Struggle of Humanity (WIP)



That day, the humanity was in danger more than ever. Countless people got killed brutally.

That day, Earth was attacked by aliens.

They teared humans into pieces. No mercy, no forgiveness…

Luckily, you and some people survived. But, of course, the aliens didn’t stop. They wouldn’t stop until there’s no any humans in Earth.

But, you will fight for humanity until your last breath…

Types of Aliens
Green aliens: They can tear a person into pieces in a second. But, they are not smart. They can be killed by a bullet or a sharp object.

Blue aliens: They are stronger than green aliens. They can kill a person with a punch. They can be killed by a bullet in the head.

Red aliens: They are the most dangerous ones. They are smart and strong. They can be killed by fire. Bullets or sharp objects can not harm them.

Chapter 1 (5%)
Stats screen (95%)
Inventory (25%)

Thank you for attention!


I have questions:

  • why aliens attack earth?
  • can mc do the opposite of fight for humanity?


Aliens want to take Earth.

You only fight for humanity. You can not be with Aliens.


Why does they have a zero-tolerance policy against humans or are they afraid of our potential :thinking:


I wish we could end up as a alien


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