Stone Age Survival

The startup scene is now finished, all stats added in, changed, or taken out as needed. The choices themselves are the same, with wording changed in a few spots.

Beginning the rewrite of the quake scene today, at the end of the quake scene I will most likely upload the files and make a new link to the new version of the game.

Edit: The rewrite of the quake scene is going pretty fast actually, not had to change much past the first day alone section. I might be able to do an upload tomorrow if I’m lucky and work like I have today. The crafting choices are changing however; instead of having Craft Basic Tools & Weapons, now it’s just Craft > Gathering Tools, Crafting Tools, Weapons, Bags & Other

Edit 2: So I might be able to do a complete update later today or tomorrow; updating the encampment scene & finding a lot of bugs (some of the codes are no longer in use in the new files so I have to go through and delete them all, change them, ect. Lot more than I anticipated)


The next update may be a bit, there’s some construction going on with the house and since my husband works the workers may have to talk to me. Shouldn’t be more than a few days, but my work will be slowing down. Was really hoping to upload today or tomorrow, but I also didn’t expect to get the house fixed this quickly.

The next update will actually be the upload of every new file & a new link, with the complete overhaul of the game and everything up to the Coming Seasons done. The first half of the summer will most likely be done as well, at least in the Hunt for Food choice.

The achievements won’t be in the new files yet (except for the super early one), but I will be adding them back in at a different time.


Very unique concept tbh i but i think i dont understand how much stuff MC can pick after crossing the cliff from going both left and right because sometimes it let me carry 3 items and sometimes 4 from the dead man writing is good i think its sad that MC family died so will MC have a chance to call some people his/her family? Or he/she will start his/her own family? Also i like the crafting system and i hope there will be a barter system too unless the age the game set is too early that homosapiens are less developed and most people will love the domestication of animal part of the game (my speculation) the author has accurately captured the conditions of survivability like how early humans have to be on nerves all the time and how dangerous the environment was around them wild beasts, poisons fruits, extreme temperatures, lack of shelter, food, and even water can kill you there is a huge scope in many dimensions like cultural heritage, type of clan, type of profession or livelihood MC chooses, type or personality of partner MC chooses and even MC own personality or attributes, mode of communication MC uses, polity of early humans, religion in pre historic era, education or methods of passing down knowledge, and most importantly what contributions or difference MC made in early human society

However crafting option initially can feels a bit overwhelming and the info about tools and weapons in craft section explains it well but at beginning i couldn’t even decide what i need to craft restarting 2-3 times i understood what i need to craft first and what is a thing for later i dont know if that is intentional or its the layout of the game

After a bit fine tuning this story will turn out fairly good many people would like to play it unlike the complex plots this story comes fresh and simple where first and foremost goal is too survive but dont get me wrong many stories start where MC goal is to survive but in this one its evolutionary survival the survival of the fittest !!! period drops the mic :microphone:

(I thought that was cool now i am regretting that i wrote above lines :confused:)


So are paths you pick permanent?

Yes. Once you pick a path your character will decide that they can’t turn back. Whether you’re alone or not, you know that whichever way you pick is where you will live the rest of your life.

Some other characters will go between paths (nomads, a few mate choices), appearing at different times in the path than another, but you will not leave your area once picked.
And once you pick a permanent home you won’t move from there either. As a nomad you can go from place to place, but settlers won’t leave their chosen home spots.

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@hexfur will it be a extended series like stone broze iron age?

No. Unlike one of my other works, this will be a singular game. I feel that having a Bronze Age game would be a bit more difficult, since that era is broader, and after this game I want to continue working on either A Dogs Life pt 1 or Wolf Pack: Omega.


I’m also super invested in this for the record your stuffs my favorite sofar. I love me survival things that are just you trying to live and not save the world stuff.

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So we’ll be able to spend more time with our family at the start next time you update?

Yes. In the next update you’ll get to choose your backstory with your family, seeing a bit more how they lived & what each person does.
& it will determine your starting items, but each choice (except for one if thr Sapien choices) comes with either a plant or meat bag.

Today I’m still working on some of the encampment, on the Coming Season choices. The hunting choice is mostly done, but the other 4 choices need worked on (a new one was added yesterday).


I’m going to really try to finish up the early encampment scene this morning; still have to input the deer stats for meat & skin in the harvesting a carcass screen and there’re a new scene!

encampment2 is the second half of the encampment scene. encampment2 is the scene where the humans will come back and you get to experiment with that. It has nothing in it currently, but I’m already done with the summer hunting for the coming seasons & the new choice of making camp.

Still no idea of when I’ll upload at this point, the Coming Seasons will be tricky as I can only do the first half of the summer first before I can begin the second half; mostly due to if you have any carcasses or not.


will we be able to make a cooking pot if we loose ours?

I am so sorry I did not forget about you it’s just that I didn’t see your answer to my question for a while now I feel like an idiot here is the link

Still working on the Coming Seasons, it’s being tricky.

Yes you can remake every tool you may receive throughout the game, even the cooking pot. The following items cannot be broken however:

  • Bags
  • Bone Gear (excluding bone spear)
  • Sled
  • Jars, jugs, and pots
  • Paint Pots
  • Burin

Anything not in that list can be broken & remade at various points, or traded as well (except the cooking pot, that can’t be traded). The sled can technically be damaged, but never broken enough to be erased from your inventory. If it becomes damaged your character will stop for the night, regardless of if they are a nomad or not, to repair it.


Currently taking a hiatus due to some issues at home, but will keep everyone updated as I’m able.


Best wishes, take all the time you need.

Just an update, know it’s been awhile. I’m able to get some work done every few days, but normally just a line or two. Got quite a bit done yesterday but beyond that there’s still quite a bit to go until the next update.

Still to finish:

  • Hunting deer 1 in the plains (younger, easier)
  • Hunting deer 2 in the plains (bigger, much harder)
  • Coming Seasons - 1st 1/2

Managed to finish:

  • Coming Seasons -
    • Beginning of each choice
    • 1st 1/2 of Hunt and Make Camp choices (excluding the section for harvesting any current carcasses; need to finish deer first)

The Coming Seasons choices have two parts to them; the Golden Moons (IE: May-Aug) and Red Leaf moons (IE: Aug-Sep). Red Leaf won’t offer as much mainly due to rain and the sudden appearance of humans in about September/Mid-fall.
I will do my best to keep everyone updated as I try to get some more work done.


Thankfully been able to get a lot done the past day, enough that there might be an update within a week. Hunting with a Spear (the last choice that’s not finished in the first day in encampment) is almost done, then I’ll probably start working on more of the Coming Seasons within a few days of testing for bugs.

One of the deer you may hunt will be a real challenge for you; an eight year old against a massive black deer buck with four sharp points on each antler, freshly sharpened against a tree. There may end up being an achievement for this part.


Thanks to a lull in home activities I’ve been able to get some work done.

The buck you hunt comes with an achievement: Great (Young) Hunter
It shows that you took down the largest black deer you’ve ever seen while you were a child, but it might be a little easy to get depending on your stats and items, especially if you try to make choices to raise them or craft a lot of tools. It will however take a lot out of you with some choices; a new unique scar, loss of health, losing a weapon or tool. And you have to harvest it where it falls, it’s far to large for you to drag back to camp.

Luck will play a good part in some of the events of dealing with this deer. You will have a chance to just study it however if you don’t want to take that chance; gives you some intelligence points if you decide to just study it.

Once I can finish the buck I can move onto making bug fixes & an upload for everything up to the Coming Seasons part.


I apologize for the wait, the last few weeks have been kind of a living hell. Going through a divorce and there’s so much paperwork (not just the divorce but child custody stuff), plus I got accepted into college finally (I start Monday).

The game may be put on pause, but I’m not sure yet. I will try to keep everyone posted.