Strangers you wish you'd have gotten to know better


The title says it all. I was in the shower this evening and somehow, that one guy crept into my mind. I was like, “Why the fuck did I let him go?”

I met him in an art museum at night (it was the Night of Open Museums in Frankfurt, something like that). I was sitting on a bench, reading through an info book, and at some point someone just sat down one arm-length next to me. He just started talking to me after a while. I, a heavily introverted person with social anxiety, for once didn’t find it hard to talk or enjoy the conversation. Maybe it was the time (1 am), but damn. We walked around together, looking at art. We casually lost each other 2 times, but unconsciously found each other again. Until we separated one too many times. I haven’t seen him since.

That was a few months ago, and I should have asked for his number or at least his goddamn name.

Well, I take it as a sign of hope: That, even though you may think you’re alone and there are no people out there who are “your kind”, there is always somebody you haven’t met yet. I’m certain there are more people like him.

I believe the vast majority here has had similar experiences. It’d be interesting to read about them. :relaxed:


Most people are conformists, with no personality what so ever, or at least not one that interests me :stuck_out_tongue: . On that note there have been two people throughout my life(yes just two xd, not including friends etc) that seemed interesting, not just a carbon copy of any other person you could find.

The first was this guy who came on the bus when I was sitting down. He had long black"mosher" hair, woodland DPM combats on, boots(maybe DMs?) and just looked like he gave zero fucks xd.

The second was this gothish kinda girl who used to stare at me at the bus stop. I wish I’d have spoken to her, but socially awquard, yada yada, and say what exactly? But she seemed weird(a good thing in my book, better than having no personality and being boring).

There’s a third kinda. I did talk to her, but probably less than ten words xd. She liked creepy pastas, heavy metal, spoke in a monotone sometimes and was socially awquard, in other words was really awesome. Not too bummed about this one, she lived quite far away.


you know whats worse ?

when you meet someone that hit all your buttons in the right way (nothing kinky sheesh lol) , and before you can get a name to the face…

Some asswipe worst ennemy show up , and make sure you never go far beyond ‘Wow that person seem interesting , who are they ?’ . And block you for years , so you never meet said person…



I can’t think of anything right now to add to the topic (though I’m sure to in the future) but I just wanted to say that I really liked your story. Those moments of connecting so strongly to a total stranger come few and far between.


@CreepyPastaKittyFay It’s a nice morning ego boost to know that there are people out there who appreciate weirdos. If only I didn’t feel like everybody’s judging me when I’m walking somewhere. Takes a lot of fucking energy.

@E_RedMark The question is, why nothing kinky? :yum: But that’s shit that you couldn’t go further.

@will Thank you! That’s true. Need to stroll around more museums at night. Maybe some dinosaurs will come to life, I’d love to speak to them!! :scream:


okay, after i read your post i want to share some of mine…
around some years ago (forgot the exact time), I was accompanying my mom to her acquaintance’s office, i was waiting outside coz i have to take care of my little sister (7-8 years old) who was in “annoying” mode, and when she began crying asking for her mother, i decided to take her inside… and there, in the waiting room sit a stranger that looks like he was around my age (i guess he was waiting to be called for a job interview looking at his belonging), for some reason we catch each other eyes, we stare for a moment and i swear i feel something, its not a “love at first sight” moment (coz i knew that feeling and its different this time), it feels like something familliar was tugging at my soul (i couldn’t explain it coz i’ve never felt it before which is strange, how could it feel so familliar when i’ve never feel it before, right?) i couldn’t explain it properly (it was so confusing) and what surprise me, somehow i could tell that he feels the same, he looks surprise to see me (and so do i), it feels like i knew him from a previous life (which is funny coz i dont believe in “reincarnation”). so after a brief of silent and strange moment i sit beside him (well not exactly, coz my mom and sister sit in between us), it feels awkward coz i have to pretend nothing out of ordinary has happened while my mom make a conversation with me and my sister. between the conversation i tried to take a peek at him and… well, he does the same which make us stare at eact other (again) and i feel that “strange feeling” (again)… thanks god my mom didn’t notice it, or else she is going to suspect something (what if she figuring out that im bi) :scream:.
well, not long after that my mom asking me to buy something with my sister, and when i get back he was already gone which is a shame. and now, several years after that encounter, i already forgot what he looks like, but i still cant forget that feeling and for some unknown reason, i miss it… :disappointed_relieved:
looking at it now, i cant help but chuckle and thinking “wtf, that sound like some cheesy story” lol, but its really happened and i couldn’t lie to myself that it was nothing.


@Curious_Boy Oh my god that’s really sweet. (And only cheesy if you care about being “cool” lol.) Having that random connection (which may not be random at all) with somebody is really magical. Those are the moments I live for.


Not sure if this is really strangers kinda meeting, but…
I knew this girl in my second year in high school who as couple years older and she was so awesome! She was really friendly and the second time we met in this biology class she already knew what my dressing style and recommended couple really good places to shop.
We lost contact after school year ended, but I ended up stumbling upon her during summer vacation in a library (it was amazing coincidence cause the library wasn’t even one I went usually) and we got to talking again. She actually gave me courage to transfer high schools because I didn’t like the high school I was going then. Sigh but we lost contact after that again, but I think of her with fond memory.

I comfort myself with thought that sometimes you just gotta appreciate the time you have with people instead of thinking what could’ve been


ikr!!.. it feels magical and unreal (that i thought can only happened in fiction story), but i have experience it and that almost drive me crazy… now i crave for that feeling after i know how that feel, and it makes me unable to fall in love with anyone even when i find them attractive :confounded:


IKR, I suffer from emotional detachement, and I don’t fancy people at all. I’m physically attracted to women, but I’m detached from people around me. I can sort of remember too when it wasn’t this way, though my memories in many ways feel more like dreams. I’m forced to rmember the past too in my dreams.


:muscle::muscle::muscle: That’s the way to go. Actually a really good mental space to put myself in lol

I am kind of the same. I crave to get the good feeling my ex gave me back (mind you, he’s given me lots of bad feelings too), but I’ve always been slow to get close to people. I’ve only ever truly romantically loved him and idk when the next one will come along. But I’m trying to make peace with the fact that you meet those people when you least expect them and that you should focus on becoming the best version of yourself in the meantime. The rest will work out somehow.


maybe i should do those thing instead of giving up :sweat_smile:


I believe that there are a lot of people we already know that are better companions than we realise. I think we’ve all had moments where you become good friends with somebody who was only an acquaintance for a long time. Or someone who you didn’t think of as a good friend who turns out to be a diamond.

Sometimes you’ve already found what you’re looking for and haven’t realised it yet.


I remember that years ago my family and I were on vacation in Spain and there I met some other Dutch kids. We hung out together almost 24/7 and we became friends, and for someone with a stutter and social anxiety, friends are hard to come by since most kids are jerks :sweat_smile: I was too afraid to ask for their contact information once we had to go home and so I never saw them again. I didn’t even say goodbye.


@Ninja1 Social anxiety is a real bitch ugh


My father. He left before I was born. And despite his…‘rejection’ I met him again when I was six. It was strange and I acted like a brat. He moved into another country. Now I’m older and I’m curious. He’s a stranger but still a part of me…kinda


@Sija_Naji I’m sorry. Lots of love - hopefully (?) you’ll meet him again.


@CreepyPastaKittyFay Your original message kind of reminded me of how I used to view people, and so I just wanted to… I don’t know, give unsolicited advice I guess (sorry)? I understand that it can’t be easy suffering from emotional detachment, and I’m not trying to attack you. I’ve spent a long time struggling with a similar view of people and am still working on my own difficulties with connecting with others on a deeper level. I just wanted to say that I think it’s unfair to say that most people are carbon copies of each other. Groups of people, admittedly can be awful, but individuals? They’re pretty cool! Sure when you first meet someone they may not be your type of person, but I’ve never met someone that wasn’t secretly a weirdo. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve been quick to judge as boring or stereotypical, just to be proved absolutely and completely wrong. It’s just… there are a lot of friendly, interesting, people that you can get along with out there. More so than you might think. Anyway, sorry for making this post so long, and I hope you find someone that you truly connect with and find interesting.

As for me, there was this guy I met last winter while heading home. It was a rainy day and the university buses were extremely late. One of the girls getting on the bus was hauling this huge painting around with both her hands. She just barely managed to squeeze both her and the painting on and had to stand because there was no room. The guy sitting across from me started asking her a lot of questions about her art and I was listening in because I’m nosy, then I eventually joined in on the conversation because that’s the kind of person I am nowadays. Anyway, she eventually got off and we ended up talking until he reached his own stop. He was really fascinated in art and asked me a lot of questions about my own interests. He told me his name, but I forgot it, which I still regret. I wish I’d gotten his number. He was just such a kind and warm presence on this really miserable cold and rainy day. I talked to my friend about it later and she said that sometimes you fall in love with someone for about 5 minutes and then you never see them again. It sucks, but at least they managed to brighten your day while they were around.


Thank you, that’s really sweet. And hey, the world isn’t that big, right?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Your friend is a wise, wise woman. Gotta jot that down in my quotes document.

You’re welcome hon. And no, it really isn’t. Just one big ball of gravity.