Streets of Treslan: A Stab In The Dark - Cyberpunk/High Fantasy [SOMETHING'S HAPPENING]

thank you once again for your service @trevers17 ily
remember when you challenged me to up the quota of crj references for every game to at least two
i’ve met that as of this update

  • Added Day 3, Cut To The Feeling, and Night 3, I’m Just Going To The Store
  • Renamed previous Nights
  • Achievements exist now
  • Zal’s appearance has been changed again
  • Retconned Energy to Glitter

sure has been a significant amount of time since last i publicly did anything with this one hasn’t it
sorry to keep you waiting. this is a beefy big boy update that has some of those spicy essential story beats in there, as compensation
forum can have little a plot, as an apology

i now plan to complete stab within the first half of the year. is this a hubristic endeavor? absolutely. is that going to stop me? there is a possibility. but watch me anyway


absolute legend, we have no choice but to stan


Mmm, found a bug…

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think i’ve gotten that one now. thanks!

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Longfellow has entered the ring bby hell yeah! :sunglasses:

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Found another one…

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got that one now, i believe. either way, that’s the current end of the demo. thanks again!

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  • Fixed a bug where day 3 would end prematurely for thanaturges
  • Fixed a bug where Krun getting his axe implant would not change a bit of flavor text in night 3 as intended
  • Replaced placeholder text for attacks against the Slicer in day 3
  • Added director’s cut commentary mode
  • Replaced some stray mentions of Energy with Glitter

my next step will be finishing more of night 2’s routes


Hello, forum. I’ve come to make a big and slightly bittersweet announcement.
Stab in the Dark was my very first foray into interactive fiction, a medium that this very platform had me hooked on and intrigued by long before I’d even begun planning it. This project holds a great deal of significance to me, and is tied to many memories. I love this story to death, and it holds a very special place in my heart.

However, I’d also begun this when I had far less of an idea what I was doing. I had not yet truly found the identity of the Treslanverse setting, I let scope creep overtake me, I barely understood game design, and while I dearly love every single one of the City’s Champions, their designs do not hold a candle to the new standards I hold myself to. The Chronicler flowchart for this is an absolute mess that I occasionally dread wading back into.

As a result of all this, I find myself losing steam, and my initial deadline looks like an increasingly long shot. So, to spare my mental, wellbeing, I am giving up on Stab in the Dark.

But giving up on it does not mean abandoning it. I still want to see this story told, and these forums are home to a legion of writers close to or just as skilled as I, and many of them more so. As such, I am making the chronx and scene files for Stab fully public. Be warned, those of you who don’t use Chronicler: this code is an absolute travesty that will, in all likelihood, greatly hurt your psyche and leave you wondering how I ever got this drunken robot spider spaghetti chugging along.

Take good care of my first child.

Now that I am free of these shackles, I am entirely free to continue working on the rest of my projects. Perhaps Now That I Found You will see a release this year, instead. Perhaps I will have something to show for OMG. This is a very, very exciting development for me.


Because this thread still gets likes, and I’m not sure everyone’s gotten the memo: I’ve moved on to a new primary Treslanverse project in place of Stab, and one I love even more. If you liked this story, you might enjoy my new venture, OMG, which explores a similar party dynamic to Stab.


@Blattella, let us know if you’d ever like this thread reopened.

salutations to the forum, from the wip author formerly known as drdolphinrider. i have wholly assimilated him, leaving naught but bones and fading memories where once he sat rebranded myself after some introspection, and now go by blattella and primarily use she/her pronouns

it’s been several months of radio silence from me regarding my old projects, including the once-abandoned streets of treslan, which probably wasn’t the best move on my part

but i am pleased to announce that the treslanverse is, like me, not dead; merely stolen away and twisted to the dark designs of a skittering thing from beyond comprehension rebranded and better than ever as the “glitterverse”

i’ve been gradually rebooting all my old games in twine. the new version of stab in the dark is the only one that has very much to show for it thus far, but now that i found you and omg will soon follow

i will be migrating primarily to twine games published through itch for the forseeable future, but rest assured, i have not fallen out of love with choice of games or the forums, and will remain around these parts, appreciating the works of other authors, vaguely present in a trail of likes and clicks like some kind of specter dancing on your periphery


Will being a vampire or werebeast still be a thing? I like that aspect.


not in the stab reboot, for simplicity’s sake, but i plan to bring that back in a future project

stab in the dril: reboot edition


stab is once again on an indefinite – but definitely temporary this time!! – hiatus while i work on something big i might be able to announce soon enough. when that wraps up, i’ll likely return to this project. thank you for your continued patience <3