[SUBMITTED] An Unexpectedly Green Journey (orc life-simulator) (WIP) [1.5+ Million Words]- DEMO NOW OFFLINE- WILL UPDATE ITS JOURNEY TO HOSTED GAMES

Ah alright don’t do coddling so I didn’t know that good to know tho

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@NumberedEntity would it be wrong, or too forward of me to ask how to discover the future cheat mode? Some people like to begin at the bottom and work their way up to the top. I like to do things vice versa, starting at the top in order to satisfy my curiosities first, before checking out the failure options for laughs in additional playthroughs.

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Does the cheat mode in the finished game come in the form of temple shrine, altar, a random artifact, or some old hermit who is a god in disguise who determines the hearts of many. (Like how most people ignore or insult him and then one person does good to him and then he is rewarded like some Aesop story?) Also, losing to Grancor is scripted even with cheats, like the Infamous Save Sifer from ZESH who she is a scripted death.

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@Lucifur-dark @Patrick_Cody02

Yes, I think adding a few more years allowing you to wander is for the better! Glad I changed it back, but kept the mature wandering option too.

With writing these IF games, which are a true story/game hybrid, there is always the issue of finding a balance- too much choice can dilute the narrative, and too little choice removes the element of player influence. For Grancor, it is a narrative concession- since you are still a child at the time. Failures are what make heroes and villains after all. Perhaps lying to Grancor is what made your orc strive to be the Dark Lord of the entire world.

But it is your choice to choose to face Grancor- the narrative certainly directs you to fight an orc your own age, so I don’t think it is unfair- Grancor is tough and in his prime, an experienced warrior who trains you. Also, if you do fight him, you gain a load of respect, although you lose. No game over here!

Once you are an adult orc, all bets are off.

To quote a movie:

“Sometimes when you win, you really lose, and sometimes when you lose, you really win, and sometimes when you win or lose, you actually tie, and sometimes when you tie, you actually win or lose.”


Hi Denzil,

I’ll PM you the location of the cheat mode.

Keep in mind, you cannot die during childhood in this game. Your first big risk of comes at your Coming of Rage cermeony, where you fight an opponent to the death. Then the world opens up and danger lurks around every corner- but by this time, if you find them, you can activate the cheat mode.



@NumberedEntity I believe I found another bug.

“You,” someone bellows. It is a grim-faced, broad-shouldered orc, dressed in thick furs with an iron helmet trimmed with gold. “I am Nocan, the chief of the Clumpy Clan. So, you’ve come to join our fight! I see you wear the steel of the Green Legion. We need warriors like you. You’ll find orcs from all the clans here. A general call has gone out across the plains. Those stinking human hill barbarians have wiped out some of the weaker orc clans up here. They gather to fight and fight them we must.”

Actually, I decided to get back into my shaman outfit.

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Weird, I had that same issue ages ago but it got fixed. He should say “though you’ve given up the armor” or something like that now.

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Grancor puts the MC in the Raider Grubs (Orc Jocks) if he faces him and loses because you cant beat a veteran with years of combat experience or impresses him with skill or MC’s own boar skill, otherwise its Raider Dregs (Orc Noobs) for the MC

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@Denzil_Melgior_Nagel @Lance_Heyen

I did fix an instance of this before but have found the error in another section. I will give it a quick edit and upload it soon.



Thanks Patrick.

Yes, you get respect for facing the Grancor- more than if you face, and beat, one of the other gits.


Oh no I totally agree it makes no sense what so ever for a pup to beat grancor even the scar idea doesn’t make that much sense but it dose sound cool
and would really hammer home early on that your the chosen of krog and the coming of age fight with him would be cool
And I would really like because I’m pretty sure that’s the only orc in the entire game you can fight and can’t beat and it’s really bugging me
probably doesn’t bug anyone else and usually I wouldn’t care this much but I really like the idea and I really like the idea

I do know your not sure if you’ll add it or not because that would have a lot of changes mostly very small ones so it would be a pain to do but I really hope you do add it hence why I brought it back up (sorry if this is bugging you just when I get an idea that I like I tend to fixate on it if it’s bugging you I won’t bring it up again I also understand not knowing if you’ll put it In yet)

Oh and I kept forgetting to mention this but are you supposed to only get a stat boost when you chose elves as your desired foe I don’t remember the exact words and it might be changed already so sorry if it already was known of or changed already but you get a plus one to cunning if you pick elves and no other stat boosts if you pick any of the other ones

Oh and do you know what line that movie is from or do you just remember or know the line


Out of curiosity, I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, I remember when I first played this game awhile back and upon becoming chief and conquering the neighboring land the map under the Stats screen would use the color green to show which land the orc’s have taken over it, is it no longer in the game? I conquered all of Arbit as the Mighty Green Emperor yet the map is just brown.

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Trying to bug test that damn map is the bane of my existence.

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Hi Lucifer,

Depending on your choices, you can still kill Grancor much later in the game. It is one of the throne room choices- though sparing him does come with a potential, benefit. So, if you dream of killing the git, you still can…

All of the choices of favoured enemy, at the orcling story time event, give you different bonuses depending on your choice. It has always been there- though some stat rises are more noticeable than others.


Hi Don,

The map should still function. One of the issues I have found is that sometimes when I reupload a file, the associated image(s) don’t always show until I reupload them. This map section is also very complicated so a bug may prevent showing a certain combination of conquests.

I will check over the map again. It will be one of the final tasks as it is very painstaking. But- yes, the map should still work and I’ll go over it all to see if there are any blips.



Yes, the map is a great pain. I would cut it, but I feel it is very satisfying for players to see their conquests grow. I admire your fortitude for daring to have a look at it This is something I feel I must include!

Part of the problem is that some images may not have loaded on DashingDon- or this may be me speculating too far. In all honesty, when I test the game on CSIDE I have never gotten a problem with the map- but, I cannot test it as well as other players as I am too aware of where paths lead and cannot test as chaotically (in the best way) as players/testers.

I mean, I am testing to make sure it works when, sometimes, it is better to test what makes things break.

Cheers to all of you!

EDIT: I will endevour to reupload all the map images (so many) presently.

EDITEDIT:All the ‘green blob’ map files have been reuploaded, just in case this has anything to do with any problems.

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Over 1,500,000 words…


@NumberedEntity I have another question. In some battles, I keep seeing options that involve human lancers, but I can’t seem to find them. I could swear I have explored all the land, but maybe there’s something I’m not doing right? They seem to be the only unit that’s eluding me at the moment.

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What? How do i became a god?

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Canon ending

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Haha- Yes, it is possible to learn. For me, I had to increase my writing discipline and stamina, but also had much of the game mapped out- and it was a passion project, something I wanted to do for a good number of years. This helps prevent burn-out. But I have wavered at times.


You need to rescue Princess Pascua from Morgorc’s prisoner tent and accompany her to safety- If you explore the tribe, when a young orc, you can find her.


If you become a Shaman, you can rise to become a god. Or, you can get tainted by demons and become a dark god/demon, if you put on the Emperor’s golden mask.


The Rise of a Green Emperor is the canon ending- although this does not necessarily have to be your orc. It could be his ward, when you are an old orc- or another orc altogether- a future orc un-yet born.

This does mean, however, that the Dark Path ending, and some aspects of the Shaman Path ending, cannot be considered canon. But, in these cases, you can say your orc transcended the mutliverse and created a new timeline, what with his immense power.


Ohh yea I forgot that old orc came to your court funnily enough being it was one of my first play throughs I spared him because he seemed like he could be useful training the orcs

And ah alright it was the only stat I could notice if it’s small change I must’ve missed it

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I really love your work.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Can you please make a guide for this game?i would be really grateful

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Hi Atharfyan,

So happy you enjoyed my game:)

I always wondered how guides get made- is it the author or fans?

It is a fine idea to make a guide. I’ll need to look through examples and get to know the gist of these things. However, it won’t be for a while as, after I have proofread and submitted the full game to Hosted Games, I’ll need to refresh my brain with a non-orcy project for a little bit.

Is there a guide you know that has been done particularly well for these types of games? Just for reference.

This is a great idea!


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