Streets of Treslan: A Stab In The Dark - "Psuedo-Cyberpunk" High Fantasy [Updated 4/3/19]



Blargh, finally got some time to review this demo. Currently, it’s off to a great start! I remember when you posted your ideas to the interest thread and I’m currently hyped!

Here’s some typos, punctuation and word/flow changes I found/would recommend (bold means changes):


Disoriented and half-asleep, you blearily shake yourself awake and sit up, breathing heavily

  • Hordes of mindless undead stagger and shamble; dive and swoop; scrabble and gallop; and tear mercilessly into the living under their forms.

  • He did it… the madman did it.

  • Honestly? I was gaming, and before I knew it, I ended up pulling an all-nighter.

  • Therianthropes, or werebeasts, are afflicted with a magical disease - whether by choice, bloodline or infection - that connects them to a type of beast.

Personal Word Choice/Flow
  • The dim light bathes your room in a bluish tint, betraying the unearthly hour you’ve found yourself awake at.

  • Still squinting, eyes overtaken by sleep, you stagger your way to the window of your apartment.

  • A squadron of Enforcers fire blindly and frantically into the encroaching horde, and are swiftly dispersed by a skeletal chimera’s lunge.

  • You hear clacking footsteps, speedily edging towards you bit by bit.

  • It’s already 4 PM - Damn. You suppose this is the price you pay for sleeping late last night.

Also, quick question: So birdmen can change into other species? For example, if I choose a mammal therianthrope, I can also be a birdman as well?

Anyways, great start and I can’t wait to see more! :grin:


Yes! I was the 666th demo link!

pumps fist :japanese_goblin:

Intriguing start. The variety of options were awesome and the writing is very good! Looking forward to more.


Thanks so much! I’ll be making most of those changes later. And yep! Birdmen are a “true” species and just as able to become therianthropes.


I am getting some shadowrun vibes from this.


The actual story still has yet to begin… but the stats screen now has an abilities list and character creation is basically complete.
Chapter 2 will be coming Soon :tm:


Computer machine :b:roke.
It’s going to be a while until the next update :pensive:


Update, finally!
I’ve reconstructed the game entirely, added coverart by my talented godsend of a friend oldchalk, and overhauled gender and beast form selection in the process. I’m not quite up to where I left off last time, but I’ll hopefully get there soon.



Should be fixed now, but there isn’t really anything past that point anyway. Thanks for the alert.


aaa really interested to see where this goes!! ty for such a wide range of gender options btw not many cog writers do that :]


Thanks! I initially didn’t have as many options as I would’ve liked but since I had to reconstruct the book anyway I decided I might as well go for it, and I’m glad it’s appreciated! :purple_heart:




Sweet I can play as Lolth




Ooh, it’s short, but this seems promising. Good luck, I’m looking forward to it! Also, that’s a pretty sweet coverart. Very nice!

I like the variety of options too, but dwarves :heart: :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Also, obligatory question! I can’t believe no one has asked yet, but will there be ROs? :smile:


Does being a vampire effect your lifespan in the Treslan universe?


Vampires age a lot slower, yep. I haven’t really stopped to consider the magnitude of the effect, though; I’ll get back to you with specifics eventually.

EDIT: Also worth noting that this game and its potential sequels only span a few months each so that won’t exactly come into play for your character.


I was just curious from a world building standpoint. Thanks for the answer!


So the dreamspeakers are basically mind flayers right?


Yeah, basically.