Streets of Treslan: A Stab In The Dark - "Pseudo-Cyberpunk" High Fantasy [Updated 24/4/19]


Coverart and illustrations by my incredibly skilled godsend of a friend, oldchalk.
After literal months of procrastination, I’ve finally begun work on this ambitious project. It’s a self-described “pseudo-cyberpunk high fantasy” in which you play as an aspiring adventurer in the city of New Treslan, newly accepted into a band of heroes.

My schedule is as chaotic as my mind itself, so I have no idea how often I’ll be updating this, but I hope to get some headway on it at least every few days.
To play the early demo, go here:

Also, the game has a Tungle, I guess:
My server, where I talk about the story and setting sometimes:



  • The Techtown branch of night 1 has been implemented, bringing two new shops and side characters with it.


  • One of four branches of the first free night has been implemented.
  • The demo now reaches further into Day 2.
  • Revamped the Relationships page of the stats to display both major and side characters, and introduced two new side characters, as well as an early introduction for Jada.


  • Chapters have been reflavored as days and nights.
  • The story now goes up to the very beginning of Day 2.
  • Added the introductions of three new characters; Herala wasn’t going to be in until later in Day 2, but I thought it made sense to bring her intro to the front.
  • Added a more overt TAZ reference in one of the default names for female elves.


  • The first quest can now be completed. The fight scene doesn’t yet use the combat system I was planning to use; it’d’ve been more work than it was worth for a simpler and smaller-scale encounter like this one. I’ll very likely implement it later on.
  • Altered most instances of Mraenis smiling. That wasn’t really in-character for them.
  • Very minor detail, but one of the default last names for Dwarves is now ‘Highchurch’, because I’ve been listening to the Adventure Zone.


  • Archetypes have been cut, MC is now always a mage. I’ve added the pugilist class to compensate a little.
  • Stats screen now lists your class.
  • Updated the lore section of the stats screen. Still not done with it.
  • A few extremely minor text changes.


  • I don’t actually remember which day I made this change, but I put off adding it to the changelog til now. Added Chalk’s art for Mraenis’ intro.


  • Implemented class selection.
  • Changed up the stats screen a little.
  • Implemented the first traces of the magical Energy and cyberware systems.


  • Reconstructed the game, as I lost the previous chronx file.
  • Added tutorial mode.
  • Overhauled gender selection!
  • Added option to specify your beast form for all therianthropes except werespiders.


  • Completed initial character creation, mostly
  • Updated stats screen with fancy categories and such
  • Some text fixes, courtesy of @Foxboi


  • Added chapter headers
  • Mraenis Snaerving, the Glacial Gunner
    The vigilant, dutiful and no-nonsense guildleader of the City’s Champions, this Elven cryoturge is unwaveringly dedicated to their morals. They can certainly come across as cold in more ways than one, but it’s not hard to see the sardonic wit and golden heart that lie beneath their serious front.
  • Carson Voland, the Fledgling Fleshshaper
    One of your fellow recruits, an inexperienced Human carnoturge with an interest in self-modification. They aspire to become a sinuous killing machine, but have yet to get much headway in their transformation. Despite their unnerving ambitions and interests, they are one of the most amiable and playful people you might ever meet.
  • Krun Derrak, the Watchful Warrior
    The third recruit, a cudgel-wielding Birdman whose greatest asset is his perception far more than his strength. He may not be the most confident socially, but out in the field he has an unshakable faith in his abilities.
  • Herala Moretti, the Deathly Detective
    A Human arcanist, investigator, thanaturge and prankster. With an encyclopedic knowledge under her belt, she’s ready to help her fellow Champions - and the city - however she can.
  • Jada Orson, the Bloodbound Brawler
    A frequent patron of the Adjective Animal, Jada is a Human vampire who fights as rough as she talks. She can be hard to get along with, but she’s an ally to the Champions nonetheless.
  • Giiran Kallask, the Dreamspeaker Dreamboat
    A self-described “jazz-bard” who performs at the Adjective Animal. He’s not all that fond of adventuring and would much rather be working on his music, but he’ll use his voice to help his friends if they ask.
  • Svangaal “Somnolence” Vanchass , the Mollusc Marksman
    A ruthless, calculated, and unflappably professional sniper… When she’s on the job. Once the weapons have been put away and she’s got her gold, all bets are off; this Dreamspeaker lets loose. Also, despite her best efforts, almost nobody actually uses her self-assigned street name.
  • Galen Creed, Hexer-for-Hire
    Galen is a Human witch who specializes in hexes and curses. His magic is potent but as a witch, most of its effects are intangible. He’s determined to make a name for himself as a hitmage, but until then, he’s content adventuring whenever the Champions call on him.

That was an interesting start, although you weren’t lying when you said it is short.

Cyberpunk and high-fantasy really grabbed my interest, however. Would you mind telling us a bit more about your world? It seems unique :smiley:

I wasn’t expecting so many species options. Will our species influence the narrative a lot or is it mainly for stat changes?

Looking forward to more!


Thanks! To be honest, I’m kind of BSing a little when it comes to worldbuilding, but the general premise is a typical fantasy world far in the future. Species will definitely have impacts on the narrative, mostly interactions with other people and flavour text (there’s a little comment if you’re a werebird birdman, for example), and the stat change is very much secondary. Hope I can deliver!


I really love the concept of traditional fantasy characters in a science fiction setting. I can’t wait to see more.


Thanks! More is hopefully coming soon :tm:

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Intriguing start to the game! Will definitely keep my eyes out for this one :eyes:

This made me chuckle tho:

*set Furry true

With this knowledge, I don’t know if I can bear doing a werebeast playthrough lol

That aside, one small mistake I found:

*set Species “Elf”
*set Agility %+3
*set Strength %+2

The descriptions says elves have “inborn dexterity”, so shouldn’t it be dexterity instead of agility?
And Strength should be -2, not plus.


Shit, nice catches. Fixing that now, thanks!



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Yes, these are incredibly vital questions which require immediate answers


Nope to both. Truly, I am a hack and a fraud.


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Issue #2018: The Archon defeats Dr Dolphinrider with…THE TRUTH


Good start. Looking forward to more.

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Cyberpunk and Fantasy?

Is this Shadowrun!?

You had me at Cyberpunk.
You doubly so had me at being able to be a Werebeast or a Vampire.


Heh, thanks! I’ve never done anything with Shadowrun, actually, but I definitely see the similarity!

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Vampire goblin now I can embrace my true form


In general, if you are using Fairmath, %+3 or %+2 will often do nothing. %+10 is a smallish nudge, and %+5 is a teensy one.

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Your writing is really good, and the options to be both a were/vampire/unturned and a different species is something new. I’m eyeing that Dreamspeaker species; I’ve never seen anything like that before.



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Yo, from the discord. This seems cool, can’t wait to see more progress.

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Hey! Thanks!