Steam Powered Giraffe - recently discovered this (imo) fascinating band


Been spending a lot of time not doing much other than listening and watching, and in doing so I came across a band that fascinated me. I think many here will appreciate them too. They do their own thing (and some, I dare say, unique covers) and I just wanted to share.

Personal favourites are Honeybee

…and Automatonic Electronic Harmonics

I do enjoy their early style more than their recentmost (I hereby declare that a word, so there!), but that’s just me - they have many new songs that are good too, but the ones above are my top two. I think. Er, among the top of all their music, any way. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (All right, I just had to limit myself and not post all of it, there it is.)

If just one person here enjoys their music as much as I do, then I am content. :blush:


I love them too! I linked to them a while back on Fantasy Foods’s WiP thread - they inspired my “Double Triple-Dipped Dinosaur Cherry” ice cream.

Also, one of the band members (Rabbit) is trans, and has some videos and things about her transition process both in her personal life and also on stage.

My favourite is Brass Goggles. But I love all their albums - and the newer ones have grown on me, too. They have a space opera and they’ve also recorded a track for a video game lately.


Must have missed that. :blush:

Yup, knew about Rabbit’s transitions, but felt I didn’t want to lead with that - it is there and I’m fine with it.

Yes, Brass Goggles is awesome too. ‘Attune your ear’ intro and all. :grin: We need more artists like this and less auto-tune, streamlined ‘maximum sales’ artists. :thumbsup:


And their mastery of costume and miming is amazing, too. I love looking at recordings of their live performances, and even their make-up and prep processes.

I agree with you - I hope a few others who would love their music and style from the CoG forums will discover them and love them too. : D


That choreography and those harmonies are really something. Thanks for sharing!


Yes, such as The Spine putting on his human make-up to go to work each day… :smile:

Verily! You’re quite welcome. :relaxed: