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Well, honesty forces me to confess I still haven’t finished DA: Inquisition. The save’s still still sitting in my computer somewhere, waiting to be picked up again. From what I played, it wasn’t bad… but some portions of the game felt like a drag, and none of the NPCs really “clicked” with me - I didn’t dislike them, but they did not trigger my inner fanboy.

In general, I have a mixed feelings about the whole Dragon Age saga. I liked the first game - as in I found it decent - but felt the amount of praises it got was a bit too superlative. It has a decent world to play in, solid NPCs and I liked the origin system (unfortunately under-utilized) but the story was nothing special. In terms of storytelling, I found DAII to be much better - not always perfectly done, but there was a real creative attempt to do something different, and I really liked that. Too bad the gameplay was lazy and the constant reuse of maps tedious.

As I mentioned, I’m still of the opinion that Baldur’s Gate was the best thing Bioware ever produced. Jade Empire was really fun, Knights of the Old Republic was rather good too (the second would have been truly great if only they did actually finish the damn game!)

I enjoyed the Mass Effect trilogy a lot, the second more than the first (due to giving the focus on a series of personal stories rather than just being a space-opera epic - also, better gameplay). The third was kind of a mess - and no, I’m not just talking about the ending - but it was still fun to play.


I just think it would be real funny and just make future play throughs more funner i guess.


Baldur’s Gate was amazing Jade Empire was stunning DA: Inquisition was just god damn terrible and Mass Effect is dead to me.


@Shoelip That’s better than saying Fallout 4 was their best one

@Talyrion Seems your more of a sci-fi guy. I have never played Jade Empire so I can’t speak for that, but for me the opposite is true for Baldur’s Gate, I haven’t finished that one. KOTR was my first bioware game and boy did I finish that one a lot, unfortunately although I finished two a lot I really didn’t think it was finished either (EA!)

Mass effects best iteration was definitely two, I could still go back and play that today. One, I haven’t finished again for a while because I lost my disc, but 3 was terrible yes but I did not let it kill it for me. I had high, high hopes for Andromeda but we got terrible results. For me every DA was fun, even two, and I have gone through every comic as well. I also liked for once I felt the dlc wasn’t a cash grab. But I didn’t hear you mention andromeda?


You think it would be more fun to replay and have no challenge?


I agree on the Baldur’s Gate thing but Bioware didn’t make KotOR 2. Obsidian did. Obsidian is headed by former Black Isle employees, and Black Isle helped Bioware with BG (I can’t remember in what capacity), and also made Fallout 1 and 2, and Planescape Torment.

@Tevin Except Bethesda didn’t make DA:I it just seems like they did. XD


That attention to the last two games is Bioware. Anyway, obsidian made Pillars of eternity eventually right?


I don’t understand what this sentence means.

But uh, yes, Obsidian eventually made PoE. They also made Fallout New Vegas and Alpha Protocol.


Well, i don’t know. Ultimately I like both sci-fi and fantasy, but I think I played a lot more fantasy games than sci-fi. And since I spent something like a few hundred hours playing and replaying Baldur’s Gate 2…

And yeah, I skipped Andromeda. After Mass Effect 3, I thought “I’m going to wait a bit before buying it, see how it turns out” (plus, for someone like me, who tend to get quite invested in the characters, the prospect of starting all over with an entirely new cast was a bit of turn-off for me). So I waited for the critics and a few friends’ opinion, and… well, let’s just say I didn’t like what I heard.

Also forgot to mention Neverwinter Nights. Those were decently good - not great, except perhaps the second extension of the first one - but I had fun with those, and the module builder of the first game was amazing.


@Shoelip Obsidian got better, way better. And i mean the choices of the last two games effecting it.

@Talyrion I haven’t heard someone mention neverwinter in years. But I guess that is why you called Mass effect a trilogy huh? Well, do you still hope it will get revived?

Also, have you played swtor online?


Oh yeah that’s right Obsidian also made NWN 2. I forgot that game even existed. I know I own it but I have no idea where or how.

@Tevin Uh… are you talking about how the choices in ME one and two affected 3?


Mass Effect, or Neverwinter? If the later, well… I’d certainly be interested, but it’s not a big deal for me - it’s not like it was really a continuous narrative, there’s little in common between the first and second game, except the city of Neverwinter itself - and even that gets completely ignored in each expansion. If the former… to be honest, I don’t think it can. Given the rather open-handed state of the ending and the state of the galaxy at large, you can’t really pick up a good starting point for a sequel without losing a lot in the process (which is why Andromeda didn’t even try, I guess). Maybe a prequel, who knows. But I’d be just as happy with an original project.

And yeah, I did play Swtor a bit; Not a bad experience either, even if it was hard to get past the disapointment of not getting a KOTOR3 instead. I liked the focus on the narrative questlines. Ultimately though, I’m not a big MMO player.


@Talyrion darn I really wanted to find someone to play the last swtor dlc with. My friends are all stuck in other dlcs. Anyway, I felt playing Jedi knight felt like a better kotor experience than kotor 2. Sad you probably do not remember it.

@Shoelip no. the DA choices that affected inquisition. Angry Joe nailed it. Glad he gave it a 10 out of 10 too, he is the only reviewer I agree with these days.


For a quick play through yeah.


Well, I do remember it, but it’s been a while since I haven’t played the game, yes.

And I don’t know, kotOR 2 had an interesting approach for a Star Wars story… just… finish your damn game, ffs! shakes fist at EA


@Tevin the story seems interesting, the writing is good, the only thing i dont like is that your game set the mc to lost no matter what and i dont like those types of games. Whats the point in doing something when you already know the outcome? no fun at all, i know is how you have set up the story but thats something rather dissapointing for me, it may be true they are better fighters than the mc but they also dont know how we fight etc etc


Muh…I’m with you there . for me , Best dragon age is DA2 :stuck_out_tongue:

DAI open world killed for me .

Jade Empire is one of a kind . It was perfect!

BG2 is awesome , but if you play as female…it screw you . So yes story is awesome , awesome nostalgia blah blah…but I aint blind when it come to me playing as me…it totaly screw me over .

I also recommand Planescape Torment . Story mind blowing !


Are you talking about during the fights?

There’s always a way to win the fights. Even if your stats are too low.

When fighting with Poe, all you need to do is choose “Take advantage of his weak stance” and then you automatically win!

Same with Jane, just stay still and talk mess about her, and you’ll do fine!

Number one could be tricky since I did lose to him during the first time playing around, but if you have enough intellect (or I think it was another stat) then you can first get him caught off guard and then say ‘you’ve already planned this’, and you won the round!


and dont forget to bet MAX! :smiley: Profit!


you can win the 3 fight? it seems to me the mc was set to fail all the time, hmmm :thinking: