Stellaris: Beginner Tips?


So, hey, I just started playing Stellaris. Seems nice so far. Anyways, the title’s self-explanatory. I’m playing as the United Nations of Earth, the “good, pacifist faction”, which uses diplomacy to solve conflicts. Any few tips for me? I’ve discovered some stuff myself, and I’ll tell you about my progress:
I’ve discovered 4 factions, of which 1 is primitive(I’m helping them evolve or something).
I know for a fact you shouldn’t hoard on credits and only need to balance them.
I’ve gathered the fleet of 16 ships.
That’s pretty much it.


At least on higher difficulties it’s important to get a defensive alliance as soon as possible. Ideally you want to ally with someone with no major rivals of their own that could drag you into a war to defend your ally.

Also, try and snag as many planets as you can before the borders become static and you’re forced to go to war to expand.


I’m playing on normal difficulty. Also, of the 4 factions: 1 is primitive, 1 is like the one which hates all other species, and the other 2(I forgot to say I discovered 4 factions, not 3) are pretty much in good terms with me, but not so good to ally with me, yet. Thanks.


Start off making a good amount of resources before doing anything, then make low level alliances, then spam technology until everyone is scared enough to become your friend

Or my favorite tactic of all time, console commands