(I can’t think of a better title, also I think this the right place?)

Is there an alternative to the Stats bar? (the red and gray one.)
Like instead of going by percentage, I want it to go by points instead.

I looked on the choicescript wiki and didn’t find anything.
(and I hope this isn’t confusing)

You can totally just use text!

  text Intelligence

Here’s a screenshot of what one of my stat pages look like

Trust is one of my variables (but it’s called “h” in my code). Here’s what my code looks like:

*stat chart
  text h Trust

So something like:

Strength: 5
Agility: 4
Charisma: 3

Instead of stats bars?

Yeah, you can just add text to your choicescript_stats.txt, e.g.

[b]Strength:[/b] ${str}
[b]Agility:[/b] ${dex}
[b]Charisma:[/b] ${cha}

Edit: where str/dex/cha are the points variables you’re tracking


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