Stupid decisions in film, book, games


Ok, this is my first topic, so I hope I get it right. I was watching the last episode of season two of the strain and right at the end, the vampires derail the train by standing on the tracks and letting it run over them. Now I understand that the master (head vampire) has no regard for his minions but what a waste when all they needed to do was put a few concrete blocks on the line, take up a rail or even attack the train in the station these kind of weird decisions spoil a perfectly good program (for me) and I was wondering what spoils it for you. What are your favourite (worst) book, film or game plot holes.


Almost the entire Batman vs Superman movie. Batman and Superman are known to be best friends. At most, they fought due to a misunderstanding or something and became friends afterwards or they had some weird falling out but were still besties to begin with. When they first announced the title of the movie and trailers I thought, “Okay, it is probably going to have Lex Luthor or someone pitting them against each other but then they are going to get past that and work together in the end.” Which actually somewhat happened. So the entire movie I just sat there cringing as they messed up more than one character (especially Batman) over and over again to the point where I was like “Finally he stops trying to fight the future godfather of his children”, only for the movie to fucking end with Superman’s death. And yeah, all the DC comic fans know that Superman is supposed to die (and come back to life), he even jokes about it with Batman in Superman/Batman Public Enemies, but not before they become best friends. Or, if he does, they aren’t even supposed to have met or something.

I mean the only reason Batman stopped trying to fight Supes was because their moms had the same name??? Yeah it was a traumatic childhood event but he isn’t so torn up about it to freeze over a common female name said by his opponent that happens to be his mother’s name. And why did Superman refer to her as Martha instead of his usual “Ma”?

Honestly, I just get upset thinking about that movie. And yeah, I believe that Batman can take out Superman with enough time and preparation but only because he knows SO much about him. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS!!! Though I concede that the movie’s Batman stood a chance because Superman wasn’t really trying his best since he didn’t really want to fight the guy.


Good question! The first one that really comes to my mind, that frustrated me years ago to the point where I would near skip the whole end of the book, was the end of The Order of The Phoenix. Harry’s rescue mission and the consequences of it. Painful. I understand he was in a bad situation and stressed, but as a reader you just know it’s stupid and a trap and every other thing and you want him to stop.


Ned Stark trusting Baelish after Baelish repeatedly tells him NOT TO I mean I know Ned’s supposed to be bad at politics but come on.


On the American Psycho TV series where the mom kills the rapist dude for being a rapist. She was young and pretty and could have won a court case if she had a halfway competent lawyer. It also makes no sense why she wanted to start a motel business in a seemingly sleepy town with no traffic and no one wanting to stay at the motel.


When a good character refuse to kill a bad one because “morals.”


Almost every. Horror film. Ever.

Going to an abandoned/creepy place, weird shit happens and don’t bother to leave. Just nope the hell out of there!

Woman in Black, the first one. Arthur Kipps should have just done is Goddamn paperwork and then leave instead of trying to solve the angry ghost bitch’s rage problems. Better yet, listen to the folks and DO IT SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Insidious 3. Hey father, your daughter says weird crap is happening to her and there’s clearly evidence of it happening. Why not listen to her and call the ghostbusters at the beginning instead of being a skeptic!?

It follows. Idiot asshole who uses the main character for sex. If she says something is following her and her friends even confirm it. DON’T. FUCK. HER.

There’s so many more I could rant about.


please do.

if I chose to argue about a film I would say Transformers dark of the moon, one way or another it was totally f****** bad since they put Sm with another girly when the old one was better because for my liking we see too many blondes with main characters who are boys, so to me that was a bad choice.

I cannot rant about many films because sadly I don’t see enough, so most of the ones I have seen are ancient or in the cinema and I cannot talk about it. so yeah…bad film life.

EDIT: forgot about Hellboy 2, man there was so much wrong with that film… I mean, Abe is a fish man so he could not last out of the water for long yet he stayed out of it without any water tanks for at least 13 minutes in the film which I calculated inside the film as an hour and a bit. How??? In Hellboy 1 he said he could only breath outside for just shy of an hour, that was a stupid mistake in my eyes.


Part 2. Marvel Edition.

Age of Ultron. Okay Tony, so you wanna build an A.I designed to create world peace?.. do you immediately see the error with an A.I designed for peace? Do you ever watch movies? For God’s sake if you really needed to do that, IMPROVE AND THEN USE JARVIS.

Civil War. Nobody would need the registration if TONY STARK DIDN’T KEEP FUCKING UP. The rest of the guys actually stopped a lot of global threats, the destruction created wasn’t their fault. Tony stopped threats he created! The destruction was totally his fault! Re-name it the ‘Tony Stark on the naughty step’ Registration.

Avengers 1. After the tussle with Tony, Thor amd Cap, Loki was still waiting for them and didn’t even try to escape. I say that’s shady as fuck and he’s planning something. So you decided to take him to the helicarrier… facepalm.


Basically book to movie adaptations in general.


Every horror movie? I mean, really, there’s a friggin’ haunted place, people say that it’s haunted so…
WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT TO GO THERE? Please, it’s so easy to understand that. That is why i’m always rooting for the serial killers, along with how the hunted people always scream like little babies.
Also, villains letting heroes alive only to be defeated at the end. (insert facepalm and hate joke)


This recent article has some really good ones.


The problem is that fictional characters don’t read books (or watch films/tv series or play video games). We’ve seen these cliched tropes rolled out time after time, and so we know the obvious answers. Will AIs turn against their creators in fiction? Of course. Will we all get murdered if we stay the night in the haunted mansion? Probably. Will sparing the hero lead him to return triumphantly at the end? Obviously. But, apparently, nobody in fiction knows this.

Of course, the reason why is that if the evil overlord has read the Evil Overlord List, then there’s no story, as the hero would be dead very early on. Likewise, a smart hero would beat a stupid villain without any problems. I mean, sure, you could have a smart, prepared hero fighting against a similarly smart villain, but that’s hardly realistic, is it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why do a lot of films have to end with a fight to the death, especially when the villain is obviously no match for the hero or like the end of die hard 1 I am going to kill you even if it means that I die as weld come on, live to fight another day.


Ever heard of Death Note or Code Geass? Both the main character and antagonists are smart enough so the shows can be enjoyable. It isn’t because the villains are unawares of cliches, it is because if the hero/villain was someone with a brain and gave a simple moment of thought, most of these plot holes wouldn’t exist.


Unfortunately I have not seen the program but it is on my to watch list. I was really aiming my comments at films like die hard. Where you have a super intelegent villian who is ruthless and intelegent enough to mastemind the perfect robbery but instead of letting himself get caught trys to shoot the bad guy, while he is holding them 200 stories up in the air and when the good guy lets go cannot even be bothered to let off a shot. This is not the only film like this where the villain gets an attack of stupids right at the end.


The Phantom of the Opera, the movie musical.
Ok, so this movie has a sword fight between Raoul and the Phantom, for some reason. And this just drives me insane for several reasons.

[spoiler]At the end of the fight, Raoul has the Phantom, a known terrorist and murderer at sword point, he is about to kill him when Christine implores him to show some mercy for him. What is Raoul going to do?
A) He kills him anyway, you know, the thing that the Phantom would do if it was the other way around.
B) Spare his life but turn him to the authority.
C) walk away and let the phantom free to endanger the life of everyone, especially the life of his beloved Christine.

You guessed it. Raoul, you are a moron.[/spoiler]
And that’s not the only problem with this scene, the phantom is supposed to be a threatening figure, this just makes him look weak at pathetic. Is this really the man that everyone is afraid of?

Yet again, a few scenes later the Phantom claims that nobody showed compassion for him ever…
except you know, when Raoul spared your life, I guess it only counts if a pretty girl does it…

There is also the fact that the horrible deformity of the phantom is not really that bad. Remember that it was the thing that made him run away from society and put him in a freak show… like… Really?!

Seriously, this movie is such an endless shitstorm of problems, I could be here all day complaining about them.


Just so you won’t waste your time, they aren’t tv series/films, they are animes. So if you dislike the genre, don’t bother watching it.
As for the villains, the thing that most displeases me is when they end up losing for stupid reasons.
For example: Darth Vader and Palpatine had Death Star, it was almost impenetrable, if it wasn’t for this stupid little weak point that a small fighter could penetrate. Then comes Kylo Ren and the “New Order”, or whatever it is called, and they commit the same mistake, without even bothering to hide the weak spot properly!


Well no, because I obviously wasn’t joking earlier. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (That said, Light’s still an idiot. A very smart one, but an idiot nevertheless.)

The real original film actually has a very well thought-out plot, from the villains’ perspective. They keep Leia alive and poorly guarded close to where they leave the Falcon entirely so that she can escape and lead them back to her secret base. Their only fault is a tiny design flaw (and they can be excused for overlooking it). The new film really doesn’t make sense in the same way.


Yes I know they are anime but I am just to old to type it. As for the death star Dragon magazine did a comic strip about this but Darth Vader had built a brick wall across the tunnel so luke bit the dust.