Streets of Treslan: A Stab In The Dark [Updated 11/1/19]



Missed this question, but absolutely. All of the characters currently listed are planned as ROs, and there are more I have yet to introduce. :purple_heart:


I’ve been thinking a little on the parallels to Shadowrun a few people have drawn. I’m flattered, obviously, but I think SoT’s world can almost be considered something of an opposite to Shadowrun’s.
There are obvious similarities, most of all the blending of cyberpunk and high fantasy
But where Shadowrun is primarily a cyberpunk setting with dungeonpunk elements, I think SoT is primarily a dungeonpunk with cyberpunk elements.


Found an error!


Should be fixed now, thanks for catching that!


I am quite intrigued by what you have so far! Looking forward to more, especially for what you’ve planned for the Dreamspeakers :slight_smile:
Love the cover art too!

And :wave: hello fellow Singaporean!


I think I’ve decided I’ll cut the stats from this project; they make work quite a bit slower without quite the payoff I was intending, and the characters are more the strong point of this story than the hitting and stabbing, though that’s a big part too
I think I’ll try to use the stats again in a different, later attempt at a project ^ ^
Update’s still coming along, and should be a bit faster now that I’ve made this decision.


I’ve finally updated. This update probably doesn’t feel like it adds all that much, but I’ve put off updating for way too long. Now that I’ve gotten that block out of the way, future updates should be coming quicker.
In theory.
I hope.

EDIT: The gunner flavor text thus far is rather lacking compared to the other archetypes; I hope to rectify that in a future update.


chapter2a line 583: Non-existent variable ‘gunner’


Should be fixed now, thanks for catching that.


Can you please install the save system plugin? It would help, catching bugs faster. :grin:
EDIT: Why does it show stats at the end? I was so confused for a brief moment :confused:


I’m doing this entirely in Chronicler because I just can’t handle scripting the regular way, and I think that’s just a bit of weirdness with the way I have things set up? I haven’t been able to find a solution to that, sorry.

Once I figure out how to computers, I will

You’ve been helpful, thanks a lot :purple_heart:


The same error message appears,
I chose the rogue then dual daggers as my weapon of choice. If that helps.


Whoops. Think I got it this time :sweat_smile:



Thanks for catching that, I think I got it


It’s a loop now


Yeah, it goes into the stat screen with no way to exit it at the end. I think that’s just a bit of weirdness with my Chronicler setup and I don’t know how to change it, but that’s the end of the content thus far.


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That was a joke thanks for coming




Such dedication, for making an effort into making the real deal