in certain scenes, if MC chooses to have a nickname, they are referred to by that nickname. But if they did not choose a nickname, they are simply referred to by their normal name. I’m sure this is accomplishable with something like *if (nickname = “true”) ${nickname} *elseif ${name} or what have you, but I’m wondering if there’s a neater way to accomplish this. I’m also not sure how that would work putting that code directly in the middle of a paragraph every single time MC’s nickname is used.

Thank you so so much, very much appreciated. So sorry if anything is worded strangely or if this has been answered before. I attempted to scour the forums to no avail. Thank you again!

If the player chooses not to have a nickname, just set the variable nickname to whatever name is. You can still put ${nickname} wherever it would be appropriate, but if the MC doesn’t have one, it will output their full name and the player will never know the difference.


I…cannot believe I never thought of this. Thank you kind stranger for your help and patience! My apologies for clogging up the forum, very very much appreciated.

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