Stone Age Survival

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So not now, but I believe after the next class (current one ends in a week, then I have a psychology class that last 4 weeks) I might be able to use some of my works as part of some projects, especially since their games & I’m a game design degree.
It will also give me the chance to continue working on Stone Age Survival, and possibly A Dogs Life.


Been slowly working, but in two weeks I have my writing course & will be able to do some more during that time.


My writing class is halfway done, and nothing but professional writing, but it’s not overwhelming so I’m able to get a little bit of work done between assignments.

I may also share some accomplishments from my school classes here as I’ll be making 3d models starting next month, and I’m focusing on animals! I’m thinking of practising by making some of the animals from SAS (like the animals you can tame) and maybe using drawn images of them in the game in a few spots.
I know there aren’t any graphics in the text-based games, but occasionally I see some drawn pics in various games that have come out.


Some good news!

Might be able to make an upload today!!! It won’t have the Coming Seasons, but the first part of the Encampment Scene will be done! Including that blasted buck that’s been confusing and annoying me for a while now.
If I can post the update today, or whenever I do post it (probably tomorrow or the next day if not today), I will have a list of all the new changes, and there is a ton!

Edit: One more choice with the deer to go before I can test & upload.


Lots of new things, a new view for the game!

Tried to do a test but I’m not sure if it looked right, so just let me know if you encounter one.

  • Complete overhaul of stats screen
    • Organized according to inventory, health, stats, ect
    • Inventory & Info is organized:
      • Food - page for meat & page for plants
      • Tools
      • Weapons
      • Crafting materials
      • Plants & animals (according to path)
      • Crafting info (tools, weapons, ect)
  • Overhaul of startup scene
    • Stat changes
      • Reorganized
      • New
      • Changed initial quantity or limits
    • Can now set up backstory for family
      • Sets starting items
      • Sets first changes to stats
  • Startup scene is done
    • All stats updated, changed, or removed as needed
    • Background on family is now given
    • Finally use the axe & scrapper in appropriate spots

Just wondering, will we be able to make our own name in future versions or is it always gonna be premade

I really liked the new section with the family, and how it explores their characters while introducing the activities the player will soon have to do. It definitely added to the impact of the MC’s separation from them.

Although I liked the updated stats screen, it was a bit annoying that the choice would return to the main page options (character info, home and path info, world info, etc.) when looking through the inventory/world info instead of continuing to show the inventory choice (plants and herbs, weapons, trade goods, etc.)/world info choice (animal descriptions, etc.). Perhaps for these sections continue showing those inventory/world info choices but add the main page option at the bottom so the player can return to the other sections if they wish.

Also in the stats screen, the gathering tools, crafting tools, and weapons will repeat in the inventory – when I first opened the tools, it said: “You have the following gathering tools: Stone ChopperStone Chopper”. When I then looked at another stat page and then returned, it changed to: “You have the following gathering tools: Stone ChopperStone ChopperStone Chopper”. For the gathering tools, if you put *set gtools " " right before the comma list it should fix it. The others should be similar.

Looking forward to the new season stuff! :relaxed:

Is there any way that if we got back in time we could save our baby sister? because it would be interesting to try and survive while also taking care of a child plus it could add more story and gameplay.

A few things:

  1. I have no plans on you trying to raise your sister or brother. Even in today’s age, even if you could defend yourself against whatever animal got there, you would’ve been too late to save anyone and whatever animal it was would’ve killed you before you had the chance to react.
  2. No, you will never be able to make your own names. For once I have not added that in my game but I actually like the choices I have, though I can add some more if people would like.
  3. I did notice the annoying lack of ", ", which I have no idea how it’s missing. I’ll have it fixed for the next update.
  4. Yea…didn’t realize how annoying that was until I did a playthrough after I uploaded everything, so I’ll make a few different variations of the choices list for the stat screen, or make an updated stat screen again.
  5. I also noticed a lot of grammar and spelling issues that I missed before that I’ll work on.

Update for the Coming Seasons:
It will have two possible choices that will really start having an effect on your health, hunger, and other stats. I couldn’t find a whole lot of info on what the weather was like in this kind of area, so I’m basing it a little bit off the general weather it seems to have today, mixed with some areas I’ve either lived in myself or traveled through (EX: you’re about to live through your first monsoon season, which will happen throughout Red Leaf) for variety.
The first choice will not affect you as much as the second, but each choice you see will have a Golden Grass version and a Red Leaf version. The Red Leaf version will have penalties for not having a shelter, bed, or making your camp tidy (you do not have to make your camp nice, but it does have quite a few perks).


I checked back and killed the deer on my first Play through

It’s quite nice to see something about a period that does’t get much reprentation in media. The Stone Age obviously is a bit devoid of sources to draw inspiration from, and didn’t have massive wars or intrigues like later periods, but I find that can allow for smaller things to feel all the much bigger.


@Phantomblade That’s awesome, hope it wasn’t too easy. Wanted to give the players a decent chance to both fail and bring it down.

@Emmettmcglynn I can’t tell you how much I loved it when Primal came out; something unrealistic yet it was definitely stone age. I’ve actually teased my friend that suggested this subject in the first place that he was right about this being a good idea and that he needs to help me get ideas for other games too (I’m in Game Art at school and have a few already, but not bad to have a few more).

I figured out why the comma thing was an issue; literally, I just had the wrong indent for
*set comma true
in the choice_stats page, but that’s now fixed & will be uploaded with the next update.

Currently working on Coming Seasons, going through and documenting each piece of prey you hunt, or if you make camp, or how you (or the environment) is supposed to react.


Still working when I can, but not as much as I’d like. My art class has started & it’s a bit laxer, but I may have to put my WIP’s on pause until I get through school.


I didn’t have time to read the whole thread, so I apologize if this has been brought up already and I missed it, but I skimmed the thread and I see no evidence that it has.

There is no such word as “sapien.”

Homo sapiens is a species name. In strict scientific use, it’s usually either a collective (“Homo sapiens emerged in Africa about 300,000 years ago”) or an adjunct noun (“The archaeologists unearthed a Homo sapiens skeleton”), but if used as a term for an individual of the species, it is the same whether singular or plural: I am a Homo sapiens, you are a Homo sapiens, we are both Homo sapiens. The “s” at the end of sapiens is not an indicator of plurality. In Latin, “homo sapiens” literally means “wise person.” Species names are never pluralized, but if they were - or if you just wanted to chat with your ancient Roman buddy about your favorite philosophers - the correct plural form would be “homines sapientes.”

You can return to monkey 10 banana out of 10.

In all seriousness I do like this, the most I could ask for is more. Which is a good problem for an audience to have, especially since it’s coming. The only other things are more species of early humans, more did exist, but given the scope I don’t expect there to be more.

Maybe at the end you could link to some further reading of some sort so we can learn about the Neanderthals and why humans are better than everyone else.

My only question is were you in the BWG? I remember someone talking about this exact premise, including the realism. Then a conversation about Farbism.

I left the server, and from everything I head it’s as dead as a door nail. I’m mostly just curious as to if you’re the same person as the one I talked to.

New for Stone Age Survival:

  • I have Xmas break coming up and plan on doing 2 things with my spare time
    • Working with Maya, since I’ve had a month off and my next class is Model Creation
    • Working on SAS
  • I have discovered the Earths Children series! Clan of the Cave Bear books, a 6 book series by Jean M Auel
    • This has made me think a lot about my own game and I plan on making some very large changes (listed below)
    • Will have time to do more research on anything I can discover about cultures during that time period, but will also incorporate some of the things I’ve read in the Earths Children series
    • Has made me understand that I may not have researched nearly as much as I thought, which is driving me to read more and more

Changes to Come!

  • New beginning!
    • Play as Neanderthal, Homo Sapien, or a mix!
    • Two possible beginnings for mixed species
      • Can start out with Homo Sapien mother or Neanderthal father
    • More complicated histories for families, possible mentions of tribes and villages that they know of, have seen, or are from
  • Complete Redo of items
    • Most items are staying the same, but I misunderstood exactly what a burin was for (I thought it was for sewing or punching holes in leather, did not understand it was for carving) and other items will need to be edited or changed
    • New weapons are a possibility, including a spear-thrower/atlatl!
    • Item list will be redone in both startup scene as well as choice-script scene, partially to accommodate new items and any changing items
    • Crafting chance, crafting level, and materials may change and be reflected
      • No more Level 1-6 of crafting, only crafting chance depending on current intelligence and chosen item to craft; possible lower change for more difficult items like bone or fire-hardened flint (that will come much later)
  • Redo of stats
    • Stats will be changed to reflect the new hybrid beginning and any beginning changes
    • May mostly remain untouched
  • Language Changes
    • Neanderthals will have a different language than Homo Sapiens, spoken as a base sign language and few vocal sounds
    • Homo Sapiens will speak a vocal-based language, language entirely depends on which path you choose after the Encampment scene
    • Mixed people will be dependent mostly on their startup, but while will have less than maybe a Homo Sapien has in vocal, will have a slight bonus in hand signs (as an example)
      • New Mastery Stats for languages
  • Changes to animals
    • Can now raise predators alongside herbivore as long as herbivore is over certain age (with exception of wolves, since that is the first animal you could have)
      • EX: Raising an elk for 6+ months and you find saber-cat, can raise saber-cat alongside elk
      • Each herbivore animal has a different age limit that it must be at or over to raise cave lion or saber-cat
      • Will most likely not have trouble, unsure of timing for taming animals other than wolf currently
    • Horses are now appearing as tamed animals on the Plains, Wolves in the forest and coastline, reindeer (currently unnamed for game) in the forest
      • Reindeer are technically not truly tamed in the game, they are just familiar with humans and do not fully object to being led away sometimes; migrational, only appear in the village in Spring

Mostly though, the events are staying the same (the animal(s) killing your family, the earthquake, etc). A few changes may be made in a few spots to accommodate new stats or items, but will mostly follow the same line of play as I currently have.


So I’m going to redo the beginning quite a bit. Before, your family was killed the night you started the game, now it’s going to be lengthened.

The new beginning, aside from having 2 new starts for Mixed species children, will now last at least one full night and day before the tragedy, letting you learn more about the history of your family, your families culture, and a taste of the items you can come across or even craft later.

Your families are all getting a more in-depth history now, and maybe a few other changes, as well as the new starts with either a Homo Sapien mother or Neanderthal father.


Wish me luck…I will now try this and give my feedback later…It’s a bit sad that there isn’t a save system so I can’t try out all the possibilities…Anyway let’s get to it

I’m putting this game on pause, I have absolutely no time to work on any of my projects now. Between school and work, I have barely enough time to eat & sleep, as well as take care of myself. I will do work as I can, but I will not be posting anymore updates here.

Keep watch on the top post though as eventually I will post a link to my school portfolio as well as a website where I will make updates to my entire “Slice of Life” Games.