Stone Age Survival

Next update might be a few days at the earliest, may take a week depending on if I want to try to get some of the Coming Seasons choices done before I update next or not.

Coming Next:

  • Hunting with Knife
    • Go hunting in the forest
    • Already partially done, 2 of the 4 luck moments are done already
    • Can catch a ring-tail, deer, or a young but large Tusknose
  • Hunting with Spear
    • Go hunting in the open plains
    • Can catch a pheasant (no nest), a yearling deer, or a young Bison (close to camp, will allow you to carry extra meat back to camp)
  • Changes made to The Coming Seasons (changes are already there from what’s listed immediately below)
    • Text has been changed in each choice according to a hidden stat
    • Description given for the start of Golden Grass and Red Leaf

Coming Later:

  • First half of summer moments for Coming Seasons choices

Currently done:

  • Hunting with Knife
    • Hunt a ring-tail
  • Hunting with Spear
    • Kill a bison (not so much as kill as it just happens to get itself into a moment that makes it likely for you to kill it)

Going to go ahead and do the Coming Moons choices as well, at least the first half of them. This means the next update may be as much as a week or more away depending on how quickly I work. Some of the details below might change, some may be added.


  • Diet determines any and all food used
    • Campfire is built automatically if not already built
  • Make tools will be a choice that is only available if the basic tools (listed below) are not already in inventory (its either all or none, uses half of the season)
    • Knife or Chopper
    • Hammerstone
    • Meat, Plant, and Bone Bags
    • Wooden or Stone Spear
  • Uses a temp variable called speseas 0-2 (hidden)
    • 0 - you haven’t made a choice
    • 1 - you’ve spent the first half of the seasons already
    • 2 - you’re moving into the Red Leaf moons
  • First Half
    • Figure out the details for a waterskin (becomes craftable after this point) regardless of choice
    • Hunt
      • Less chance for meat
      • Random chance to get naturally dried meat (though your character doesn’t know how it happened; comes from meat pile at end of first half) from meat piles at end of moons
    • Gather Plants
      • Excellent chance for plants
      • Discover how to dry fruits & shrooms (unlocks coming hidden variable & new idea for camps)
      • More fruit in trees on forest especially
    • Explore
      • Raises physical stats more than hunting or gathering, but does not provide large amount of food
      • Raises intelligence by anywhere between 2-6
    • Gather Resources
      • Easier to gather wood
      • Vines rare due to heat making them brittle and dry
      • Stones easier to find but harder to harvest due to dry ground & some being partially buried
    • Improve Camp
      • Gives slight increase to intelligence, strength, agility, and dexterity
      • Builds shelter & bed
      • Impresses humans later on
      • Prevents loss of health due to heat
  • Second Half
    • Experience first serious rain (you are not used to downpours, let alone in an open area)
    • Hunt
      • Easier to hunt as animals are begin to migrate through area; large chance for deer with occasional pheasant or other smaller animals
      • Any meat left in meat pile at start of moons is ruined, meat decreases faster in rain if not in bag
      • Plains animals slightly easier to hunt due to mud, forest animals harder to hunt due to reduced visibility
    • Gather Plants
      • Mushrooms beginning to appear in forest and shady spots of plains
      • Forest is especially lush and full of end of summer and fall blooming plants (new plants will be coming)
      • Nuts harder to find due to falling and being gathered by animals preparing for winter
      • Fruits fall on the ground and can make character “sick” (aka fermented and rotten fruits can cause food poisoning or early form of alcohol effects)
    • Gather Resources
      • Much harder to gather wood
      • Easier to find vines
      • Easier to find stones but have increased chance to get hurt due to mud
    • Improve Camp
      • Gives slight increase to intelligence, strength, agility, and dexterity
      • Builds shelter & bed
      • Impresses humans later on
      • Prevents loss of health due to intense rain

Due to some of the changes coming up, I will actually be taking some time to address some edits, typos, and fixes in earlier parts of the game as well as redoing the Stats screen. I did a playthrough last night, straight from the beginning, and noticed quite a bit needs to be edited (Gnan is supposed to be Gnar, didn’t take into account having an axe, and a few things like that). I know I could finish what I have now and go back later, but there were enough things that need fixing that I don’t feel right leaving them for later. It’s bugging me too much lol.

It may be more than a week until the next update at this point, but I have no idea at this point. I will try working as much as I can, and I may end up missing a few things, but there’s also new plants I’m adding in later in the choices (like new plants that only bloom or grow in summer or fall) that I’m going t go ahead and add now.

I will keep everyone updated though on what I’m doing currently, what’s being added, and other changes as they happen, as well as when the next update and upload will happen.


Currently Done:

  • Basic Info (name, age, season, ect)
  • Health Info (scars, injuries, ect)
  • Human List
    • Currently invisible in game, won’t come into play until the humans return to the settlement in Red Leaf
    • Separated by jobs or titles
    • Depending on animals in village, may include named animals or just say general animals found inside village limits (if any animals in limits, will most likely be wolves/dogs, unsure if any animals aside from wolves have been domesticated, or attempted domestication, yet)
  • Home & Path Screen
    • Shows info about current Path
      • Overview of entire area, from settlement to plants to animals found here
    • Shows info about current home or travel info

Getting pretty excited for the new list of plants; after writing descriptions about each of the areas in depth, there will be a lot of new plants added in the next update, even if you can’t spot them yet. The new stat screen will look much cleaner and easier to navigate.


May I suggest an update log? No pressure just thought it might be more streamlined.


Like in what order I’ll do things or something?


More like when you update you add the date and then what was added in the original post by making a hide details section. But like I said no pressure.

I’m using Mind Blind’s update log as an example.

That sounds like a nice idea.

Not a bad idea, but not sure if I can remember what days I finish various areas. It can take me 20 minutes to finish a part, but has taken me 3 days. Not sure how well a log would work with my lack of attention to time sometimes.

Would you like a video about a stone age tool?

Any videos are welcome!

Also, so I’m just doing a complete overhaul of almost everything. As I wrote out the description for the areas (that part is done), it got me wondering about some of the stats currently in the game and I realized that a lot will need to be readjusted. Most stats will be changed in one way or another, some may be scrapped, and a lot will be added.

Some new things are already being written into the new files, and when I’m done with the overhaul there will actually be a new link to the game.


Would there be any romance and clan/tribe management in the future :thinking:

There’s a post above that has a list of all potential mate choices, and no there will be no tribe or settlement management. That would be too difficult, especially since it’s not at all what the games about (if I would make a management game ever, it would not be a text based one).


Language will begin to make an appearance, mostly at the later encampment scene and beyond, and possibly slightly at the very beginning. There are 6 levels of language.

  • 1 - You can understand the most basic of gestures, symbols, and paintings. You can also understand names occasionally, but only simple ones.

  • 2 - You can understand more advanced gestures, symbols, paintings, and can understand very simple words (such as animal names or simple commands like “Go!”) You can also understand most names.

  • 3 - You can understand most gestures, symbols, and paintings, as well as simple and basic words or commands. You can also understand all names, both of humans and animals.

  • 4 - You can understand all gestures, symbols, and paintings, as well as more advanced words and commands; sometimes you can also understand simple sentences. Names, both of humans and animals, are known immediately.

    You no longer speak in grunts, howls, roars, or any simple way of communicating with your voice.

  • 5 - All gestures, symbols, paintings, and names are immediately known. Complex words and commands are easy, and slightly more advanced sentences as easier to understand.

    You speak in words and occasional sentences now.

  • 6 - You understand any form of communication that’s made with hands, whether gestures or paintings. You also understand all names, singular words and commands, and complex sentences.

    You speak in complex words and sentences now.


Will we able to have kids with our mate and if yes would there be a way for same-sex couples to adopt kids? like if there are orphaned kids in the camp we could in some way become their family if that makes sense.

You can have kids under the following conditions:

  • Have a partner of the opposite sex
  • You and your partner must be above 18 years old
  • Cannot have a certain scar & corresponding effect
    • If you are female and have a belly scar, having a low luck at the time of obtaining the scar may result in being unable to bear children
  • Mate cannot be barren (only one mate choice is barren at this time)
  • Become the mate to someone with children already
  • You and mate cannot be older than 30 if female or 35 if male

As for adoption, that is unclear at this time. Later when I begin working on the settlements and areas, that might become an option, but currently it is not something I have thought of. Most likely there will be a few times where you could adopt an orphaned kid, but until I get to that point I have no idea.


New starting scene. Partially due to new stats, but also want to show more life and background to your family. Your starting items will be determined here as well; can have anywhere between 1-4 total depending on species and choice

You can spend time with them now:

  • H. Sapiens
    • Gather with mother
      • Gain healing and gathering knowledge
      • Become more of a gatherer
      • Possible increase to dexterity
      • Will determine starting items (between 1-3 items)
    • Hunt with father
      • Gain hunting knowledge
      • Become more of a hunter
      • Start with one weapon and a meat bag
      • Possible increase to physical stats
    • Make camp with others
      • Increase to common knowledge
      • Increase to social type behavior stats
      • Possible other stat changes
      • Start with 2-4 crafting tools
  • Neanderthals
    • Gather with brother
      • Get a head start on resources
      • Change to behavior stats
      • Chance of increased dexterity
      • Start with 1-2 gather items and a bag
    • Hunt with father
      • Increase to hunting knowledge
      • Change in behavior stats
      • Start with weapon and meat bag
      • Become more of a hunter
    • Help mother and sister
      • Increase in healing & common knowledge
      • Chance to start with either herb bag or gathering/crafting tools
      • Changes to behavior stats
      • If herb bag, could have small amount of herbs

The stats screen is coming along very nicely! Actually kind of proud of what I’ve done to it. It’s not so long in the pages (EX: I thought the inventory page was too long before) but now there’s an inventory page choice, then multiple choices for what kind of inventory now.
Plant inventory is determined by path, there is now a separate page for tools, weapons, & crafting materials, as well as page for trade goods (clothes & accessories currently)


First signs of culture are appearing at the beginning. Currently writing the H. Sapien choices and your mother already shows some more of a spiritual side through songs and singing, as well as your first changes to your behavior stats. Your father has a more practical streak, but the others will have a more spiritual look.
Your brother will also make an appearance in both your mother choice and helping the others, but not your father (simply because of his age)

The Sapiens will be slightly more practical than the Neanderthals in the start, but as I rewrite more things I will include more things that follow that practical/spiritual line; paintings, stories, signs, ect.

Edit 1: A few changes will actually be happening at the character creation choices as well (like choosing male means better hunter, female better gatherer, ect). Small changes, but might have an effect later depending on other choices.

Edit 2: Definitely including more spiritual based stuff at the start; since I lack knowledge of their culture at this time I am somewhat basing spiritual stuff of Native American currently, but as the game goes I will be mixing in various spiritual things from other cultures (currently not including more because the spiritual comes into play much later). There will also be stories, like what I did for wolves in ADsL, later on.


The very beginning is done now; you can spend time with your family in he ways listed above, and a new variable will be added in later (part of the culture).

Four totems, two for each species (one totem will be given, if chosen, at the end of the encampment scene):

  • Sapiens
    • Gaia
      • Earth totem, more spiritual
      • Shows you are more connected to the spirits and the land and animals they watch over, only taking what you need
    • The Hunter
      • More practical
      • Signifies you prefer to work with the land but do not follow the spirits, you take more than you need but do not over-hunt or over-gather to the point it’s a problem
  • Neanderthal
    • Pale Woman
      • More spiritual
      • A spirit that follows the snow and ice, spirit of your kinds once preferred prey: Mammoth and Rhino
    • Golden Woman
      • More practical
      • Shows you are aware of the world changing and will change with it (regardless of how)