Street Jam: The Rise (Finished and submitted)

Jan 9th? WTF

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Might be for the Steam release. Those require copyediting and that takes both money and time.



If any of you would like to learn about interactive fiction by a set of very experienced authors and coders in the industry today my third publisher Decision Fiction is holding their second annual conference today and we are now on live, hope to see you there.


Is the release date really in January because that sucks.


Unfortunately yes but hey look, a gal I know made this.

Don’t lose faith, it’s coming soon.


@Tevin before the game comes out I’m curious, does the game have any kind of martial arts?

Intelligence focused protagonist is a martial artist, usually using moves from the crane style. Sometimes, when paired with other stats, you may use moves from completely different styles such as using Jeet Kune Do with strength.

Want to be Bruce Lee? Use intelligence and strength build!

Then there is the Martial Arts dojo in which you solely face martial arts user’s.

Naruku, the young rising star is an expert of tiger style

Keiji is a sumo wrestler with a knack for holds.

The Grandmaster has achieved such martial arts mastery he has ascended to another plain of existence.

So yes, Street Jam heavily features martial arts as it does wrestling, kickboxing, and many other styles, just Def Jam. Especially street fighting.

Given the popularity of intelligence builds, it seems a lot of fans like martial arts. I have high plans to expand upon it in a sequel.

There is a hidden fight with Goro from Mortal Kombat by the way…


@Tevin you said street jam exceeds 500,000 words Why did I see in the steam description that says 370,000? it’s a mistake?Screenshot_1

It’s literally the first one on the list for HG


I’m not sure…

I’m confused about the Goro fight. There’s no copyright issue with using Mortal Kombat characters? Or did you mean a sort of homage and not actually him?

I’d be careful about Warner Brothers, they can be pretty heavy handed with the lawyers.

I’m not even sure if I’d feel safe using that fanart even just in this thread to be honest. There’s so much legal stuff that comes in when you’re selling something and WB will go after people even when there’s no real money involved.

But I guess Choice of games itself must have okayed this so maybe I’m just being paranoid.


So that’s 130k of duplicated text that Steam isn’t counting, or am I missing something?

But 370k is still plenty. Although I’m sure any author knows exactly what their word count is.

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@Zalim What I meant was that Tevin said the word count exceeded 500,000 words, but 370,000 words appears on the steam page of the game, which is apparently a mistake.tevin test

@Zalim I’m as afraid of Warner Bros as I am of bugs bunny. lnclfl01_124

And you’re right perhaps it’s duplicated text? I never really used gosub so maybe. @black

Not long now can’t wait

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That…um, I used to feel the same way about fire, but okay. Hope extremely recognizeable IP theft on a product you’re asking for money for works out for you.

And thanks @black but I’m more confused than ever about the word count now. Because I guess the author really doesn’t know. 170k of text is not a small amount or a small time investment, I had just assumed most people would remember whether they’d written what amounted to an extra novel or not.

I’m still looking forward to the game but I hope someone involved with the site itself straightens things out soon, if the official response from the author is just a lot of shrugging.


I really hope it does too, maybe I’ll be lucky! :crossed_fingers:

But nah, I trust the COG review, if they think it’s cool to ship the reference I think it is too. They’ve done many games before, I’m sure they know their stuff.

I told you my best thought is it’s likely duplicated text because I was never told of them counting that amount compared to what I thought it was, but as I told you before my lack of use of the gosub command could be the reason behind this. That was me affirming your thoughts about duplicated text, but as I have no official word from COG I can’t know for sure. That’s my official response.

Want more? You can shoot them an email if you want. :+1:


Is your tales game progressing well?