[SUBMITTED] An Unexpectedly Green Journey (orc life-simulator) (WIP) [1.5+ Million Words]- DEMO NOW OFFLINE- WILL UPDATE ITS JOURNEY TO HOSTED GAMES

In theory you are correct- Though this does not mean that you cannot see your orc’s life as ‘canon’ if you do not become the Green Emperor. If you become a Big Belly or an old age tribal orc, it can be assumed that a different orc becomes the Green Emperor at a future time, if your orc doesn’t.

Perhaps even the orc you ‘adopt’ during the old age section…

Also, for the endings which interfere with divinity, like the demon path and shaman, I think we can assume it is canon in a fantasy setting, but has slipped into another plane’s Time and Space :smiley:

Keep in mind that a canon ending relies on a follow-up game, which needs to have a foundation with which to build a future world and story. Until a follow up is made, any ending can be considered canon- this is the player’s world and they are free to satisfy their imagination however they see best.

Cheers for showing interest in this world and I hope you enjoyed it!


Can you add cheat mode for the demon route so you can use any power?

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I am not sure the Crone of Fate supports Demonic Orcs? Side note… Is he/she more powerful than Krog?

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I’m not saying that they should add it into the same menu with the krone but it’s own menu when you enter the demon path

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@Lucas_Gendron @Patrick_Cody02

The Crone is neither good nor evil. A forgotten god, or ancestral spirit, of the human hill tribes, she bides her time hurrying on those whose destiny might beckon great changes. Perhaps we can consider her a trickster god/dess more than a fate god/dess. A bit of a loose cannon, regarded as dishonourable, she can only empower those with potentially great futures. Her ‘blessing’ may result in evil or good.

She is not as powerful as most other gods and goddesses, including Krog, who can more dramatically influence the world. All the Crone can do is tip the scales in your favour- but you still have to put in all the work.

To this end, I have added an option to the cheats, available when you take the Dark Path. Here, you can simply buff all your skills, or not.

In the finished game, this option will only be available after having chosen to take the cheater’s blessing.


Nice, the cheat menu is expanding, although I might have ideas for it. If you want them, there should be a situational cheat for every path, event, and possibly potential allies. Adventurer Path should allow players to alter other adventurers relationship, Chieftain Path should allow players to make minor alterations to certain events (I wanted major alterations as well but it might break the game), You are right to disable Crone’s Favor in Old Age Path for game balancing because it breaks immersion (?), Do you have ideas on how the Crone of Fate could help/alter the outcome of Odd Job, Arena Fighter, and Big Belly Paths. As a young/mature orc, the MC wanders around all of Arbit, gathering potential allies and making friends in several of his misadventures.

Another side note, I think from what you mentioned, the Crone of Fate is a chaotic god/goddess like the Unknown God from the Lost Heir Trilogy. Comparing that to the other gods of the pantheons, Orc, Imperial, and Normal (Is that Right? and what does the Imperial Pantheon consist of?) who would win in a battle against each other?

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While I’m a cheat maniac myself, I really don’t think it’s necessary to go overboard with all kinds of relationship or event cheats. Think about it. It is your character that is being blessed, not the things or people around you. That being said, if all your skills are maxed out, you will automatically have the ability to do and say all the right things in order to boost relationships anyway.


There is a time limit on how the MC wanders outside the Dust Clan, after a while, Slappa becomes Chieftain through Corruption and His Entourage (Which is a massive disadvantage to other orcs) then the MC can’t wander for personal gain


@Patrick_Cody02 @Denzil_Melgior_Nagel

Hi, fellow orcs!

I would say the Imperial Pantheon is composed of too many gods to name- similar to the Romans, it has added gods throughout the ages. So many, in fact, that hardly anybody would be able to give a definitive answer. This being the case, the Silver Knot is used to represent the tangle of deities. I would say the most important deity is The Mother, worshipped by elves and the Imperials- a deity which puts them in opposition to the orcs, who have never known a mother.

Elves and Dwarves also have their own selection of deities. The halflings, generally, adopted the Imperial-approved gods and goddesses.

It is hard to say who would win in a battle between them all, at any one time. This would depend on the number of worshippers and the fervency of their prayers, along with the nature of the various domains, concepts and characteristics individual gods preside over.

As for the cheat menu, I think I will leave it as it is, at least for now. I would want to encourage multiple playthroughs, which reward different paths and decisions, rather than allowing a player to see everything in one go. Although I do understand that some of you who have played through this game during development many times already would like a way to be able to experience everything in one sitting. At some point, perhaps after release, I might add an option to lower the player’s age (within firm boundaries).

The cheat menu gives players the option to experience sections of the game without having to be overly concerned with stat checks- which is the way many like to play- but I don’t want to open every aspect of the game on a plate. Having relationships and companions added to the cheat menu is liable to result in errors and bugs.

I think I have added a cheat menu with a decent lore-friendly explanation which gives a player the chance to accomplish everything the game has to offer, but they will still have to venture out and do the exploratory work. Tis’ the price of heroism and villainy!

Another option, which has already been brought up, is to create a guide for the game. I think this is a very good idea- though will not be worked on by me until a bit of time has passed. I will need a while to unorcify my brain after writing this game, with a degree of intensity, for the past year or so.


I wanted to know how our green brothers from the provinces of the empire reacted to the creation of the green empire, and can orcs have hair?

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I also wanted to know are there orcish ducal houses? If so, what are they like?

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Hi Brazilian,

Interesting question. I think the Imperial orcs would either be emboldened by pride or terrified, depending on how much they have been won over by the civilised pretentions of the Empire.

Most of the orcs of Greenburg would be ecstatic at the rise of an powerful empire led by their kin. Whatever your actions regrading Greenburg, the rise of a Green Emperor would intensify demands for independence or, even, a transfer of vassalage.

Greenburg is the nearest thing to an orc ducal house, though governed by elective succession. Here, everything is a bit of a façade, with noble orcs putting on a clown show of mimicking Imperial nobles or trying to exaggerate their orcish credentials. Or, a bizarre mix of the two.

In the orc empire a duke-ish tradition would almost certainly take hold to help govern expanses of lands, though this would be built around the traditions or various orc tribes. Of course, the Green Emperor might change all of this with his decrees, and with who succeeds him.

It would be an interesting thing to give further thought to, the potential shape and character of orc Ducal Houses, in the Green Empire.


If we conquer or ally with the human empire, will the Greenburg orcs gain a social boost? Furthermore, are there other continents besides Arbit?

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If you pit every god in this game against Chara from Undertale, who the human has reality-breaking, time, and DETERMINATION Powers, who would win? And I want a thorough analysis, I like pitting CoG/HG universes against other universes like comics, cartoons, video games, etc…

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Haha, I cannot comment on the gods in other universes. This, sir, I must leave to fellow lore masters like you. If forced to give an opinion, I must say that the gods of Krog Pile are the bestest, most powerfulest ever ever!!!

I would say that any monotheistic culture would, in theory, contain a more powerful deity than a culture of many gods if we look at it theologically and philosophically, in a fantasy setting. A single god of everything must (surely?) be more powerful than many gods having domain over only a portion of creation.

That is unless a culture, for whatever fantastical reason, is willingly built around a single god which caters to weakness and has limited power. This could be an interesting concept, though I feel a culture like this must focus on life after death and the waiting realm, rather than exploiting the world which surrounds them during their lifetimes.

Of course, in fantasy, we are free to explore these notions however we wish.


Yes, Greenburg will definitely get a boost and will appear more prestigious in the eyes of most human nobles. I imagine riches would flood into the province to curry favour.

As far as other continents, the game mentions a continent far to the east, known only as Farland. We also have Zthullu. Although this game does not detail it, it is a massive continent many times the size of Arbit but mostly barren and ash-covered. The follow-up game I have planned will go into more detail about this place. The Western Hills is the dividing line between the continental plates of Arbit and Zthullu.

There is a southern continent too, perhaps more than one, and many archipelagos. Since these are undiscovered (and barely imagined) I cannot give greater insight just yet.


What is the orc population today? I always thought orcs were less numerous because of the problems they have with harvesting

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I can only speak to the orcs regarding the lore of this world- I know Warhammer, Warcraft and the great originator, Tolkien, have their own explanations and lore. Of course, these help to flesh out the orcs of this game. I did not want to make orcs not be orcy.

Yes, the orcs struggle with their population, due to the infertility of the soil of The Plains. But The Plains is a large area, with numerous tribes. Depending on the whims of nature, the baborc crop can go through periods of abundance or scarcity. Keep in mind that, in this world, magic and gods can also affect the state of baborcs.

What gives orcs the edge is that almost every single one is a warrior. Unlike the human empire, which relies on a standing army, or conscripts ill-suited citizens, each orc is a born fighter. So, though their total population may not be very large they have more than enough warriors to field an army. That is if they ever stop their internal squabbling.

If the human Empire exceeds 15 million people (perhaps up to 30 million, though this is a time of general, continental stagnation), then prime aged orcs would be not much more than a million. The game starts while the orcs are in a long period of decline. But, a single good baborc crop, across The Plains, could easily give rise to a rapidly multiplying population. Though most orcs will die from reckless risk-taking and combat. They are only a threat to the rest of the world when they manage to produce a great leader.

I missed one of your questions, about orcs and hair. Yes, my orcs are hairless. I thought this would help distinguish them from the other races and speak to their plant origins. Also, as a child, I copied a picture from a W40K manual where the orks were all bald. It is an abiding memory and just seems ‘right’ for me.

In one of the paths, an evolved form of orc can grow a beard. If the orcs ever scattered dwarf ashes on the baborcs, who knows what might happen!


Could through century’s of diplomatic effort by generations of peaceful orc rulers get the dark elves and forest elves to come to anything resembling peace

how would krog feel about the orc on the ruler path allying with the dark elves

do dark elves worship the elf being in the powers beyond and below

if a orc on the ruler path made allies with both forest elves and dark elves and both showed up to the funeral what would be both sides reaction to seeing the other


I think I saw on Tumblr that one of our troops had more than 100k, if we count that in total there are 1 million orcs in existence, this means that more than 10% of the orcs are in the army, so I wanted to know what the demographic density of the plains is like, Furthermore, is there a possibility for goblins to have their own kingdom in the future?


Hi Denton, good to see you here again!

That is a very interesting question. It is very unlikely we’d see orcs be peaceful for such a long time. But, if we did, then the Dark Elves would probably see them as weaklings and inferiors. Although- and you might well have seen this- there is an instance in the game when you might have both elven and dark elven archers in your army.

Perhaps, if this happened, then the seeds are there to make very small steps forward towards a general peace. It would take shared suffering, not shared peace and plenty, to reunite these two. The Dark Elves are very warped, as well as being just as arrogant as their forest kin.

If the orcs maintained a dominant position in their dealings with the Dark Elves, I imagine Krog would approve- so long as they help to further the schemes of orcs. He hates the gits, but then he hates most things which are not orcs (and to a lesser extent, goblins).

I think you are very perceptive- perhaps The Lady on the throne might once have been a type Dark Elf- though the Dark Elves also worship other things, both sinister and cruel.

The moment of your funeral is one of general peace. After the great battles and victory against a, seemingly, indomitable threat, even these two bitter rivals will swear off their hatred for a day, as a show of respect.


Since orcs are nomadic, or at the least semi-nomadic, 10% might even be too conservative a figure. In theory- the plains could empty out entirely for a great war (WAAAGH- excuse me).

The Plains is only sparsely populated. Much less so than when the place was run by halflings.

I do think the goblins could very well get their own bit of swampy land in the future- a grand kleptocracy run by the kleptocrat with the fleetest fingers. Perhaps in a future time, of more formalised nations and borders, such a thing could come to pass.