Stats problem

I am preparing a project with multiple playable characters in choice script and I have met with a problem where the stats of various characters collide with each other. I wish to know if there is a solution for it.

Could you give more details? What do you mean by “collide with each other”?

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I have two characters with the same stat names. when I decrease or increase the stat for one character it also affects the stats of the other character

Oh, in that case, in the startup.txt file, you can create different sets of variables for the characters. For example, you can have these stats for character X and Y:

*create x_strength 50
*create y_strength 50
*create x_speed 50
*create y_speed 50

And in the actual scenes, you can set the appropriate variable.

    #Increase X's strength.
        *set x_strength %+10
    #Increase Y's strength.
        *set y_strength %+10


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