Street Jam: The Rise (Now in beta)



The rappers would count as well. By changing their name into something that makes them recognizable, yet totally different, you’d probably fall under the Fair Use doctrine. For example, Hero Rise had MeTube.


Yeah, Dragon Ball Super has something similar to that called “GodTube” and one of the characters basically said that he was trying to become one of the popular vbloggers on there lol


There is that, except he mentioned going into the car, which makes no sense considering I had a Harley Davidson.


I didn’t see where he mentioned going into it sorry.



Problem, I arrested Spike, but he showed up at the Subway and was being friendly.


@L0G1C oh right I completely forgot about that

@Megus this has already been pointed out, please read the previous comments before you try and point out a bug


The_Start line 12382: Non-existent variable 'angry



I get an error in the mugging scene
The_Start line 12382: Non-existent variable ‘angry’


Is Royal one of the RO?


My character is female.
Should be her




@Hearts fixed

@GamesMaster Be sure the bug you report has not already been reported my dude

@Umbreonpanda Fixed, and what do you think?

@L0G1C Fixed and I have officially given up on making game changes based off variables without putting a choice in front of it because of that bug


how street jam going for you


Two things I noticed right now: when trying to pick your own surname, the game skips the process (you get the “alright alright, I can see your not from New York now. Go ahead and choose.” and immediately after "Alright. Now that we’ve made sure you remember everything correctly, let’s see where things go from here. ")

Then while on the baseball path, when you get attacked during the match, both options (hitting a homerun at your attacker or just starting grappling) trigger an error message ("startup line 6343: bad label dastart).

Don’t know if other backgrounds suffer from the same problem.


@Takashi_Shin It’s going great! Despite the lack of comments I have still updated at least every two days consistently over the last 27 days without comments. The return of the Def Jam series inspired me to completely update my post on here and add more background interaction to the beginning.

@Talyrion Something odd seems to be happening in my notepad app, for some reason odd black on white text appears from time to time and seems to start hiding parts of my code from me. It keeps causing consistent errors, but I fixed those ones you just mentioned.


So, I tried to play the game but I found an error when I’m in the bar. I tried all three options and I just got that same error right there. (My MC has a military background and was discharged for hitting a superior officer if that helps)


Just got the same error as above on the stripper background when deciding whether to let a female patron take you home or not. I’ll go sheck for others, just in case.


@Ekaterina @J.0.X.3 Lol I fixed that just as you two commented


Got another error message. When fighting Franny and using a submission move, going for the " painful compression hold" triggers a “Vendetta line 1068: Expected option starting with #”. Don’t know if the other choices also trigger this, haven’t replayed through the game yet.


Question. Who are the ROs? Is Royal part of them?