Stone Age Survival

So I did a thing! It was part of my homework, but I thought this would be a good idea!


Doesnt seem like most people are on anymore, but im still hanging on to ooga booga, i want to be taakar 0.0 :dagger:


Im still here XD


That looks so good!

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Finally getting to classes that will help me work on my games. The current class is a basic revision course, but then I get to delve into historical writing in 4 weeks! That alone will be helpful for this game!


Will this be a standalone game?

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Yes, this is not part of a series. There are branching paths, but that’s it.
Currently the three paths are:

  • Forest
  • Coastline
  • Plains

And a fourth path is being thought about:

  • Northern Edge

This is very exciting to hear, I can’t wait to see more written for this game.

After watching the movie Quest for Fire, it would be really fun if their were various Easter eggs to the movie, plus other paleolithic movies and media, like The Clan of the Cave Bear, the animated Ice Age movies, 10,000 BC, The Flintstones, Etc.


ooh! an Ice age reference would be fun

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The movie series? Well, I can add in some cave drawings that Sid did somewhere XD


So in future updates can we make the MC like spear from primal the TV show

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Possibly. That show was fiction though, and I’m writing something based off history (as close as possible). I can try to make an achievement later on for if you’re stats get to a certain point, but beyond that I’m not sure.


Question, how strong is the Neanderthal protagonist? I know they were supposedly much stronger than us.

That’s hard to say. I was thinking of modeling the Neanderthal characters after the Neanderthals in the Clan of the Cave Bear series, so probably large enough to tackle something like a large deer without fear, better use with clubs, able to climb or scale a cliffside with ease, things like that. Sapien and Mixes would have a harder time with severely physically taxing moments like that, but I’m not sure to what extent really.


Ooga booga time


I’m going to be doing some work this week, going to start writing outlines of the 4 paths you can take but I’m going to write 1 path at a time, probably in the following order:


Prayin this doesn’t die lol, there’s no other ooga booga market


It’s good to be back, Not so good that I was almost murdered on multiple occasions, but that’s a story for another day.

I can’t really read it right now, but I’m glad you kept going. Also liked the picture you made.

So due to some corruption on the startup file (I have no idea what happened, all I know is there are random letters and symbols everywhere) I have to redo a lot of the startup. There is enough changes from the last update that I can’t just pull from a previous save or an older file.

But, I am reworking it today. Some changes I was about to implement (some different tools or weapons, 2 different language bars for both vocal and sign, & a redo of vegetation-based food) will take a bit longer to work as I rewrite some of the code.

I was hoping to roll out the new version in a week or two, but now it’s gonna be a bit longer. Sorry guys!


Back in the B.C. days, pro wrestling events were held in rings where the mats were grass, the corner posts were logs, and the ropes were hardened tree sap.