Street Jam: The Rise (Now in beta) 823,000 words



@greatnes_personified I apologize for not getting this earlier, I’ve been spending hours working on a gender bug. Anyway the first one is fixed and the second one has been reported to me repeatedly but I still have not encountered when I test it myself. It is quite odd…

@Christian02 That was just where the game ended but now it ends at the choice after that


I just played through some of this and I needed to mention that you need to graduate to have been part of the military, the same for law enforcement.


It is a work of fiction dude


Graduate high school yes, but college isn’t mandatory.


NOICEE I like it a lot! Can’t wait for update ahh.


I thought it was talking about high school. You can enlist with a high school diploma, but i think law enforcement still wants a two year degree.

@Tevin suspension of disbelief only works for certain things, dude. If I see something that doesn’t work for me I’m going to say something. This is the whole point of these threads, to discuss the works in progress.


You can join law enforcement without a two year degree by having two years active duty of military service.


They receive training and have experience civilians wouldn’t normally have, so this is understandable. I think they might still want people to get their degree tho. I know people can get hired out of the military, but they probably still go for a degree anyway.


Yeah they would want it but I’m just saying a degree isn’t mandatory. What is mandatory is at least 60 college credits if you don’t wanna do the military.


Military experience is considered an asset and depending on the job, some might prefer that over a Criminal Justice degree like I have.

Analytical jobs, probation officers, social working, clerical work, and a lot of the nitpicky things that aren’t really facing hard action but are dependent on information processing and technical reports, are where college education is generally preferred.

Security work, field things, Swat, and the like…then they want people used to action and already know what to do in those situations.

Most places probably wouldn’t refuse someone for having one or the other, but what’s favored is pretty dependent on circumstances and having both is still better to have than just one.


I know that, but what I was just saying that they would still probably want someone to get their degree, if they wern’t already. This goes towards advancement as well I think. I know officers need to have degrees, so I assume it’s kind of like that for the police as well. Enlisted is a different thing, while degrees are encouraged and give promotion points to an extent, it isn’t the end all be all for advancement.


Hello friend! You have a nice rhythm going on with your story here! I especially like the introduction when you get to choose what type of entertainment do you do. Usually, stories just go with being an actor, while you have a stripper and rapper available.

While it is a great story, there are a few errors. I am not going to point out grammar/spelling, since I am sure majority of the constructive feedback already provided the details.

I really like the idea of letting us know which stats improved with our choices! The only advice I can say about this is to follow through with it in the story. Especially after the first fighting scenes when we had a bit of free time. During that time, I would suggest to put back the reminder of stats that we gained.

Royal is a male, yet he plays as a female here.

I actually giggled a bit here. I think this part was supposed to be whole white milk. I actually looked up if there was such a thing as whole wheat but was saddened when there was no such thing :pensive:

Just Royal gender again.

While flirting with Poe, I would suggest adding another option of flirting but not getting that far with him. I was in for a little surprise when I found out what we did. Like, we could just get his number and the next day he could call and ask if we could go to the gym with him.
Like stated before, your story is extremely interesting! I was sucked in from the first page and was worried throughout the whole WIP during the fight scenes that I would lose. Which, I did. But who’s saying that I didn’t start all over?

I even laughed every time the narrator came through.

“Did you graduate highschool?”
“Thought so.”
Haha! Thanks for believing in me! :rofl:


How about adding special forces option that gives 50 in all your stats and it could give you special option in fight scenes i think it would be funny as hell in my opinion anyway.


Happens when introducing Royal if you choose that getting back at her was childish (choose the parent rivalry option if that makes a difference)


Kind of defeats the purpose of the game, though. The whole point is having different backgrounds each bringing something different to the table, not having one background so obviously better that there’s no point in playing anything else.


Sorry I haven’t replied recently but I have been busy, however I have been working on the game regularly

@Talyrion Dragon age inquisition is best bioware

@Tomie I appreciate that, expect your reputation to get relevant as well soon. And I have played a ton of Choice of games, only a handful give that comedic vibe, so I decided to make one myself along with the blood and seriousness sprinkled in

@Prof_Chaos I’m not limiting the choices

@smuteczekbiczo I update every day

@pizzamarket hey friend, I fixed all these and added that option. It wasn’t in there originally because I didn’t see a point in not sleeping with them but just flirting originally, but since both Jane and Poe are set to come back if you sleep with them I see it now. Plus, I can’t ignore a ladies request. I added the labels so you know which choice increases which but as for how much it increases I won’t specify for difficulty purposes. As for the milk, the point of it is doesn’t exist so no one drinks it lol

@Andrew_Stapleton The game is intentionally hard, I have noticed a ton of choice of games are far too easy and hold your hand (Or maybe I’m just that good) I decided to make one that takes effort to beat. It is also more realistic to lose at times rather than being the op hero since here we aren’t the chosen one (Or are we…?)

@HippoAttack fixed


Them’s fightin’ words!


… eeeeeh. Let’s just say I might not entirely agree with that statement. :innocent:


@Shoelip @Talyrion Bring it on! I’ll take you both on at once!


Dragon Age Inquisition is best Bethesda.