Steam Gaming Group


Since @Reds86 suggested creating a gaming group thread I’m doing that here. It seemed like a good idea.

So this is a thread if you want to all organise getting together and game on Steam or whatever.

If you do have a steam account, it’d also be a huge help if you join the Choice of Games Steam curator page. (And if you want to add things to the list there’s this thread )

EDIT: A gaming group has now been created on Steam. It is called “CoG Gaming Group!” and set private. If you want to join contact @Snowpanther (Snowpanther on Steam) or @reds86


I’m thinking of making a COG gaming group thread for people who want to play with each other online on consoles or steam if people are interested.


Could be fun :smiley:
Let’s see if people are interested.


Sure, I’m interested :smile:


I am interested



Thank you, @FairyGodfeather and @reds86.

I’m available to play on Steam (already joined Choice of Games curator page :wink: ), and PS3, but the former is preferred, as I have more games.

My Steam name is also Snowpanther, if you want to add me. The picture is the unmodified version of my current profile picture.


I can play on most platforms as my gamertag is the same for steam, playstation and xbox destroyer8608, plus the same as @Snowpanther i’ve already joined the Choice of Games curator page.


For sake of at least having a forum keepsake, I’d love a group.


So, anyone else wants to send me an invite/friend demand?

Or give me their Steam name, so I can add them?


I’m interested in this as well. :+1:


This can also apply for mmo’s which aren’t on steam like Blade & Soul, Swordsman and Star War’s The Old Republic.


My username should be Kaosorer™.


A Steam group has been created, see the first post for more information :wink:


Sure I’ll join I guess. I already joined curator page. Steam tag is DienMutter002. I’ll try to join.


It seems that for me, the search user option does not work properly.
I’ll give you the link to add me as a friend, then I will be able to send you an invite to the group, alright?

Or give me the link of your profile page, it could work too.

We are now 10! Anyone else? I don’t bite (much), I promise! :wink:


Is there anyone else interested in joining the CoG Gaming Group! on Steam, if so please send
or @Snowpanther
a message or friend invite so when can invite you to the group.
Also if people want to play Halo or Killzone or any other games leave some suggestions for people to get together on consoles aswell.


And a new person has joined the group! It is I


Welcome, @P0RT3R!

It’s awesome to have you too :smiley:


Well I’m already in. Now who plays Frozen Synapse Prime, Dead Island series, or Civ 5


Civ V tomorrow? I won’t last a game of 5 hours tonight :stuck_out_tongue: