Stone Age Survival

While I am sorry to hear that I wish the best for you and your family. God bless you, and may your path be successful.


So next month will be an interestinf month, im starting my writing classes finally & i stsrt off with Historical Archetypes & Mythology!
I may be able to use some of my works as bases for my homework, & as a helpful tool (for lack of a better term) I’m going to make a Wix or Wordpress for my beginning company, Eclipse/Eclipse Arts, which includes the Slice of Life Games series (listed below is every working title i intend to finish at one point or another).

A Dogs Life
A Cats Life
A Dragons Life
Stone Age Survival
Lycanthrope Highschool
Wolf Pack series (Omega, Delta, Beta, Alpha, Loner, & Outcast)
Not My Face (futuristic story/game ive been toying with for awhile)
Unnamed lion-life game


Oh no… Please reconsider! You have so much to live for!

In all seriousness hopefully, you succeed. Though considering that this is a quality piece of work it will probably get red marked into the stone age in favor of something stupid I’m sure.

Sorry to hear the game is on pause though with the school / work / etc life balance its more than understandable. Here’s hoping someday you’ll have time to unpause it-really loving the concept, all the details, and very excited for where the story might go! Obviously meeting other human tribes and interacting would to be huge. I see you have a lot of WIPs which makes me feel good as I tend to start more than I ought to as well.

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I have 2 questions, 1. Can mates basically be racist to you depending on if your a Neanderthal or Sapien, as it was pretty clear they had problems with each other back then, and 2. Could there possiblly be some sort of Tribal War rhing that happens where if you join a Settlement or start a tribe or something, you could fight another settlement or raiders or something like that, and maybe become Chief of your Settlement


There is no way to become a tribal/settlement leader as of yet, but you can befome the local/hermit healer.
As for mates, not everyone will be receptive of you if you are not the same species, & others will look down on you in general, but it varies depending on where you go.
There is no tribal/settlement war, but it wont be unheard of to have a fight with another person due to lillimg their chosen prey, their mates/mate choices wanting you instead, or other smaller things.

Edit: i am sooooo sorry for the atrocious spelling, fixed that (responded while tired last night)


Just played this game, it is really interesting and I am excited to see this be developed more.

Im hoping that i can work on it more pretty soon. I just transferred the files to a new computor, one i use more often lately, so i might be abke to start doing a little work here & there again.


Well yay, due to corrupted files (not really but i didnt notice my cats had laid on my keyboard, typing a bunch of stuff, & didnt notice it before i saved & closed), i am having to redo a lot.

Im so annoyed, i completely forgot it was open when my cat decided he wanted to stretch out on my laptop (normally i do not let my laptop be in a way they can, but i was tired from working lol).

The files that were edited were the code files, & he laid on it all night. An extra 200+ lines were added from him rolling around & being cute (as he thinks he was).

But this will give me the opportunity to overhaul the system like i was beginning to think.
Im going to be redoing all the items & majority of the codes, as well as doing minor touchups on the beginnings. My science class ends this week but this week is my favorite (yay dark matter) so i have more free time than usual, even with my new job.

Im going to add in, change, or (not likely) remove items, animals, or stats.


oh no!!!, that is unfortunate, at least it gave you a good opportunity to begin reworking parts you weren’t exactly happy with.

I have really enjoy this game so far, I love everything to do with the ancient past and I really hope this game continues to be developed.

Keep up the hardwork, it will be soooooo worth it in the end.

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Well at least your back. I’d say we should our blessings, but I’m not the one having to redo the work. So thank you for doing that, for a while I feared this would go down as another unfinished WIP.

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No, at some point i will finish this & A Dogs Life, even if the others get abandoned (i seruously hope not but life hates me so it keeps trying to stop me XD)

Im getting excited for the new item & code list im working on for SaS, its primarily unchanged overall.

I will say a tad about items & codes coming up.

There are two styles of weapons & tools now, which greatly affect how their made, if they use stone or flint when being made, & how their used overall.
Clothing follows the same style but clothing can be changed, unlike weapon & tool crafting. Clothing style will change at the Encampment scene, in each Major Settlement, or when meeting certain individuals.
Food wont be so…expansive when gathering. Now you can choose to Hunt, Scavenge, Gather, or (if in the right area) Fish. You can gather Berries, Fruits, Veggies, Herbs, as well as Scavenge for carcasses for skin (& maybe meat).
You can Scour at certain times for Flint, Gather stone, wood, & now Cordage (that includes vines, sinews, or Fibers used for braiding into cordage).

&, inspired by Earths Children, you will start the game with a Totem that is hidden until revealed (either by a sign from the totem or a shaman). The totem affects a few starting stats, will determine the overall friendliness of certain people, & can even show you special events if in the right place & time.


That first part is great to hear, but please don’t finish any dogs’ lives. That’s animal abuse! Not cool man!

Well if the being in charge of our lives truly wanted to stop you, he’d either kill you, or at least your family, so I’d say keep going. As a wise man once said The taste of victory is sweet, but without the bitterness of defeat the sweetness is sickening. That was my uncle Todd, who I made up along with the quote. None the less all that is going on may be hard, and I pray you can get through it, but when you do it’ll make a better story than the author who came from a wealthy, loving home where he never had to struggle a second in his life. As an example watch this, the best inspirational story ever, it really keeps me going.

Onto the rest, I like the idea of different styles of tools. I’m not sure how much of an impact it’ll have practically, but it certainly sounds like a good idea.

As for the food, If I’m interpreting what you’re saying correctly, then I’m not thrilled, but I understand that sacrifices have to be made because of your unique circumstances, and if that’s the price to get it finished, then it’s a small price to pay.

Finally I see the totem, and why you want to add it, but I like the realism of previous versions, and while a perfectly logical world with no reason to be religious is to put a long story of billions of people over thousands of centuries short, it is not exactly accurate, but please keep things grounded. That’s the best part of all of this. None the less I am excited, and am rooting for you. If you need anything I am here.

P.S If you don’t want to click on strange links then look up IHE’s review of Who Killed Captain Alex. It is quite good, though a couple things should be added. First The movie is an acquired taste, and even if we ignore the context, the craftsmanship is better than he understood. The confusion is explainable, but said explanation is very off topic, but when you do understand you get an amazing story about pointless wars of petty and even hypocritical revenge by people who were living through one. Second they made a sort of sequel that is even better. That’s the Bad Black VJ Emmie talked about.

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I’ll say this aboit food & totems.

When you choose to Gather, you will gather various edible plants from around you. You will still see & get descriptions of the plants available, but when cooking you will see amy planta you have based on how much you have & all the descriptions match the local area & path you choose.

As for totems, simply it will say " “Ah, you must be Takur.” The old shaman pauses. “I’m not sure why, but you remind me of an owl.” "
Totems don’t have a huge part overall, they really only affect conversations with shamans, working with certain herbs or ceremonies later on, & immediately at the beginning.


Hello!! I’ve recently made an account so I can finally comment on how much I Love the amount work and effort you put into this game!!

definitely one my favorite demos on site, and i love seeing the new updates! Hope life cuts you some slack soon.

i forgot to take a picture of this, but i’ve been repeatedly encountering a some bugs. Whenever i collect and or make a new tool and i check the Tool & Bags bar, the tool names start repeating themselves over and over? The same thing happen with the weapons bar as well.
Occasionally whenever my character gets a new item from their surrounding like a spear for example, it sometimes doesn’t appear in its appropriate bag/bar

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That is an…odd bug, I hadn’t seen where it would do that in my files but I’ll check it out when I get the new files & codes set up.


So yay, still working if I get the chance but this months course includes teaching how to get over writers block!

And there may be some moments where I can include some of this game as my homework. So yes, the game is still actively being made and is technically not on pause (though I have also been hired to make the logo design for a friends company).


Work is going, but extremely slow at this point. But for a good reason that I’m getting excited for and don’t mind slowing down a bit for.

I’m not sick (no more than usual at least) this time, but I and my partner are working on something that needs far more attention and will potentially last years if done correctly. We are trying to open a bookstore in our town (which is awesome, we’ve talked about it before but now we’re finally in a good position to actually start it) and have picked a possible location, but now we’re contacting the city & everything we need to do.
In my downtime, I’m doing homework (this month is super easy, it’s mostly stuff I’ve done previously & I’m good at) and working on my games as I can.

Our shop will actually introduce Choice of Games and Hosted Games to the public as well, and I’m thinking of doing workshops/showcases of my work as I work every once in a while so people can see what these text games are and maybe get interested themselves, as well as keeping me on track and focused on my own work.

My schedule is getting busy but in a good way this time and something that, while not exactly my dream (to open my own game company) is close and works with writing & books, keeping me fresh, focused on my work, and may let me get real-time feedback as I work occasionally.


Wow, congrats!! All the best on the bookstore, it sounds really cool, especially the bit on doing workshops and showcases of interactive fiction/choice of games!

I really enjoy stone age survival, so best wishes on that too - it reminds me of going to my local library and picking out every pre-historic human book I cod find on the shelf as a kid :slight_smile:


So my classes are going fine, but I’m having more computer issues & I’m pretty sure I screwed up (but am fixing it!). Some of my files got deleted in a cleanup (in an effort to help make memory & get more ram for photoshop) & now ChoiceScript isn’t recognizing their existence.
Somehow my DiskCleanup thought my ChoiceScript Projects folder was trash…

I can fix it, I backed up last a few days ago & hadn’t added much but it’s so annoying lol

But there are some changes coming to help cut down on code, like instead of specifying what a carcass is, you now just have X amount of (insert size here) carcasses. Antlers or fangs or anything specific is collected at the time of hunting.