Stringing together multiple conditions in a *selectable_if command

How to place multiple conditions for a *selectable_if command. I’m trying to make a choice that the player can only chooseif three conditions to choose it are met. Or eaentially how to string together variables if one statement

The important thing is the number of brackets. Here’s this from my WIP, which I’ve verified works:

*selectable_if (((books >0) and (shelf)) and (canread)) #Look at the books.
	*goto bookshelf

Edited to add a third variable.


@chloeab1 's solution definitely works. Another way to skin the same cat is to nest the *if statements.

*if condition1 = true
    *if condition2 = true
       *if condition3 = true
           *goto bookshelf

Only something that is true for all three condition variables will be declared “true” by the system and trigger the *goto bookshelf command.

Can’t nest it for *selectable_if.

ah yes, very true! :blush:

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