Street Jam: The Rise (Now in beta) 823,000 words



I know, i was just letting you know how coincidental it is for him to resemble a video game character when I based him off a different video game character. What a coincidence! I’ll get Jade Empire once I finish this game.


raise hand I’m at the part where I get to choose my vehicle…

where is mah Harley davindson bike ? :grin:

Edit: Also…now I’m at the ‘Royal asshole part’ . My MC didn’t go to school…so…that part kinda weird no ? if you pick street + orphan + criminal and so ?


Really? I don’t remember adding a choice to not go to school…

Edit: Also added a Harley Davidson option


nah mah bad . Brain melting under the heat wave we are having lol forgot the ‘not graudate’ part XD Sorry!


Just updated it again, you should play through to the end :wink:



found this :


You’re wearing an unbuttoned shirt, so you don’t blame him for eyeing what you’re showing off. He can’t seem to stop staring.
“I’d like to see how flexible.” You answer.
“Oh, really?” She answers then moves up against you. “Well, you’re about to find out.”

Edit: Also…the yoga is still bugged :frowning: Got the same previous error . (The_Start line 8502: Non-existent variable ‘male’)


Okay, I’m trying to figure it out now. It may take a while since I don’t know what is wrong


I think the choice for our rival’s gender should come at the start of the flashback instead of the end. As things are, it’s a bit strange to have the narration go through great pains to use gender-neutral pronouns (and sometimes seems to default to female) only to end up with “oh, and by the way, they were male/female all along!”.


It was like that, but do to the last person who commented mentioning a gender bug I had to change it



Tried both options and they both give the same error . Guess no yoga for meh lol :grin:

No worrie , I hope you be able to fix it .


And the 2 choices are : (dunno if this help)

-Look her over
-Keep scanning the room .


omggggggg AN HARLEY!!! :heart_eyes:THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHH!


It was tough, but I created a whole new variable and fixed it.


You are tha best! Now mah Stripper MC can drive in style while showing her ass XD


That’s actually not a bad idea. I may just add that lol


I’m adding this to my ‘MUST BUY!’ . So I be keeping on an eye as you update! I wish you all the best with the story and can’t wait to see where it goes ! :smiley:


Jade Empire is EARLY Bioware. Good story, graphics and movement are kind of… clunky. Like the first Assassins Creed compared to Origins.


Early Bioware is Best Bioware!

(but then again, I’m the kind of guy still saying that the Baldur’s Gate saga are still the best videogames ever, so I definitely have a retro bias)


This is awesome

I like how your choice of careers stays relevant with the little details everywhere. Also I actually like how the writing doesn’t take itself too seriously for this game.


Sorry if these have already been reported