Story Creation Team


So maby it wil be more easy to create story’s in a team of 4
Two Writers
One artist
And one person thats good at coding
Because that could be a good idea
If it is who want’s to join me in a team i only need a writer, a artist (maby) and somebody that can code. To create the greatest CoG’s ever!


i would help wirte


i can help code but iam not the best coder but know most of the stuff




I’m curious, would this team work on both games? Or possibly collaborate to make other games?


Well its a team that creates a lot of story’s by teamwork
Everyone has a task, but the whole team works together for ideas and choices and that kind of stuff

So it looks that we are working with
1 coder, 3,75 writers, and 0,25. Artist

And does anybody know wath permalink means


I would imagine you’ll end up with lots of interest in writing (the easy part), little interest in coding & virtually none in graphics.

I would say you would need more coders & artists than writers too

How would you intend splitting any proceeds


See, I would love to help with coding, but I’ve got my hands full right now with my own game.

I just wouldn’t have the time necessary to focus on both projects simultaneously.


I’m waiting for more people to see if i can make a good team and then one writer (or2) one coder (or2) one artist
Everybody focuses on there task and helps with ideas and writing
(I’m totally not sure about how many people and how many per task)

For now i have only 3 others than me and most writer but luckily i’m pretty good at drawing and writing


I got an idea and its soooo cool here it comes: maby it is possible to play music when the game ends!
So it is like *game ends music wil come*


It is possible but
It might cause a problem for older devices @P0RT3R also I’m interested in the writing I also can help with coding, nothing overly-complicated though, I’m no JavaScript genious, but I understand CS well enough.
I can draw fairly well too.


Ok thats good


Btw I’m curious how would you decide btw everyone who wishes to apply @P0RT3R ?


The coder’s well there are not much.
I think i let the ones that want to be writer write a small story about…(any ideas post it below with name:idea) and then i pick the best one out


Well how about they show you a sample
Of writing not a short story like 1-2 paragraphs or a scene about said thing.


Also idea
Headhunter180: Entering a bar.
(Btw can it be fantasy?)


@Headhunter180 thats a good idea (the first one i mean)
So everyone that wants to write just do that
(The sample idea)


So we should post it here?, and I’m not sure, we should write about entering a bar?


Were not doing that about entering a bar
And yes just post it here!

Ther is one thing bothering me and that is how ar we working on a story while there are Time zones and where are we doing the story without anybody seeying the story


Ok so first off what are we writing about?
Second, we could do it over pm or on a video chat, or even a normal chat.