Street Jam: The Rise (Now in beta) 823,000 words



Fixed. Odd to see how far past that we are yet still find a glitch


Honestly, for the backgrounds, I feel like it’s enough for now. There’s enough of backgrounds where everyone could should be happy with. Basically, I agree with @Talyrion

I did see a little critters! Now, like said, I am not mentioning any grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors because I am sure others have already said something about it.

The system owes me 5 more dollars. It never actually gave me $10 dollars, just 5.

While going home with the woman at the club while being a stripper, I feel like we should actually gain money from sleeping with her.

I feel like there should be an option where we can go back to the club. If you want, you can even deduct from our charisma/intelligence if we chose to go back.


“No, one who focuses so heavily on Charisma like you has adapted to be fueled by the crowd, letting their energy become your energy and fuel you fully.”

I GENUINELY feel like I can whoop Royal now just by poking him. Thanks Narrator!

When it came towards the end and I found the code, can I just say that I am actually real happy that I got bosswin2?? I was nervous throughout that whole fight, since I did just spend two hours replaying and replaying since I lost some of the battles.


Okay. Do you like the journalist background I added?

Little critters? And no one has mentioned a grammar mistake in days.

I fixed that, and I think giving money from that would give that background a bit of an advantage, don’t you think?

There is supposed to be an option to stay inside the club, did you not notice? Is it not there?

It was no trouble, I thought it would be a great way to give a blazin feel like in Def Jam. And I toned the difficulty down on Spike slightly. I had originally envisioned him as a bit tougher for some stat checks, but it seems I made the right decision eh?






@pizzamarket So you are replying right now, huh?


Honestly, I was replying with some bugs that I found and a few grammar errors because I actually did go through the thread and seen no one else mention them :sweat_smile:


Yup, was just going through the thread as well and saw that so I thought I would troll you. Sorry.


Hahaha! I knew it!

Honestly thought you were like “Oh my god, here comes another essay reply” Which… was semi-correct…


Um, I chose not to bribe the guy but it kept going as if I did, and I didn’t lose any money for it. Also, I chose a motorcycle but during the grand theft auto scene, they said I had a car. Might need to make 2 separate scenarios for that scene.


I thought having Jenkins call it a car no matter what would reference him actually needing glasses/being crazy, not easy to spot?

@pizzamarket The longer the reply the better to me, but I wouldn’t call any of your replies an essay lol you should see what replies I have made before


Honestly, this is so out of order since I replayed over and over again. I only did half a route since I got pretty busy. Tomorrow, I’ll finish checking the thug route and try to start checking the others!

The Thug Route

Only gives out $5 dollars instead of 10.

Three dots after ‘is’ and ending quotations.

Choosing ‘I’m not moving.’ creates a loop. It keeps showing this scene over and over.

While fighting Paper Poe, if you choose to run up and slam your shoulder into his face, this pops up.

One ‘I’ instead of two.


@Tevin Psh, whenever I give out feedback, I make sure it’s at least a thousand words full of suggestions, errors, and commentary. I haven’t done it for this thread yet though. I’ll make sure to do that later on! :yum:


You should replace the brands/real people’s names by something similar to avoid trouble (like Gordon instead of Jordan or something like that). I doubt you’ll have any problems but better safe than sorry.


Something I’m noticing: while the bulk of the problems with Royal’s gender have been fixed, it can still be a bit schizophrenic. For instance, one of the intro of a female Royal gives you:

#You were always more popular than they were

Back in those days, you were always with your group of friends while Royal was alone. Royal was a bully in pre-school, always talking down to everyone else, even your teacher. This is probably something that she was taught by his own parents as you also heard Royals mother and father were not popular with the other students parents. You never really found out why. Well, when Royal found herself alone in elementary school while you were still hanging out with the friends you made in pre-school Royal began to hate you.

With a choice and a paragraph, Royal gets masculine, feminine and gender-neutral pronouns.

Also noticed the fight announcer often uses gender-neutral pronouns for the MC:

${Name} apparently just started out fighting last night in some rundown old club. Lucky for them, our owner happened to be there and saw something in them, so they were invited here to the PG.

"Well that didn’t go how the newbie wanted it! I wonder if ${name} had a plan or they were just thirsty…

The match is over, ${name} has shown us all what they can do!

Ect, ect…


I was playing with an orphan background, and when you get to pick a car, I chose the hot rod. Which said your dad gave it to you which doesn’t make sense. I know I can pick a different car, but I thought I should let you know



@Harroc do you know a lot about this legal stuff?

@Talyrion Until I find out how to insert non-neutral pronouns without making separate choices it will stay that way, there is nothing I can do until then.

@Ant_Merf I’ll fix it thanks


Well, if you want your game to be published and sold as a Hosted Game, it would probably count as a case of trademark infringement. You wouldn’t be sued (they wouldn’t have anything to gain), but it would probably be deleted from all platforms if signaled.

To quote Wikipedia:

Trademark infringement is a violation of the exclusive rights attached to a trademark without the authorization of the trademark owner or any licensees (provided that such authorization was within the scope of the licence). Infringement may occur when one party, the “infringer”, uses a trademark which is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark owned by another party, in relation to products or services which are identical or similar to the products or services which the registration covers. An owner of a trademark may commence civil legal proceedings against a party which infringes its registered trademark. In the United States, the Trademark Counterfeiting Act of 1984 criminalized the intentional trade in counterfeit goods and services.[1]:485–486


Alright I changed it, did you see any other examples of this?


I fixed it all but the loop is on purpose