I have a *choice that leads to three (four?) potential outcomes based on skill level (one pass, one pass but it hurts, one fail, maybe one other but I think just three) and I’m S T U C K on what to do for the pass but it hurts part.

Any advice? I wouldn’t call this writer’s block. I’m just not sure how to get an idea of how to proceed (maybe writer’s block?).

just put whatever you’re putting for “pass” into it like, after the reader presses the “pass but it hurts” choice use the same text from “pass” but have the reader get injured maybe they slipped, maybe step on something etc etc.

I hoped I explained that well

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I thought about doing that but… idk. It seemed… cheap I guess? I know I’m not like a Class A writer but it just feels like I’m robbing the reader at that point.

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I figured it out (finally). Been stuck on this section for days.

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