Story in progress (Arcana: Submerged?)


Jay here,

As the the title say, I have been working on a story for years, yet I always felt that it was not ready to be revealed, for I lack such vision of imagery and illustration. I could be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my stories, and I only wish to provide entertainment to the audience. As negative as I may sound, I do have confidence in my ability to create a solid plot. In a sense, we are gods in our own world. I love torturing my characters. Now, here is a little description:

~ Monster? I never truly knew the meaning until I met her. If monsters had a boogeyman, she would closer to everyones’ nightmare. Before the unprecedented carnage that caused, she told us.

“I had always heard of lesser notions on power. Money? Love? Friendship? Logic? Fear? Ha, laughable! Clearly such fools never met me.”

So she proved what her ideals of power means to her, and I gotta say that it is terrifying. ~

Yes, this does not spoil anything. Actually, it does seem more like a teaser. Anyways, I gotta work on it. Farewell

Neptune out