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Well I was thinking that Kensington Palace and Gardens, built several hundred years ago, would make it unlikely that the area was ever degenerate.

Didn’t Kensington have its very own Workhouse at one point? Somehow I can’t see them sticking a few hundred paupers together in the middle of an affluent area . . . but maybe it was over on one side and helped to keep the downtrodden from harassing the locals?

@Vendetta Well that’s uncertain, since a workhouse was a charitable institution, and for them to have it on the sidelines of the area which would have paid for its construction doesn’t strike me as odd.

Well, I know that East-London was rebuilt extensively before the Olympics.

@Drazen Fair point. It actually got me curious enough to google it–it was on what is now Marloes Road, between Kensington High Street and Cromwell Road. Not exactly shunted over to the side so far as modern times are concerned, I suppose, but it’s surely a large enough area to have been mostly affluent even back then. Certainly the existence of the Workhouse there doesn’t really prove anything one way or another.

@fantom: Good point, that’s easily amended, am working on a version with the street lamp present but it is much fainter so as not to interfere with the text.

@dreamshell: LOL glad you like the name change :slight_smile: although I agree I do need to go through it and sort out the typos at some point.

Much of my experience was with older IF, however (despite numerous attempts at coding it) I found most games seemed to come down to guess-the-word puzzles which didn’t enthuse me, I suppose i’m looking for an ideal middle-ground :slight_smile:

In your opinion would it be better to expand the recruiting scenes to get ppl for the seance or have them encountered at some earlier point (since i’ve considered both)?

I deliberately avoided making the narrative too gloomy at the moment since it’s only the first day and I was concerned about overdoing it; shouldn’t be too difficult to turn up a gloom a bit though.

Given the popularity of the train scene I can pretty much guarantee it will appear at some point :slight_smile:

@trollhunterthethird: I’ve run a lot of RP games in the victorian era, it’s very much a setting of contrasts and that really appeals to me.

@idonotlikeusernames: My portrayal and layout of London isn’t entirely accurate (on as far as it’s necessary for the game), although there are written soures referring to Kensington as a slum.

@Largejo Written sources such as…? And by what standards?



are two of the sources on the web that I have referred to.

@Drazen I did manage to find some of the photographs referred to in my previously linked Wikipedia article, , If the labels are accurate it would seem to show that North Kensington, at least, wasn’t a particularly affluent area back in the 50’s.

Ah, marvelous. I shall have to have a spook at those, later.

Ach! Why did I say a woman was in my bed!? I’ve expected a maid! b-(

@Happy I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was very curious. You know there are two options it can be depending on previous choices. Either a lover or a prostitute. I suppose you could always suggest the servant option to @Largejo … Actually, now that I think about it, I haven’t tried the man in bed option yet. Were there many male prostitutes in Victorian England?

yes Oscar Wilde was a frequent of them he was tailored and acused for that in his judicial case sodomy was a heavy punishment also male prostitutes black mail nobles he and his lover were blackmailed

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@Shoelip They existed, were illegal, and were probably few in number.
@MaraJade Indeed, he really did rub the Marquess of Queensbury up the wrong way…no pun intended.

@Happy: I’m quite amenable to adding a servant as lover option into the game.
@Shoelip: Yes it was relatively common (although not as common as female prostitution due to the illegallity of sodomy and the severity of sentencing, originally death penalty then reduced the life imprisonment in 1861).
@CoGAwesomeness: Can you please let me know at which point in the game you encountered this error?

@Drazen marquess deserve it :slight_smile: and sodomy was frecuent in Victorian age both ways also in Spain was death punishment to sodomy so Wilde was lucky when his 12 years
what hypocrite Victorian age was with sex and what liberal with drugs.

@MaraJade It wasn’t hypocritical. There are religious standards for sexuality, and little restrictions for drugs. The standards were pretty well maintained, all things considered, it’s just that the libertines were given far more attention, for obvious reasons.

I keep getting a 404 error when I try clicking on the links… :confused:

@LOR: I was uploading a new copy of the demo which may have caused your problems, that should be sorted now.

I have adapted the current demo so that, rather than just arbitrarily pick some ppl to take part in the seance you now have to go and find and recruit people; currently it is not possible to recruit people because I haven’t written the code for that, but it will be coming soon.