Stone Age Survival

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So not now, but I believe after the next class (current one ends in a week, then I have a psychology class that last 4 weeks) I might be able to use some of my works as part of some projects, especially since their games & I’m a game design degree.
It will also give me the chance to continue working on Stone Age Survival, and possibly A Dogs Life.


Been slowly working, but in two weeks I have my writing course & will be able to do some more during that time.


My writing class is halfway done, and nothing but professional writing, but it’s not overwhelming so I’m able to get a little bit of work done between assignments.

I may also share some accomplishments from my school classes here as I’ll be making 3d models starting next month, and I’m focusing on animals! I’m thinking of practising by making some of the animals from SAS (like the animals you can tame) and maybe using drawn images of them in the game in a few spots.
I know there aren’t any graphics in the text-based games, but occasionally I see some drawn pics in various games that have come out.


I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time , so excited
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Some good news!

Might be able to make an upload today!!! It won’t have the Coming Seasons, but the first part of the Encampment Scene will be done! Including that blasted buck that’s been confusing and annoying me for a while now.
If I can post the update today, or whenever I do post it (probably tomorrow or the next day if not today), I will have a list of all the new changes, and there is a ton!

Edit: One more choice with the deer to go before I can test & upload.


Lots of new things, a new view for the game!

Tried to do a test but I’m not sure if it looked right, so just let me know if you encounter one.

  • Complete overhaul of stats screen
    • Organized according to inventory, health, stats, ect
    • Inventory & Info is organized:
      • Food - page for meat & page for plants
      • Tools
      • Weapons
      • Crafting materials
      • Plants & animals (according to path)
      • Crafting info (tools, weapons, ect)
  • Overhaul of startup scene
    • Stat changes
      • Reorganized
      • New
      • Changed initial quantity or limits
    • Can now set up backstory for family
      • Sets starting items
      • Sets first changes to stats
  • Startup scene is done
    • All stats updated, changed, or removed as needed
    • Background on family is now given
    • Finally use the axe & scrapper in appropriate spots

Just wondering, will we be able to make our own name in future versions or is it always gonna be premade